Black Lives Matter Activists Hold “Black Trans” Minneapolis City Council Vice President Hostage During Pride

The mob is the new sovereign power in Minneapolis.

CBS Minnesota:

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis city leader says she is traumatized after protesters held her against her will.

City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins says activists held her captive in her car for 90 minutes, while forcing her to agree to their demands.

Activist Donald Hooker Jr. — one of the activist seen on video confronting Jenkins — says he asked her about police accountability, defunding police and returning George Floyd Square to the people.

“We were having a conversation. I was trying to keep her accountable, and I said, ‘Well, we we’ll just have to show up and do a protest at your house, a friendly protest,’ and then that’s when she blew up in my face,” Hooker Jr. said.

Jenkins says she was traumatized and tried to defuse the situation by walking to the vehicle she came in, only to be surrounded and held against her will, while forced to agree to the demands of those surrounding her — including the immediate resignation of Mayor Jacob Frey. …”

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  1. “She”

    Fucking 90 minutes and those coward cops couldn’t arrest one nigger with a megaphone? Pathetic

  2. Black Lives Matter

    The open and deliberate and public

    racial intimidation


    White Americans

    This is a violation of the Civil Rights of White Americans

    And this is supported by 4 Star US Army General Mark Milley

    And the US Military

    Obvious Conclusion:The Democratic Party wants Native White Americans fucking dead…

  3. Whites, Dump supporters or just innocent bystanders, are attacked in that (((cimmie))) shithole & others across the cuntry all the time – b-but this is a BLACK TRANS “WOMAN”!

    Cry me a fuckin’ river,

  4. Could just say excuse me and walk away.

    I’ve been in this position IRL, but it was 7 cops surrounding me behind a building, no cell phone cameras etc. trying to get me to act up so they would have an excuse to cuff me. Got roughed up pretty good for that, but didn’t rise to their bullshit.

    But, I walked away with my dignity, unlike this coon who is trying to cry victim against her own sides foot soldiers.

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