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  1. Do you ever wonder why so many Jews are homosexuals? God abhors incestuous breeding and the Jews have been producing kids with their sisters and cousins for centuries. Homosexuality is punishment from God.

    There are over 200 Jew only genetic illnesses,and that does not even touch on the mental illnesses that result from inbreeding and the sexual confusion in the mental ill Jew mind.

  2. Gay,Jewish women, opens mouth, sticks foot up to hip in mouth. They never learn to keep their mouth shut.

  3. Once more, pull back the curtains at the bullshit show, and there is a Jew skulking behind them. This time, the Jew both suffers from discrimination as a Jew, and enjoys white privilege as a white woman.

  4. @ she has no authority, to give guidance to anyone, she certainly has no qualifications, too pontificate too the adamic people, she publicly embraces and advocates a sinful lifestyle, what she does have, is the bully pulpit and satanic financing, she really needs too take a long hard look in the mirror and if she survives the experience, I suggest she repent and get right with lord Jesus Christ, as a form of penance, for the inhuman treatment of the Palestinian people, she could assist the many orphans and widows and the maimed and handicapped, as far as founding stock america, we don’t owe anybody anything, I reiterate, anybody anything…..


    • “she has no authority”

      Oh, but she does.
      She is God’s, essel special wessel chosen one.

  5. A schtinkink, dick-schnoot kike dyke – the living embodiment of (((Privilege))) in this jew-stolen shithole – telling us what OUR responsibilities are.

  6. Gay Jew to normal White people: oppose your self-interests. Go ahead. It’s your moral duty to do as I demand.

  7. I swear these heebs have no fricking self awareness! They don’t even understand the very basic my fellow white people meme

    • “these heebs have no fricking self awareness! ”

      Oh, but they do.
      They know they are the center of the universe and that only their ideas count. Everything else is just goyish noise.

  8. Apparently, we must ‘advocate for change’. And what changes are still overdue? We have wealthy black baseball players, rappers, politicians, police, business owners, etc. Five years ago there was a fucking black president. We have affirmative action. How much more undiscriminated against do they need to be? What does this LGBTQABCXYZ landwhale still want?

  9. Why the fuck is she living in a “conservative state” ? I’d say maybe a .5 percent chance she was born and raised there (as some kind of red diaper baby) and 99.5% chance she’s a Jew carpetbagger just looking to stir up some shit.

  10. She’s not White, and I’m sure that she only claims to be White when it is convenient or advantageous, which is common among Jews. Otherwise, it’s war on Whites 24-7.

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