Donald Trump Attacks Joe Biden At Mexican Border

Donald Trump is right.

In fairness, the border was under control when he left in January. It took several years due to sabotage by lawsuits and federal judges, resistance by Congress and his own terrible appointees like Kirstjen Nielsen, but illegal immigration started coming down after the Remain in Mexico policy was implemented and was all but shutdown when COVID hit. It is true he left on a positive note on that front.

As for the current self-inflicted border crisis, it is 100% the fault of the Biden administration. Whereas the Trump administration tried and mostly flailed and muddled through to secure the border, the Biden administration is outright trying to dismantle immigration enforcement and bring back illegal aliens. The current level of illegal immigration is worse than anything seen under Trump or Obama.

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  1. Trump was better but I wouldn’t call it under control. You need to process the illegals already here too. Give them a residence visa or send them home. If I weren’t a mere Jew slave and somehow had influence here I would be very generous with the visas just to know who the fuck was in the country so you can actually deal with the problem. Mexican men have no legal ID unless they served in the military. You can’t manage a country like this but maybe that’s the plan.

    • Brazil is manageable, not very well however manageable, same with South Africa with less white demographics. If Covid has not sent those countries into unmanageable society’s, then the idea of acceleration is not coming to fruition.

      The best we can hope for is the race mixing in large metropolitan areas with Black and Hispanic gangs increase the Self Cleaning Oven effect.

      As an OD patron has stated!

  2. Blumph didn’t build a wall ,all he did was replace open areas with a fence that the beaners could slip through and climb over. Blumph is just as responsible for this mess as Biden an all before them.

    • Factually, Trump is not equally responsible. See above stay in Mexico policy, as well as rhetorically signaling that illegals are not going to be welcomed with open arms, and flown back in after deportation. Perception south of the border matters, and it does make some difference.

  3. I saw a decline in the number of immigrants here under Trump. The border and immigration were the main reasons I voted for him twice. I am for whoever will stop immigration and kick out as many immigrants as possible. The more the better. Fewer immigrants not only is good from a cultural POV, but it makes labor more pricey, which is good for the average working man or woman.

  4. Trump is going to run again and I will be voting for him again. Filthy Biden is a monster. The truth is such an individual would be arrested for treason decades and centuries ago in this country. Back when treason and sedition truly meant something.

    To be on a solidly pro American and pro White site still reading some folks defending Biden or actually comparing Biden to Trump as if they are similar is a combination of disgusting and comical. Trump is far superior to traitor Biden on nearly every level. We have now viewed Biden for about five months in office and it’s been a train wreck.His cackling weirdo vice president is so not up to the job that it’s truly sad. Then again she was only picked due to being a woman and half black. She hates going to the border because she wants no border; just a never ending invasion to make Whites a permanent minority. So basically America becomes Detroit or Compton on a national level. Trump and Pence do not want this. For that alone every White person should favor Trump.

    There is more talk of our dementia president trying to destroy the suburbs by importing more non Whites. You heard the exact opposite when Trump was in office. The border embarrassingly sits with big gaps since Biden has ended any construction. Trump might have been slow to start it but he certainly did start the wall with something like 700 miles done when shoring up existing wall/fencing with new wall. So yes ” better late than never” certainly applies

    More statues come down and the police are treated like they are the ones shooting up various cities instead of black and brown criminals. Now we get disgusting Democrats saying they are not calling to defund the police while tons of them did exactly that. I even noticed New York City added 200 million for police in the next budget. But who in their right mind would want to be an officer in any city and increasingly the suburbs? All these disgusting Democrats are doing is ” allowing” police to operate while extremely ready to let the trap door open that leads to officers being arrested, sued, harassed, used as pawns and being targets for assaults and being murdered. Why would anyone take that job? Go rural or go home if you want to be an officer so badly. Because patrolling black and brown people is a losing proposition big time. Even patrolling gross far left White people with pink and purple hair who want to wear strap ons to hump another sexually whacked out social justice warrior is nuts.

    Racially aware Whites too often think victory comes fast when in reality it comes slow. Getting a wall up or lowering legal immigration along with not allowing anti White teachings like critical race theory is a slow and steady process like successful investing. Everyone wants the grand slam with the bases loaded but it’s the singles and doubles that add up to victory.

    Trump or similar needs to get in the oval office. Aggressive Democrats are pushing for Dc statehood as well as Puerto Rico. They will push for as many criminals to vote as possible and push for easy voting/ voter fraud. Biden wants all that stuff while Trump does not. Trump is far more of a patriot in his pinky compared to the entire body of most Democrats despite some disappointments from him.

    America is a nation on the decline. As that decline intensifies, the true feelings of people will become routine. It’s happening now. It’s why we need Trump back in office. You may not get everything you want from him but Democrats will and do bring virtually everything you hate. Get Trump in for another term and then hand the ball off to a similar thinker as seditious types like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Aoc either retire in shame or become cackling back benchers in the minority. Democrats will be giving up the House after next year’s election as it is. They say it all the time.

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