Tucker Carlson: They Have Lost Control of the Border

I would like to write more about immigration.

There isn’t much to add though to what has already been said. The Biden administration simply isn’t enforcing our immigration laws because borders are systematic racism and “white supremacy.” The June numbers should be out soon and will tell us whether the damage is peaking or climbing to a new high. It is already clear that 2021 is going to be a banner year for illegal immigration and definitely the worst year on record since the George W. Bush administration and possibly even worse.

In addition to hundreds of thousands of new arrivals flooding across the border every month, Joe Biden is even working on bringing illegal aliens back who were deported by Trump.


“They would include military families and veterans — a few returns of military relatives have already been completed — and young immigrants who were excluded from protections under the program known as DACA as a result of Trump’s efforts to cancel it. Officials also plan to examine claims of people who say they were deported in retaliation for fighting their removals or publicly protesting immigration policies.

The administration may consider a much larger group of immigrants who — like Cecilia González Carmona, Rochester’s wife — have spouses, children or other close relatives who are American citizens and can show their families were severely harmed by the deportation of a parent or breadwinner.

The reviews will proceed on a painstaking case-by case basis, officials said. At least initially, only a very small fraction — perhaps thousands — of more than 900,000 formal deportations under Trump could be reversed. But eventually, if the review system is effective, many more people could apply. …”

Progressive activists think “Abolish ICE” is a wonderful idea and the Biden administration is catering to their views on immigration policy and nearly every other subject.

Note: The question is how this chart has changed in June.

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  1. Lost control? They are tracking down rejected asylum seekers and flying them and their families here at taxpayer expense. The regime is in complete control of what they are doing. The logistics of supporting these “New Americans” will be a different matter.

  2. They want open borders. They want infinity 3rd worlders, They don’t care if they’re “legal” or “illegal”. Our Anti-White overlords hate us and want us gone.

    • They don’t have enough supply apparently. It takes effort to change countries on the part of immigrants. Short of flying C-5’s to africa and grabbing them like they did with slaves last time they appear to be out of supply for the moment. It takes determination and money to over-run a big country.

      • Oh and yeah, we have to compete with Sweden while they still have money. They have bid up the price considerably. Who the fuck would want to come here vs. Swedish benefit packages and blonde schoolgirls to rape? Just keep the free heat at 105F and put the camels and goats in the garage.

  3. If I were to buy a car, go to register it with receipt and title in hand and the registry of motor vehicles discovered that my documents were fraudulent, that the vehicle belonged to someone in another state and was stolen years earlier I would lose the vehicle. I would also be an innocent victim of theft by deception but I would not be entitled to keep the vehicle.

    The illegal aliens and their descendants are obtaining citizenship through fraud and deception, they are not entitled to keep it. If there ever is a serious, decent government again in the country you will know they are serious and worthy of support when they start deporting tens of millions of people back to their shithole countries because they or their relatives obtained citizenship fraudulently.

  4. Where do you think that 1.6 trillion dollar infrastructure money is for? Government housing for illegal immigrants, section 8 housing in the suburbs and perhaps rural areas. Whatever is leftover might be used on dilapidated bridges or other vital projects.

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