MSNBC: Surfside Death Toll Rises To 20

UPDATE: There has been another building collapse in New York

Is “white supremacy” the greatest threat facing America?

It looks to me like far more people died in this condo collapse in Florida alone than from “white supremacy” this year. Even the “insurrectionists” killed no one on January 6th.

Note: The corporate media obviously isn’t interested in pointing this out in all their breathless coverage of the condo collapse. They aren’t interested in ordinary homicide either.

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  1. of the already dead and the yet unfound dead, almost all are members of ‘Murka’s

    A#1 Entitlement Group:

    Jews. So, it’s literally

    annaduh Holocaust.

    • The repair bill would have been about $60k/Shlomo. Does not appear to have been scheduled but something useless was being done on the roof. The stank of gefilte fish is strong on this one. I feel sorry for the beaners that were renting. They had no control over this.

  2. Diversity be praised! We have finally reached official third world staus with collapsing buildings. What is next? People dying of Cholera after drinking tainted water?

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