Breaking Points: Trump Organization Indicted By Manhattan DA

Do you remember when Trump vowed to lock up Hillary Clinton?

Everyone around Donald Trump in 2016 had their careers ruined. Some of them like Paul Manafort went to prison. The people who supported and voted for Trump were purged from the internet and labeled “domestic extremists” by the national security state. Trump himself was purged from the internet. He was impeached twice by Congress. Now they are trying to destroy his business.

Note: The same people who are doing all of this accuse their victims of “authoritarianism.” They cry while spying on you, lashing out and striking you. Trump was just a blowhard who tweeted.

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  1. Well, the downside of every war is that even winner gets badly beaten. At the moment, our side is still in better shape that all previous people who rose up against Jews and communists.

    There is no such thing like safe freedom fighting.

    • I’ve become more aware of how heroic the German people were and how catastrophic their defeat was. I think I would be more proud had my grandfather been a draft dodger. There is a great audio book called Blood Red Snow on Youtube about a machine gunner on the Eastern Front. The Germans of that generation truly were the Greatest Generation. What you never hear is that Ukrainians and Russians both came over in droves to join the fight against the Bolsheviks.

      • Re: “Ukrainians and Russians both came over in droves to join the fight against the Bolsheviks”

        “Droves” as in mere thousands of descendants of formerly White Army siding anti-communist bourgeois and unliquidated Kulaks (rich farmers) thirsting for personal wealth and regained land ownership, who joined the invaders while twenty MILLION patriotic Russians died fighting AGAINST the fascist invasion.

        Learn accurate history. “Nazi Germany prepared and unleashed its aggression, counting on the strategy of blitzkrieg, implemented in the Barbarossa plan (…) the goal was to liquidate the Soviet state, take possession of its wealth, physically exterminate the bulk of the population (to reduce the Slavic population by one third) and ‘Germanize’ the territory up to the Urals. For the Russian people, the Great Patriotic War became a just war for the freedom and independence of their socialist motherland” – quotation linked to part one of this excellent TV documentary series, “The Unknown War” that was released in 1979:

        Part 2:
        Part 3:
        Part 4.

        • I notice that Youtube has already blocked (“Video is unavailable”) three of the four parts of The Unknown War. Try accessing using a Russia VPN, or you could order the series on Ebay.

  2. “They cry while spying on you, lashing out and striking you.”

    The Jew cries out in pain when he strikes you.

    • The Jew shrieks out as he tries to transfer your property to the jewish son in law.

  3. Insurgent? Guy is a Billionaire Zionist. We’re reaching levels of hyper-reality that shouldn’t be possible.

  4. Sure they’ve been out to destroy Dump from the very beginning; that they’re able to do it with lawfare without the courts putting a stop to it due to the wide-open motivation of political persecution proves that the jewS legal system is corrupt to the core.

    • Anyone noticing a pattern among all these Trump associates that apparently have done nothing good for Trump?

  5. Weisselberg. Lol. Reminds me of the Disney cartoon Frozen which had a villain called the Duke of Weselton.

    Commonly mispronounced as “Weasel Town.” Lol.

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