Secular Talk: Zero Mainstream Media Outlets Covered Bombshell Assange Story

Go figure.

The case against Julian Assange was based on lies and that fat piece of neocon shit Mike Pompeo went after him anyway. The corporate media also buried the story because it is run by the “intelligence community.” The “journalists” are party hacks who suck up to the powerful now.

Note: I heard nothing about this until someone brought it up in the comments.

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  1. Not pardoning Assange while pardoning rappers and Jewish fraudsters was the final nail for me regarding Trump.

  2. There was a major anti-lockdown protest in London on June 26 that attracted huge crowds. It was hardly mentioned by the MSM and those outlets that did mention it said it was a protest against austerity and climate change.

    • But don’t trust VOA Voice of America!!!

      The protest concerned both lockdowns and austerity. Poorly-executed, mostly ineffective hygienic lockdowns are troublesome, but the economic austerity and the privatization of the already poor, inadequate, National Health Service are crimes against the English people.

  3. I’ve got a suggestion. Create a sticky post that stays at the top of the front page or something that acts as a suggestion box for subjects.

    The shear number of things going on, theres no way you can read and see everything.

    Let our eyes work for you.

  4. Yet it is nothing new, really. As this young Finnish blogger explains in his response to Jimmy Dore, censorship and control of news media has always existed in the U.S. and is systemic:

  5. I’m not surprised. Spilling the holy “state secrets” and embarrassing the government is one of the ultimate crimes, as far as the state is concerned. Even if most people have forgotten about Assange, the State will never forget.

  6. If Cosby can get out on a technicality, Assange should be freed on multiple technicalities Oh wait, Assange is White.

  7. Also noteworthy today, President Putin held his annual “Direct Line” question and answer session – giving unrehearsed live responses to dozens of non-pre-screened questions from citizens all over Russia – that lasted almost FOUR HOURS. Biden, Bojo, Macron, Bolsonaro, Trudeau and other Western leaders couldn’t do that for even one hour. In the case of Biden, not for even one minute. See the complete session on video here:

  8. Julian Assange will probably die in prison and Trump could have been a hero by doing one thing right, pardoning Julian Assange on Trump’s last day in office. Instead, Trump pardoned ungrateful rappers and despicable criminals Sheldon Adelson and Trump’s miserable son in law wanted pardoned.

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