Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II Monuments Toppled On Canada Day In Winnipeg

There is nothing unusual about American politics.

The same trends of cultural degeneration on display here can be found to a greater or lesser degree in all Western countries. Multiculturalism is even more entrenched in Canada where Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister. Lately, it seems that woke progressive iconoclasm has shifted up north to Canada this summer with a Winston Churchill statue being vandalized in Edmonton and a Sir John A. MacDonald monument being toppled in Kingston over the last month. Yesterday, progressive activists toppled monuments of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II on Canada Day in Winnipeg.

Sky News:

“Statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II have been pulled down in Canada amid protests against the country’s treatment of indigenous people.

The demonstrations were against the country’s residential schools system – which saw native children required to attend state-run Christian schools where they were prevented from speaking their own languages in a bid to assimilate them into Canadian society. …

Thursday marked Canada Day, a usually celebratory event marking the country’s independence, which this year saw more muted recognition following the discovery of almost 1,000 unmarked graves at residential schools in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

During Thursday’s protests, people could be heard chanting “no pride in genocide” around the statue of Queen Victoria in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The statue was doused in paint before being pulled over by crowds using a rope. …”

In all Western countries, woke progressivism holds that White people are born evil and uniquely guilty of various -isms and -phobias. White countries are illegitimate. White people benefit from systematic racism and white privilege. BIPOC people are oppressed in all Western countries. Those of us who reject this ideology and cling to traditional values are pathologized as “domestic extremists.”

This cultural disease seems to be much worse in the Anglosphere:

This poll doesn’t include Canada, but it is the same phenomena.

Everywhere you look the Left is remarkably unpatriotic, antiracist, cosmopolitan, politically correct and opposed to traditional values. This cultural divide over national identity increasingly defines politics in the Anglosphere. The United States, Britain and Canada are clearly on the same trajectory.

Note: My guess is that cultural termites have had more success in rotting the culture of the Anglosphere because these countries are much more liberal which allowed this ideology to infect the public schools.

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  1. The thing that should disturb whites in North America is the example of Algeria. Around a million ethnic French lived directly in Algeria. The Metropol sent the best military minds and equipment and fought ruthlessly to keep it. Why not the Brits, Germans, French and other Europeans in North America too. Laugh all you like but this has occurred in California and Texas already to a degree. It’s happened in every US metropolitan city too.

    • “The thing that should disturb whites in North America is the example of Algeria. Around a million ethnic French lived directly in Algeria”

      I think ethnic French is used loosely there. Now they are all in France and there is no going back. France is done. Stick a fork in it.

      • France is headed for civil war. It’s where the next big European upheaval will likely kick off.

        • Or Brussels area. I can see them just shutting entire sections of the already no-go zones off and daring the police to intervene.

  2. If only the genocide had been totalized. Relenting and being Magnanimous is overrated.

  3. Canada has made an identity for itself as “USA but more progressive.” They just ape the trends in the USA, but always trying to one up the USA in progressiveness (except interestingly on immigration they have a high IQ policy rather than an open borders policy like the USA has). Reminds me of the poser kids in school who wanted to be in the popular clique, but they overdid it and came off as try-hards. Canada is not a driver of culture or sovereign country, nor is it relevant in any way. Canada will be taken over by the Chinese, and that’s a good thing.

    That said, Queen Victoria was a Jew loving piece of garbage who did more to sell out Britain than probably anyone else in history before then. Before her, Britain could have been salvaged, but after her it was over for them. Her statues should be bulldozed.

  4. Cool. Screw these bitches. I hope they rot in hellfire for eternity. Dart above called it perfectly. !2 year girls are being raped on an industrial scale in the UK and QEII is worried about global warming.

    • @KT-88 They are bulldozing this statue in effigy of White people and White civilizations. Most of the destroyers neither know nor care about the Queen’s political positions. It’ YOU they are bulldozing, Whitey! So, yeah — “cool”.

  5. In my vision for the 4th Reich the US takes over Canada and all non-Whites in the new country of “North America”(which encompasses the former lands of the US and Canada) are returned to their ancestral lands.

    • I doubt anyone will be paying for repatriation. This is going to be a fight for basic survival against nature. 95% of blacks will starve to death in the first year is my guess.

  6. These Leftists and Indians are way too over-confident. Should they lose the protection of the government and actually create a Spanish Civil War situation in the West they will make the great wars of the 20th century seem like gentlemen’s agreements.

    They think they’re winning when in reality they are being encouraged Red Guard style by the government to behave the way they behave. Outside of Anarcho-Tyranny they would feel the consequences of their actions. That’s why we can’t compromise, we have to let the governments of the West eat themselves to death. Don’t vote Conservative or Republican, just Third Position. Once they’re out of the picture, scum like this won’t pose a threat to anyone.

  7. Forcing minorities to assimilate……..racist.
    Trying to prevent them from assimilating………racist.
    It’s a little hard to know how to not be racist these days.
    These people just wait around for something to be offended by, or complain about at every turn. Without something, their worthless lives would have no meaning. They just have too much time on their hands.

  8. But isn’t that “sexist” and “misogynist” to toppe statues of wamen?

    But more seriously, this is a humiliation ritual done by the “elites” janissaries (=woke college fools and hysterized and politisized minorities, in this case indians as it seems) directed at white center.right normies. Same playbook as in the US, and likely paid for by the same people (Soros foundation). At the same time I am sure only a very small number of people even knew who these people were depicted by the statues

    • Lyrics to the Anti-monarchial folk rock song above: “Poacher come with his poacher’s gun Out in the woods to shoot someone ‘My lord your time has come’ Right between the eyes! Fell his master not by chance Away with pomp and circumstance Come join our merry dance To the rhythm of goodbye.” Chorus: “Farewell the jewel crown Farewell the velvet gown Watch it all come tumbling down Goodbye to the crown Goodbye to the crown” Verse 2: “Goodbye to the King of Nothing, really Wave of a hand, not a life of Riley Part Nazi, part King Billy Goodbye to the crown Goodbye to the dear old mum Mummified on gin and rum Smile and wave and just play dumb Goodbye to the crown” (Chorus) Verse 3: “Goodbye to the media whore And all her pious work for the poor And all the faces that she wore Goodbye to the crown Goodbye to the royal We And all its famous pedigree Let’s put this dog to sleep Goodbye to the crown” (Chorus)

      Pablo Hasel goes to prison for singing Anti-monarchial songs critical of the Spanish monarchy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMlIFTBRdaw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCE0AAtubBk

    • Yes, Anarchism is anti-monarchial but that is just about all it has in common with socialism. Incidentally, I don’t like or recommend the “rap” style used by Pablo Hasel, which I mentioned only because Spain also has a fascist monarchy like Britain and anti-monarchism exists in Spain as well as in Canada and the rest of the British commonwealth.

  9. The British are very cucked they are zog owned. The royal family is really just a mirage they hold practically no say on anything anymore to my understanding because rothchild owns them supposedly. I hope that changes but I won’t hold my breath…

    Good for the Canadian Indians blm/antifa showed them just how easy it is to topple a statue with a few chemicals, a hammer and a bit of force When they toppled 300 statues and monuments during orange shitler mans presidency they are just copying that

    So I guess they will continue doing this and burning down churches because of a new york times/ Toronto Star’s hit piece of genocidal fantasy of unmarked graves at Catholic residential schools unmarked graves = evil white catholic supremacy soyface libtards lmfao

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