CNN: Tucker Carlson Calls America’s Top General a Stupid Pig

Look at who is celebrated on CNN and MSNBC.

Every single day it is the whole tribe of discredited neocons from Bill Kristol to Max Boot to Liz Cheney who are given prominent platforms and air time. It’s a new progressive era.

In the new progressive era, we can’t raise taxes on the wealthy. We can’t tax Wall Street. We can’t tax Corporate America. We have Bernie Sanders caving on the SALT deduction. We can’t pass a $15 minimum wage. We don’t even talk about the public option in health care or Medicare for All. Instead, we spend all of our time talking about a useless January 6th commission and sucking up to Pentagon generals and bringing on the FBI and CIA to talk about how woke and awesome they are under Joe Biden.

Shitlibs and True Cons are merging in the new Democratic Party. The worst of both worlds of neoliberalism – cultural liberalism and economic liberalism – is what we are getting under Joe Biden as the Democratic Party slowly and inexorably evolves into the old Republican Party in drag with AIDS.

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  1. (Rhetorical).
    He IS a stupid, fat pig. What’s the hue and cry about?

    Today’s generals aren’t Lee or Patton. They don’t deserve respect. They are ass kissing political appointees.

      • Wait until Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President, she will fill up the officer ranks with fags, perverts and 75 IQ colored people. White people should avoid the military like the plague. Future military failures will be on the shoulders of the diverse types which will go a long way towards discrediting the diversity agenda and get White people to wake the fuck up.

  2. Hey Hunter,

    I/Farstar made a funny comic about Max Boot presenting BOMB SYRIA but disguised as WOKE pro Gay, pro Libtard stuff by painting the bombs in gay rainbow flags.

    I’m sending it over to you now.

  3. It has been argued persuasively by Military Historians at recent conference that General Mark Milley has been using Max Boot as his own personal butt plug for 30 years…

  4. A huge provocation and practice run for the coming hot war to fully subjugate Russia is taking place now in the Black Sea, off the coast of Russia, and will continue into at least the middle of July, involving forces drawn from at least 32 U.S.-allied (satellite) countries, 5,000 troops, dozens of ships, at least 40 aircraft and 18 special operations forces. The U.S. contingent is being led by the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2), an “instant reaction” special force.

    The Empire of The Almighty Dollar does whatever it wants, and it “beareth not the sword in vain.” It is exceptional.

    • Just imagine the crying and wailing that would be displayed if the Russians or Chinese did the same thing in the Gulf.

  5. Of course we wouldn’t have to take “refugees” if it weren’t for scum like Kristol occupying the upper levels of our society.

    • Not even Adolf Hitler turned as many people into anti-Semites as have Brett Stephens[Ehrlich], Max Boot, David Frum and Bill Kristol.

  6. I missed the Dissident Right memo giving me my marching-order to support minimum wage.

    The typical conservative argument against minimum wage laws is that when small business owners are obligated, by law, to raise wages, that causes a slow-down in their business growth making them less-likely to create new jobs. It also tends to encourage them to cut down on hours.

    Like all socialist policy, it ends up hurting the very people it’s ostensibly supposed to help, while eroding even more of our freedom and dignity as citizens.

    What’s the big-brained response to this type of argument?

    • Small business owners in America are often assholes who can’t be bothered to vote against the Jews and Wall Street, but have to chisel their own employees in order to afford rent and utilities.

  7. The neo-cons love to accuse anyone who criticizes foreign policy by the American Regime as hating the troops. It is the total opposite. They are the ones sending troops to die in battles for Israel, cheap oil, and liberal democracy in some country that isn’t our own. Meanwhile our troops that do come home are coming home with huge chips on their shoulders, they have mental and financial burdens, and a good percentage of them commit suicide. The generals themselves from the deep state are the ones I have no respect for.
    They are evil and are responsible for America having an ugly reputation in other parts of the world.

    Now that Biden is in charge, the war machine is back, they are more starved than ever, and a sacrifice is due in the name of civility, unity, and healing.

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