Occidental Dissent 2021 Fundraiser

UPDATE: The Cash App appears to be working.

It is that time of year again.

For some reason, it seems that the school year is starting earlier than usual at the very beginning of August, so I want to go ahead and start raising some money to offset the cost of my son’s annual tuition. He is growing up fast and will be starting second grade this year. Anything you can chip in to help would be much appreciated. The most reliable way to donate to us is still through our P.O. Box because the hall monitors are swarming this site every day checking in to see if we are using any of the services that we have already been deplatformed from. We’ve been banned from nearly everything.

Unlike in previous years, I don’t want to shut the site down and take a vacation for a few weeks. I would prefer to just continue writing for several reasons. It has been a very productive six months here since Joe Biden was sworn in as president. I have established a routine. The site is doing great, lots of familiar faces have returned and lots of new people are reading the site which is doing better than ever while so many other “far right” sites and content creators have crashed or burned out. We are hitting a stride and closing the site would tank our momentum heading into the second half of the year.

The most important reason though is that Media Matters has been bugging me for the past several days because we are having so much fun and success in shaping the narrative.

Naturally, I haven’t responded.

I have no interest in talking to these people. I think they are angry with me though because our way of framing and talking about these issues has been so potent and influential. I’ve devoted a great deal of time over the past six months to skewering and attacking Joe Biden and the Democrats.

If you enjoy our content and would like to see our little jihad continue that is causing such a ruckus, please contribute below.

P.O. Box:

This is the safest, most reliable, most anonymous way to donate to us:

Brad Griffin

P.O. Box 1214

Eufaula, AL 36072

If you write us a check or a money order, make it out to Brad Griffin.

Cash App:

You can also hit up our Cash App to donate instantly while it is available. We will see how long it takes for them to get us shut down. Click through to our cashtag $occdissident15,

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  1. Don’t worry so much about money, worry about money, worry about if people start deciding to kill reporters. That’s a quote.

    -Samir al-Hiyeed

  2. Brad, to quote the wisdom of Pastor Peter J. Peters, never talk to the press. The fact they contacted you shows how influencial you are. You achieved that on your own accord and without any establishment media. They deserve nothing but steadfast silence from you.

      • The media’s favorite thing to do is pretend that they are coming to you in good faith and will give you a fair platform but every time, it is always an attack mode. They will treat you the same way they treated David Duke. It’s all about the narrative.

        The Political Cesspool seems to be the place where you will get a fair interview.

      • One trick that always worked for me, was to write a very tight press release, stating the information that I wanted broadcast and sending it to them. If I had their advertising department fax number or numbers, and, their email addresses I would send it to them too. LOL. This worked like a charm.

        If they made something up, then I had the original press release, and I knew exactly what I sent them.

        I wouldn’t recomend the above for everyone, particularly those who take themselves too seriously, or those who like to do the sky rocket act.

    • In those days, “rightwing” and “leftwing” was still based on economics. The culture war that we are consumed with today and which has polarized and realigned our politics can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s long after Huey Long’s death.

      • Speaking of the 60s and 70s, George Wallace ran as socially conservative and economically populist. He supported trade schools and progressive reforms.

        Do you think he would have defeated Nixon if he didn’t get shot?

  3. I’m very poor, but I’ll send in some cash. I think you’re doing a very important job here Hunter.

  4. Yes, as Vox Day said, never, ever talk to the media. I’ve noticed that the survivors on the dissident right are invariably those who quit talking to the media

  5. “And some psychoanalytical research”

    That sums it all up right there. They are on a fishing expedition to find things that right wingers say that they can construe as “pathological”, rooted in some kind of childhood trauma or dysfunctional family life.

    Modern paradigms have given these people what they believe to be moral authority over the rest of us. The same people who complain that country music isn’t diverse enough believe with religious certitude that “music” about money, pimping, drugs, whores, and gang life is morally superior. They’d never dare dig into the psychoanalytical aspects of ghetto culture, because that would be racist and white superiority.

    How did all of this craziness happen so quickly, and why aren’t there any white people with SPINES???

  6. Brad, give me a call – I can contribute, do a matching grant. I’d like to pay some other way besides check in the mail.

    Thanks Brad.

  7. Shekels inbound. I wish I had more to contribute to all the good people in the struggle, but 2021 has stomped me with veterinarian bills.

    • November,

      I hope your dogs are doing better. Did one not save an old woman’s life in February?

      • @Cristina,

        Yes,. She is a senior dog and had some health issues beginning in the spring. Hopefully, the worst is behind us.

        Being how popular and beloved she is, I probably should have opened a Go Fund Page for her treatments and procedures.

        We both appreciate your concern and we’ll wishes.

  8. I am getting group of my friends to pitch in and we all contribute a little bit to send in. I know one person who reads this website for hours on end. I’ll see what we can do because money is tight for all of us. It’s not set in stone but we are all doing what we can.

  9. The liberal state of Arizona is now giving families MORE money for their kids.
    Total discrimination for those who don’t have kids, who work and foot the bill for them.

    “Under the American Rescue Plan, the maximum value of the tax credit was increased for 2021 to $3,000 per child (including 17 year-olds) or up to $3,600 for children under the age of six.”

    No wonder most people don’t work anymore. So the more kids they have, the more money they get…just like on welfare. Mucho dinero.

  10. Brad,

    Two iPhone APP’s I highly recommend to everyone (may be on androids as well) are Life Info (red background with a stylized capital L w/dot in white) and Fold (yellow background with a stylized capital F in black). There is no charge to use either and with Life Info you buy gift cards and get a percentage back in cash (some gift cards are allowed to the purchased to the exact penny of your purchase amount (e.g., Jersey Mike’s $15.10) and with Fold you buy gift cards and get Satoshis back (the smallest unit of a Bitcoin). It also has a daily spinner to earn Satoshis without buying anything.

    I even use gas APP’s for discounts.

    Start earning when you spend……….

  11. Sent a little something via Cash APP. Wish it could be a lot more. When cryptos take off for the long term, I’ll be in a better position to send more. Stay safe and give George a hug.

  12. Cash wrapped on the way to your PO box. I may disagree with the way forward, and I can also appreciate what you are doing here. Family First.

    The rest resolves itself.

  13. Did you see what our friend Greg Johnson did? Everything worthwhile is now behind a paywall. I guess we will see if it’s a viable business model. I have my doubts; his readership must be falling dramatically…I hope that it’s worth it for him. I thought that the greedy bastard was already getting somewhere in the vicinity of 200K/ year from his never-ending fundraising. As a matter of principle I simply refuse to pay for stuff behind paywalls. I bought many books from him (mostly Savitri Devi whom I love) and I didn’t mind paying a lot of money for a nice edition…but this just looks super greedy and in bad taste.

    • Yeah, I saw.

      I understand why he does it and have nothing against fundraising because it is necessary, but it kind of defeats the point of engaging in a metapolitical struggle. I didn’t want to shut the site down, tank our traffic and break my routine this year. I’m tired of having these little erratic outbursts of productivity and wanted to stay consistent in generating content.

  14. If you publish a nice book and aesthetically appealing format and set the price at $200 I’ll get one for sure and I want it inscribed and autographed.

    • Haha, I’ve been trying for years. I will work on it for a few months, get distracted, move on to something else. There is plenty of material though in the archives. I’ve already written several books worth of material.

  15. You need to do what William Pierce should have done: a distillation of his thought in at least one volume. Now we really only have his radio show recordings and some pieces floating around here and there. Thank God a decent biography was written, so we have something. But honestly, he was as good a thinker if not better than Wilmot Robertson and we have NOTHING from him. Years ago I even encouraged Alex Linder to collect his thoughts on paper but either he’s too lazy or incapable of such a sustained intellectual effort. He may also have health issues. It’s too bad because he’s a very good writer, now reduced to reading other people’s books into a microphone. His downfall is one of the most significant events of WN 1.0. From someone who mattered, to a nobody who makes audiobooks.

    • “From someone who mattered, to a nobody who makes audiobooks.”

      Don’t belittle that, it has it’s usefulness.

  16. @Brad I have officially gotten my friend to send you money on our behalf. Expect $5-15 to come in!

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