NFL: Football Is Gay

I’ve never watched the NFL.

I used to enjoy college football though. It was something that I could talk about with normies besides politics. This was before the George Floyd riots and wokeness invaded every aspect of American life.

The social justice grandstanding last summer with college and professional football players kneeling, “End Racism” in the end zones and the names of Black Lives Matter martyrs on helmets and the campaign against the Mississippi state flag was the last straw. I didn’t watch a single football game last year. The normies in my orbit were also angry about it. I see that “football is gay” now which means that homosexuality and “trans” will henceforth be promoted just as hard as antiracism.

If you want to be preached to about antiracism and homosexuality, you are free to continue watching this. It will be a bridge too far though for millions of people.

Note: Progressive activists ruin everything.

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    • REALLY Fight back. Men, open a GD book!

      The damned stupidest exercise of faux testosterone on the planet- watching fake gladiators chase a pig around a rectangle of fake grass, whlle your team is composed of uppity N-words- fake White men, all.


  1. NFL Shlomos blocked your site ??. Always hated football. Too many knee injuries even at the high school level.

    • I only watch international games and I root for my ethnicity. Is that wrong? So I always root for Germany first and any team from any UK country second.
      For the match against Hungary Germany wanted to light up the Munich stadium in rainbow colors to support lgbtq. EUEFA nixed the idea; though they supported the sentiment, they felt it could be taken as a nationalist attack on Hungary, where Orban is not buying into the lgbtq agenda. EUEFA are very pc, but the Germans are perhaps even more so. Anything even bordering on nationalism will trigger a Pavlovian response in them.
      Instead the world’s best goal keeper donned a rainbow armband which EUEFA allowed as it was the expression of an individual rather than as a nationalistic anti-Hungarian statement.
      Though they prevailed against Hungary, the rainbow armband didn’t help the world’s best goalkeeper from allowing two goals against England (whose captain also wore the pro-anal sex armband).

  2. Anti-Whitism is a cancer seeping its way into every aspect and facet of our culture and way of life. The patient is terminal and has no idea. Although the US as we know it is toast the larger question is whether or not the White race will survive.

  3. I’m getting a message saying that the NFL has blocked the video from viewing on this website. Is that happening for everyone

  4. Damn the National Football League, the Las Vegas Raiders, autistic Mark Davis, globohomo puppet Roger Goodell and cake boy twink Carl Nassib all to hell for ruining a game I played in my youth and coached in my maturity and have truly loved.

  5. I still have friends who refuse to see what the NFL is, and watch the games. This guy I know thinks listening to Glenn Beck on his earbuds is being a rebel. It pisses the shit out of me!

    He suffers from the same schizophrenia that I’m sure many of you have encountered in friends and family: he will happily blame Soros and Zuckerberg for every evil in the world, but mention that they are JEWS, and you can literally see him shift uncomfortably and devolve into that boomer bullshit (even though he’s not a boomer) about not judging a whole group by the actions of a few individuals. I’m going to loudly mention this new NFL is gay thing and see if he will stop watching. My bet is he will keep that hundred dollar a month sports package, and dutifully cheer for the SeaFags.

    • Show him articles from jewish publications like The Forward, Jewish Insider etc. where they boast to themselves about their power.

      • I have shown him what Jews themselves say. That’s why I said his behavior is boomer-esque. Despite the Jew quotes I have shown him from Jew publications, he refuses to admit the obvious. At most, he will concede that there are some Jewish bad apples. Again, another boomer trope (despite the fact that he is not a boomer). He is also proud of not being racist and of pointing out the approximately two black men on earth who are not complete screwups.

  6. You can add hockey. How bizarre all of this has become. Mental illness and sexual deviancy must even be celebrated by professional sports organizations. Woke capitalism is behind all of this crazed nonsense. Why increase workers’ wages and conditions or start manufacturing things at home instead of Vietnam when you can posture meaninglessly on fringe issues and thus buy yourself brownie points with left-liberal cosmopolitan elites. This is so much more fun for globalist capitalists than the old class struggle rhetoric that actually carried a tangible meaning for middle and working classes.

  7. I still find it amazing that these fools are prioritizing propaganda over profits. Jews make up almost a third of NFL owners, which is way beyond proportional.

    • They have money to burn, more than they ever dreamed of. That is why they can wage war through subversion even though it costs them some small percentage of their obscene profits.

      This gay NFL thing though looks like an error in judgement. Most sports types have already had it with the anti-White bullshit but now this straight up endorsement of homo will cost them viewers, big time too.

    • Unfortunately there just aren’t enough of us to make a dent in their profits. The fact is they don’t respect us or our wishes because we have no power. Multinational corporations never fly the rainbow flag in Islamic countries.

  8. A relative handful of kikes, billionaires & globalist CEOs calling all the shots. All the pale-pelted politicians their race traitor whores. No representation for sane Whites at all.

    Let it all burn down.

  9. You know you’re getting older when you truly cannot believe some of the changes one sees these days. The Supreme Court giving the nod to homosexual marriage was one of them. Very little was discussed over the years how Jews on the Supreme Court were the driving force behind it. Three jewish justices along with a female Puerto Rican judge some whisper has jewish heritage made up four of the five justices who voted for gay marriage. The fifth vote was by a warmed over left over cat lick.

    So Jews make up an absurd 33% of the Supreme Court despite being about 3% of America. That’s an 11 times overrepresentation. And if the Puerto Rican judge does have some jewish heritage, that would make the court about 45% jewish. If our leftist traitor current Attorney General Merrick Garland was voted for the Supreme Court instead of a vote never taken, the Supreme Court would be 55.5% jewish. That is a jewish overrepresentation of more than 18 times their population!!

    Notice zero was and is said of jewish representation on the Court? Suddenly the diversity bean counters stop counting when Jews and blacks are way overrepresented in a given field.

    Who runs the television stations and Hollywood pushing gay everything? Even a black owned station in Bet was swooning over devil worshipper homosexual Lil Nas. Absolutely disgusting seeing ” men” literally wearing dresses.

    So, the GOD less Nfl pushing pecker in butthole sex calling it ” brave” despite the obvious negative physical, Spiritual and mental affects on a person, is not surprising at all.

    Nfl commissioner Roger Goodell is scum. He makes an absurd 50 million per year. Most. of the owners are scum. A bunch of obscenely wealthy old men whose dedication to money- instead of JESUS’- is very telling. I mean why would you fear black and gay protesters when you are worth billions of dollars and life will be over for many of them in tops, 15 years? A house divided cannot stand.

    I thankfully went from sports nut to watching virtually none of it. I have not watched baseball or football in a few years. I watch some boxing, mma and some college football. When I want to get my baseball fix I go to my local park to watch teenagers play in organized leagues. Quite frankly it’s great.

    Watch some videos of a 30 something named Andrew Henderson. He runs a site called Nomad Capitalist. I am reading his book with the same name which basically provides information to folks looking to leave or split time with America. This guy left America. He owns homes throughout the world with some of the homes being quite cheap. Set for life in your 30s is pretty impressive no matter how or where you do it.

    He was doing a video from Singapore where he has a place. He said there is virtually no crime there. Sure, they have very little diversity there and immigration is based on what the immigrants can do for the country. Angry and crime filled black areas do not exist there. Neither does shit stirring jewish media. Their politicians are not against their own country the way it is in America or increasingly Western Europe.

    The Nfl is disgusting. They put wayyyy too many blacks in the league and we are seeing the consequences. I mean how could the owners not see that coming? Thus the players take knees for their extremely selective causes while ignoring black crime. Why would any remotely patriotic person pay to see that? The players make too much as it is.

    As stated by many people on this site, it did not stop at the statues. Blacks and twisted Whites will protest anything White while grifting off White creativity and genius. So it’s not shocking a sports league filled with trouble is now promoting booty sex, disease and Aids. Cut most if not all for profit sports out of your life like the cancer it is.

    America is in massive decline. Even the weather is increasingly roasting us. The cost to buy a home is dumb. We now have a big push to rent homes instead of buying them. We have rainbow flags everywhere. Blacks are pushed as some sort of idols. Media lies and covers up 24/7. The Democratic Party is dedicated to destroying all things White. Our debt is stupid. As it says on the Nomad Capitalist website and videos, their motto is ” Go where you’re treated best.” Are we still treated best in America? Something to seriously think about.

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