Buck Breaking: Lil Nas X Wows 2021 BET Awards In Elaborate Gown

This is the latest degenerate garbage being promoted to black youth now.


“Lil Nas X took the BET Awards red carpet by storm Sunday, stepping out in two bold gender-fluid outfits before performing in an ancient Egypt-inspired look.

The musician, who turned up in a striking gown, reappeared in an eye-catching floral suit then changed into an all-gold outfit for a live rendition of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).

“The first outfit, by designer Andrea Grossi, featured an outsize structured skirt, corset and jacket, which the singer paired with a pair of white suspenders. The blue and white toile-inspired dress was covered in illustrations alluding to war and religion. …”

Apparently, the dress he wore compares Catholics to the Nazis.

CNS News:

“While most people probably missed the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards on June 27 (they only average about 3 million viewers), that did not stop the rapper Lil Nas X from displaying his hatred for the Catholic Church.

On the red carpet, Nas, a gay black man, wore a flamboyant dress from Andrea Grossi’s debuted fashion line, “Welcome to DeusLand.” Grossi claims the inspiration for this apparel is to highlight the wrongs of the 21st century. 

In the dress worn by Nas, Grossi attempts to draw parallels between the Nazis and the Catholic Church, claiming that both “ideologies…have led the populations for a long time in wrong ways.”  …”

Black rappers had been built up as hyper masculine.

The Jews who control the fashion industry and music industry have apparently gotten tired of that trope. The new black masculinity is now buck breaking or black effeminacy.

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  1. General Mark Milley:”I can’t think of a more deserving recipient of this award…my butt plug friend USMC General James Mattis was a very close second…Lil NAS X is an inspiration for America’s 82 Sir Airborne…”

  2. Andrea Grossi huh, every picture of every Andrea Grossi I found looked like another filthy Jew.

  3. Even the rappers that were promoted as masculine were all gay. Dr Dre, Eazy E (died from GRIDS), Jay Z, etc. All homos.

  4. Covering this is fine. Its red meat to the masses though, and a response to a deliberate provocation by this queer.

    In the end it just amounts to rising to a troll, which we all do from time to time.

    In other actual news though, the below is getting pretty hot, and should be addressed.


    We have a vested interest in pushing back against these orchestrated glow ops, as these false flag and subversive tactics are whats keeping us from being able to organize openly. More light needs shed on this, and it needs to be White light.

  5. When the Catholic Church and Germany is attacked by the Jew culture, somehow there’s always a legion of weird prod sectarians who are gratified. Even a cross-dressing nigger can somehow scratch that itch for them.

  6. Read this article:


    Notice how the thought process ascribed to China is outlined. It mirrors exactly the arguments made in CRT against Whites. The concept of historical injustices, the ubiquity of culpabiltiy by the “West”, even the subtle allusion to “fragility” by the former “colonial” powers that hurt their feelz and subjected them to a century of humiliation.

    These sorts of similarities in rhetoric make me question the origin of CRT itself. Its not like this stuff was thought up by black people. Its too elegant for them.

    Its no secret that China has had a major influence on the American left, through Maoism, and probably financing the subversion we see today.

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