The DILE Question

I’ve written dozens of articles about the DILEs now.

I trust that everyone here is familiar with the concept: college-educated, upper middle class White professionals who are concentrated in large metropolitan areas or their wealthy suburbs or college towns who have antiracist, modernist and cosmopolitan values. These people are the social base of the cultural Left. This category would include most Jews, but it is also broader and includes the White Left. It is united by education (with the worst being post-graduates), values and metropolitan residence.

I saw this updated graphic floating around on Twitter which is a racial solidarity thermometer. It shows that “very liberal” Whites are roughly three times as hostile to their own racial group as the most conservative and ethnocentric Whites are supportive of their own racial group.

There isn’t a systematic racism problem in America.

There is one distinct group which is taking “antiracism” to a ludicrous extreme. This group is also concentrated in the professional managerial class (PMC).

Whites are less ethnocentric than other races. Liberal Whites are the only group in the country who are hostile to their own racial group. Everyone else in the country has warm feelings toward their own racial group. The most anti-White people in the country are Robin DiAngelo’s audience. Whether it is policing, CRT, Antifa, “trans” or immigration, White shitlibs are much further to the Left on most cultural issues than non-Whites. These people are also now the ascendant group in the Democratic Party.

Note: Anecdotal experience confirms this.

The places which have exploded in recent years and where there has been the most chaos – Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, Charlottesville, New York City – are places where these people live and especially the violent, downwardly mobile children of the PMC who live in bohemian urban neighborhoods. Antifa is also overwhelmingly a movement of middle class White kids.

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  1. It’s a very cynical form of Treason and Joe Biden is leading it. He’s not popular among the ethnic Irish in the US and he’s not popular among the wider white population. He’s leading a population group that are in open conflict with their own co-ethnics.

  2. “Whites are less ethnocentric than other races”

    Is that ever the gospel truth.
    It’s so strange, that WHITES are afflicted with this peculiar mental disease.

    • @Arrian,

      Whites have been gaslit to be less racially conscious than the others by you know who.

  3. “downwardly mobile children of the PMC who live in bohemian ”

    Can you say, ‘dopers’ and ‘junkies’ ?

  4. The solution to the DILE question is to hold them to their own standards. Demand they give up their positions and wealth to PoCs.

  5. “Whites are less ethnocentric than other races”:

    White is not an ethnicity. You could write: Whites may be less race-centric than other races.

    It is true however that most Caucasoid ethnic groups that still exist or can still be distinguished inside the Western, capitalist, cosmopolitan melting pot are less ethnocentric than they should be, or would naturally be, if it were not for the capitalist economic system that alienates, atomizes and mixes everything together.

  6. This isn’t all just White shitlibs. Theres now almost 50% of the population comprised of pretty much every colored person, queer, and most anybody who lives in a city, that are now openly anti white.

    Its not just the SWPL’s.

    Its not just about race

    Its not just about class

    Its not just about teh Jews

    And it has alot to do with the urban vs. rural divide.

    This is more complicated than just one factor, but the answer is pretty simple. Rural means White conservative in almost all cases in the country.

    Cities are enemy territory.

  7. This group you speak are also gentrifiers. They have moved into formerly all black neighborhood and displaced many many lower income blacks. And are now living side by side with blacks and are promoting the idea of de-funding the police. When economic conditions turn for the worse It is going to be interesting to see what happens.

  8. Most of these self hating Whites come from a fatherless or a weak father and a domineering mental mother.

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