Poll: Donald Trump Failed To “Make America Great Again”

We’re continuing to monitor the normies.

For a number of reasons, I think now would be a good time to check in with your normie friends. The polls are showing a decline in American patriotism and a spike in White identity among White voters.

FOX News:

“As the nation’s 245th birthday approaches, not everyone is bullish on the red, white, and blue.

Almost 7 out of 10 voters (69 percent) believe America is the greatest country to reside in, according to the latest Fox News survey, down from 83 percent in 2015 and from the high-water mark recorded a decade ago: 84 percent in April 2011, the first time the question was asked on a Fox News poll.  

On the other side of the ledger, 26 percent say America is not the best country to live in, up 12 points.  

Meanwhile, a record-low 52 percent believes the United States still has its best days to look forward to, down from 62 percent in 2017 and a high of 63 percent in 2012.  Thirty-nine percent think the country already hit its peak, up 10 points from 2017. 

Since 2017, Republicans (-35 points), White voters (-18), men (-16), and independents (-12) are less likely to say America’s future is bright. Democrats (+14) and Black voters (+12) are among those most likely to think the best days are still to come.  …”

The decline is concentrated among White male Republican and Independent voters. No one has heard from Q since December and Joe Biden is president now. False hope has run out.

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  1. If you consider yourself an “american patriot”. I’m going to assume you’re a terrorist homosexual pedophile who worships Israel (jews), faggots and niggers. That is what america is all about. So if you’re proud to be an american, that is what you are also about.

    • Tank, that’s a nice, snarky remark from someone who probably doesn’t give a damn about this nation, but it still is unbelievably unfair. Yes, I am a boomer. Yes, I am aware most of my compatriots in the age category are utterly without a clue as to the real nature of what has transpired, since at least 2008, when the Obamanation began our ‘Fall of Rome, II’ – nevertheless, as I heard a guest commenter on FTN note, ‘That doesn’t mean you have to be a Boomer2 individual.’ I think he’s correct.

      If we are going to effect change (and the above demographics show the time is ripe) we need to BECOME THE CHANGE you want to see… to steal from the J-Left (who only stole from us, in the first place).

      TO me, America means a White, Anglo-Saxon Christian nation, where educated citizenry can live in peace. Yes, that’s my childhood, and perhaps it’s all illusion, but it’s better to make my illusion reality, than to submit to the anarchic mud-dimmed tide of hominidity that is being offered out there.

      Yes, to hell with Israel, err Occupied Palestine. To hell with faggots and dykes, who should be publicly stoned. And above all, to hell (or Africa, same diff) with the eternal slave class.

      We can admit we were wrong to EVER think any of them, the White Man’s equal.
      But first, we have to REMOVE them. By any means necessary. Starting with prayer, and self-reformation. And teaching others….

      • Fr. John: the American Empire is in terminal, irreversible decline, no one can seriously deny it. Just acknowledge the inevitable and enjoy everything about this country that’s still worth a damn.

        • Spawn- What do you think I was intimating?

          Your response is sort of like the biblical saying, “eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die“

          Whereas, my viewpoint is, someone’s got to pick up the pieces afterwards, and rebuild civilization. Why not let it be us?

          Do you see the difference?

      • America is not Rome 2. Nor will it ever be.
        1. Roma
        2. Constantinople.
        3. Moscow.

        The three Romes. There shall be no more.

        • Ovidio- Sometimes, the adult and intellectual thing to do, is to make allusions. Not exact comparisons. Not equal definitions of terms. Allusions. Sheesh.

  2. Donald put snowball on roll and now it is rolling. The real consequences of Donald actions will be clear when whole shit show is over. Now it looks like the entire centuries old global power structure is crumbling and coming down.

    • Zion Don was a last gasp I think. The tribe was clearly appalled by the white nationalism he brought out and shut it down as fast as they could. I still think it will be collapse that determines our future rather than some white uprising against the Satanic Pedophiles.

      • Yes, it will collapse and Donald is the cause of this collapse. Also greatest leader America and probably planet Earth ever had.

        Never in the history has Jews and communists been in such a mess what they have now.

        Donald did not shut down white nationalism. Donald kept his supporters away as enemy self destruct. Our leaders in 1917 did not shut down nationalism. The result, 13 million dead, Lenin won and we lost.

        Hitler did not also shut down nationalism and we know what happened.

        This is also reason why they ramping up anti white hatred. They know that only war can save them. Tens of millions immigrants finish off few million patriots and resistance is effectively over.

  3. The USA never made sense as a project. It combined many different cultural groups across a huge swath of a continent united by what? Maybe at one time our British roots united us but those days ended back in the 1800s with the addition of former Spanish and French colonies. Maybe we were united by our large White Christian majority but those days were effectively ended in 1965 with open borders to the Third World. Essentially, we are united by nothing. And only our former slaves, who are now worshiped by urbanite and subiranite Progressives, believe in this stupid idea called the USA.

    • I’m not British. Our “whiteness” unites us. We are “Northwest” Europeans and if you travel around the world you will see we have quite a bit in common vs. everyone else.

    • @ Big tech enemy, the u.s.a. made plenty of damn good sense, till John brown, a.lincoln and black republicanism, came along and was shoved down everyone’s throat, from the time of Tom Jefferson too Andy jack, we were a happy contented people, who grew and prospered under the leadership and guidance, of the southern elite,

      • Half of Sweden fled their Jewish slave state to come here only to have the US also taken over. We still had a pretty good run.

    • BTE: The American Experiment basically ended in 1865, not 1965. The country’s founding racial stock was mortally wounded as a result of the War Between the States. After that fratricidal conflict America was flooded with millions of jews, chinamen and other non WASP elements.

  4. We can believe one of two possibilities regarding Trump’s presidency:

    1. He is the most incompetent person in history. He made the wrong move at every possible opportunity. He is a retarded subhuman ape.


    2. He never intended to fulfill his alleged agenda to “make America great again”

    The MIGA cope that he “tried his best” or “had good intentions/instincts” just doesn’t hold water. Especially now that he is out of office and still spending his time shilling for establishment GOP hacks despite having no pressure or reason to do so.

    • It’s actually a combination of 1 & 2. He was a cynical Zionist puppet who was also incompetent. A good example is how he tried and failed to provoke a war with Iran.

      Anyone on the dissident right who supported him after the first Syria strike outed themselves as controlled opposition.

  5. Trump was kind of like a lightning strike on a dry forest. Random, intense, and uncontrollable. They put it out, they thought, but now there are smoldering spots everywhere, and they keep, kicking more smoldering embers around. And the forest is getting dryer, and dryer .

    • @ He was better than jeb bush or little Marco, he did demonstrate the discontent, for lack of a better word, of our people, our enemies, know that with real leadership, their time will be short.

  6. In my younger days I just believed the narrative, Murica was the greatest place ever. When I got some money and travelled around the world, I quickly lost that belief. It’s not true. The people that still believe it haven’t seen the world.

  7. Trump was America’s last hurrah, a comically inept buffoon who thought he could restore the Empire’s postwar glory years through pep rallies and simplistic demagoguery. Instead he wound up hastening its demise. And for that I suppose we should be grateful.

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