CNN: Gas Stations Are Running Out of Gas Ahead of July 4th

It’s a new progressive era.

We’ve been reminded of that every day at the pump.


“New York (CNN Business) – When tens of millions of Americans hit the road this holiday weekend, they’re going to find the highest prices for gasoline in nearly seven years. But many will also find stations that don’t have any gas at all.

The national average price for a gallon of regular stands at $3.10, the highest since October 2014. The average is up just 2% since Memorial Day, but 42% from a year ago, when pandemic restrictions brought demand to a near halt and sent oil and gas prices plunging.

But stations running dry has nothing to do with the price — or even the supply — of gasoline. It’s the shortage of tank truck drivers coupled with rising demand that is causing supply chain bottlenecks and shortages. Experts say a growing number of stations are reporting that they are simply not able to get gas delivered — at any price …”

There are shortages of all kinds of things right now.

Do you know what everyone agrees sucks about the Joe Biden era? Gas prices and food prices.

We’ve got 68% of Americans, 66% of men, 69% of women, 67% of Whites, 70% of the blacks, 75% of “Latinx,” 65% of White men, 78% of people under the age of 45, 77% of Trump voters, 58% of Biden voters, 76% of conservatives, 67% of Indies, 75% of Republicans and 74% of people who make under $50K a year in agreement on this particular issue. Gas prices are eating away at discretionary income.

Note: Neoliberal Joe only sent us $1,400. As some people in the comments have correctly pointed out, we will give it back in gas prices alone.

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  1. At least Jimmy Carter could blame higher oil prices on the hostage situation in Iran.

    Biden is worse then Carter and Bidens phony Catholicism is being called out by conservative Bishops whereas Carters Baptist beliefs were never questioned by Protestants. (This was before the rise of the Religious Right.)

  2. “It’s the shortage of tank truck drivers”.

    When you shut down pipelines so the fuel must be hauled by truck instead of a huge pipe in the ground, you can’t be surprised when both prices increase and you have a shortage of truck drivers as a direct result.

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