Brian Stelter: I Watched Hannity’s Show For a Week. Here’s What I Found

Shocking news.

This week on Reliable Sources we learned the shocking news that Sean Hannity criticizes Joe Biden, the Democrats and the corporate media. He even says mean things about them.

As we saw last week, there is less trust of “journalists” in the United States than in any other country in the Western world. Republicans have virtually no trust in the “mainstream media.” The partisan press and sensationalism has also been the norm throughout American history. There was a brief period in the mid-20th century in the wake of the Progressive Era in which Americans had confidence in their institutions and journalism was professionalized. The Walter Cronkite moment has long since faded. We’ve returned to a late 19th century level of polarization and partisan animosity.

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  1. Difficult to countenance Mr. Stelter criticizing Trump Supporters, like Sean Hannity, for being ‘mean’ & ‘insulting, after the way they behaved from 2015 to 2020, when it came to anything Trump.

    To be clear, I do not like the mud-slinging and make a concerted effort to not do it, but, it is absolutely cringeworthy when the pundits on CNN suggest that Mainstream Conservatives are ‘poisoning the discourse’, after the endless barrage of epithet, slurs, and false statements they made about Candidate and then President Trump, not to mention his rural supporters..

    At the core of this is what President Putin has correctly labeled as ‘Liberal Totalitarianism’, or, in other words, a total lack of perspective and respect those like Mr. Stelter have for those who do not share their values.

    These people actually think they are going to bully the world into submission, but, in this they are very very mistaken.

  2. No way Stelter talked about the Epoch Times, The Epoch Times is the Fulan Gong newspaper. It has been taken over by our CIA and is being used to make war between us and China. Hannity is a big big promoter of the Epoch Times, Trump has sat down and given interviews to the paper. Anybody who breaths the words Epoch Times on media is looking for war with China. And why do these people want war with China?? The Jews have already gotten all there is to get and are ready to move on and if they stick around here too much longer things could turn bad. The Jews want to immigrate to Shanghai China and do to China what they did to America. The Chinese said no. That is why the Jews want war with China.

    Gods will?

  3. Brian Stelter is the only person who is a millennial yet looks like he is in his 50s. Yes he is only 35. Google it!

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