Target Shortens Hours At San Francisco Stores Due To Organized Shoplifting

Civilization is slipping in San Francisco.

As cultural degeneration sets in, the basic tasks that maintain the bedrock of the social order are increasingly neglected like having children, forming stable families, religious piety, maintaining law and order, etc. Conservatives were driven underground years ago by the hostile political climate.

A recent poll found that 40% of the people who live in San Francisco now want to get out to escape the violent crime, homeless people, drug addicts, shit and heroin needles in the streets. This woke progressive paradise is also increasingly unaffordable for working class and middle class people.

ABC 7 News:

“SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — According to the California Retailer’s Association three cities in our state are among the top 10 in the country when it comes to organized retail crime–Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.

Already we are seeing the negative impact it is having in San Francisco with stores permanently shutting down or closing early. It has become one of the most pressing issues in our city today.

Target has now acknowledged that San Francisco is the only city in America where they have decided to close some stores early because of the escalating retail crime. …

Walgreens has already closed several stores for the same reason and security guards like Kevin Greathouse are told not to physically engage with those shoplifting. …”

Organized looting is now a feature of life in San Francisco where the CAREN Act was introduced last summer and “Defund the Police” was implemented. Naturally, the money that was redirected from the police budget was spent on blacks by the shitlibs who worship them as sacred beings.

It has gotten so bad that Walgreens is closing its stores and Target is reducing the hours its stores are open. The looters are also victimizing often Asian-owned mom and pop stores. We’re told that the AAPI community in San Francisco is under relentless assault by “white supremacists.”

The problems appear to be homegrown to me. I don’t see many homeless people in my area. There are no cities on fire in Alabama like on the West Coast. No one is attacking the AAPI community here.

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  1. Target has always been one of the more woke companies. Good to see them losing. Hope they go out of business.

    • Glad you enjoyed it.
      I always thought it a creepy dump, aside from the zoo and golden gate park.

  2. Of course the shoplifting cannot continue at this rate. The corporations will simply develop other ways of selling. Shoplifting at this scale is a momentary phenomenon, whereas corporate profit-making is permanent. See the forest not just some trees.

    • They are already doing so. Any who can afford to will shift their brick and mortar retail businesses to warehouses staffed by robots and deliver trucks by selling online. Of course that asshole (who bears an eerie resemblance to Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil) Jeff Bezos, will be promoted from a multi-trillionaire to a quadrillionaire, as most people automatically think of Amazon when they buy online.

      The one that does surprise me is that these Asian shopkeepers haven’t yet done the only sensible thing and started paying protection to the Asian gangs to clean up their neighborhoods of the homeless and any thugs who want to take their five-fingered reparations. Especially since the police and the courts are unable and/or unwilling to do so.

      It’s a mystery to me, as the only boogie-man our Goobermunt seems to have its focus on is eradicating White Supremacy. It seems to me that TMFIIC would turn a blind eye on their self-protective measures as busy as they are with ours.

  3. “No one is attacking the AAPI community here.”

    I would like to know, as a Yankee, about the Chinese store owners in the Mississippi Delta. They have apparently been there for a long while. In fall 2006 I went to Vicksburg and stayed for three days to tour the battlefield. On my way out, walking miles to the bus station from my downtown hotel, a black guy roughly my age tagged along uninvited. He told me “Ahm born n raise” We walked for blocks. I asked him about the gigantic 1920s-built high school we passed that was long abandoned, with trees growing out the windows. No answer but mumbling. I was watching him closely from the corner of my eye. Finally, after walking through semirural areas, I saw a convenience store and ducked into buy a soda, which I really needed. My “friend” came in too, but shortly left. The store clerk was a smiling Chinee, and I learned later Chinese have owned stores there since antebellum days. When I came out after buying the soda to continue my journey, my black acquaintance was long gone.

  4. Diversity is our strength said the liberal as they leave the states and cities they destroyed and bring their ideology to neighboring states.

  5. How could you forget the “mask mandate” which make these shoplifting crimes infinitely less risky while emboldening the rats a hundred fold?

  6. Shortened hours. Really, real short hours.
    The coming “food deserts” to big cities is continuing apace.

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