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  1. The numbers on the chart are low by about 4 degrees in Portland and other areas. This is a part of the country were not many people have or need air conditioning. Morgues are going to be filling up is my guess.

    • I should add that many of the air condition types that people do have are just the window type units which can’t keep up with this type of extreme heat.

      • Trees are dying in droves. We are going to have another massive fire season if we don’t get rain even without Antifa setting fires. Volatile oils bake off the trees and create an incendiary haze just looking for a spark.

    • What did God say? The next time he judges the world, it will not be by water, but by fire.

      Looks like the Apostates in the Pacific NW are getting a foretaste of where they are going, for countenancing the evil in this land- Bill Gates Seattle/Redmond, and Anarchic Portlandia. Because Jew land (the East Coast Yankeedom) is gettin’ it, too.

      Meanwhile, we’ve been using blankets in the evenings in our part of the south…. nice.

      And, in the Vulgate (the RC translation) “…the passage telling us to love our enemies used the word “inimicus” in the Latin translation, which means personal enemy. This word was used as opposed to the word “hostis”, which mean the public, or political enemy. So obviously Christ did not teach us to love the people who want to kill us; we are simply to love our brethren and forgive their petty transgressions.”

      “…as a matter of fact, Jesus did not ask his listeners to “love” their persecutors in the Sermon on the Mount; rather, he urged prayers on their behalf. It is even more important to realize what Jesus meant when asked the audience to love their enemies. In the Greek, he refers specifically and only to “private” enemies (echthros) not to “public” or “alien” enemies (polemoi). Unless one keeps such distinctions in mind, a Christian hermeneutics of mission can easily degenerate into pathological altruism. The existential distinction between friend and enemy cannot be dissolved by transforming Christianity into a deracinated, cosmopolitan cult of the Other. National Jesus knew better than to mistake historical choice for ontological essence.”- Global Jesus versus National Jesus: The Political Hermeneutics of Resurrection”, Andrew Fraser – https://andrewfraser5.academia.edu/research#papers

      “…rather, he urged prayers on their behalf.” One can pray for the judgment of the incarnate Evil [John 8:44] among us, as well as pray for a person’s salvation. You just have to know who (((they))) are, and who are their servants, and then… pray accordingly…. easy-peasy

      “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

        • Mr. November: It must be awful to be a stupid illiterate biblical fool! That’s Moses and the book of Exodus. I’m so sorry you don’t know how to read. Or think.

          • That coming from a flat earther and believer in “Watchers” and raining up is quite rich.

  2. In the Olde Confederacy of North Carolina and Virginia, we have had a very cool Spring, and that follows upon several years of increasingly moderate temperatures.

    Eastern North Carolina, though hot by the standards of New England, is not nearly so hot as it was in the 1990s.

    I agree with thinker Greg Braden, who posits that we are in the 3rd year of a 12 year global cooling cycle.

    Radio Jock Michael Weiner Savage is behind this theory as well, and he has an excellent background in science, holding two doctorates, one in ethno-botany.

    Here Braden discusses ice cores and temperature fluctuation cycles …

  3. 116 in Issaquah (east of Seattle) today, 114 in Bellevue. Sure was a hot one! Only 105 in Phoenix today.

  4. It is damn hot in Oregon and it makes me feel like I am back in California (I lived in the land of fruits and nuts for five years.)

    Starting to come around in believing in global warming, just I think it is a natjral cycle and not man made like most green fags.

    • It was 118 in Siberia a couple weeks ago. Wait until all that permafrost melts and releases all that methane into the atmosphere. Trees are growing extremely quickly around here, thanks to all the carbon dioxide in the air. Winter has shortened as compared to twenty years ago. Keep telling yourselves that 7-plus billion humans have zero effect on the environment, and even if they do, Jesus will make it so nothing really bad happens.

      • The 118F temperature in Siberia was the ground temperature. Ground temperature is very different from air temperature. Air temperature is the temperature given in every normal forecast, and the air temperature at that locality at that time was 86F, which is not particularly unusual as the region enjoys warm summers despite having extremely cold winters:


        In other words, liberal hoaxers conflated air temperature with ground temperature and you fell for it. Then you came here and helped to spread their garbage.

  5. Weather here is mostly determined by Pacific currents. If this is man made it’s probably from new continents of plastic garbage obstructing water flow.

  6. The Establishment press is now just infotainment for ultra left-wing shitlibs. It does not inform or enlighten. It does not provide a useful public service. Sometimes it gets really hot in parts of the US during the summer. That’s not exactly breaking news. And Chris Hayes is an androgynous faggot. That’s not exactly breaking news either.

  7. I almost forgot. Yesterday when I got home around 4pm, I looked down at my tires and shit, they had literally melted off rubber on the contact area with the hot asphalt driveway. Hosed down the tires and driveway in a hurry.

    • Agreed, but it will likely never happen, and then this planet will go to shit.

    • Steve Sailer writes about what he calls “the most important chart in the world” which is a chart of sub-Saharan African population growth. The y axis is going vertical and sub-Saharan Africa is projected to have a population of at least 4 billion by 2050.

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