Vox: The Republican Backlash Against Corporations Isn’t Real – Yet

Based on all the polling which I have seen, the reality of the situation is that the GOP going full populist on economics like it has been moving toward cultural populism isn’t ripe yet.

The constituency for this shift is still somewhere in the range of 20% to 40% of Republican voters while the constituency for cultural populism is somewhere in the 70% to 85% range. While there has been a big influx of working class voters into the Republican Party over the past ten years, the party is still too dependent on older Reaganite Boomer voters who are free market ideologues. Those people are like a third of the Republican Party. The donor class and conservative institutions are also dead set against economic populism. We need to be clear eyed about the real obstacles in the way of this.


“Over the past few decades, the percentage of Americans with a college degree has increased significantly, as has the percentage of good-paying jobs that require one. The biggest sectors in the new “knowledge economy,” like Big Tech and finance, are full of employees with college degrees, while some traditional blue collar sectors like manufacturing have stagnated.

Between 1956 and 2016, Republicans won a majority of whites with college degrees in every single presidential election. But in the Trump years, Republicans’ identity demagoguery pushed college-educated whites — who tend to have more culturally liberal values — into the Democratic camp.

Research suggests that these changes are behind the new corporate willingness to make liberal statements on significant cultural issues, like voter suppression and anti-trans bills. “It’s harder for businesses [now] to stay out of the chaos and say ‘we’re not involved’ in the social issues of the day,” says Zhao Li, a Princeton professor who studies the politics of business. …

For major retail corporations with high brand recognition, like Coca-Cola, the political perceptions of liberals really matters. Not only are there more college graduates than ever, but these graduates have an outsized market share because college graduates make more money. When you combine rising education polarization with other changes to key demographics, like the overwhelmingly liberal preferences of younger Americans, corporations have strong incentives to offer at least symbolic support for socially liberal causes.

But pressure on corporations isn’t just coming from the outside — it’s coming from the inside as well. The increasingly educated and urban workforce at major corporations is also pushing them in a more socially liberal direction. …

Anti-tech Republicans may well fail to bring the party to their side. But the fact that we’re even talking about a conflict between Republicans and corporate America speaks to a fundamental shift in American politics. As white voters continue to polarize along educational lines in the post-Trump era, these skirmishes between two long-time allies deserve real attention. …”

I predict that we will have another cycle or two of culture war politics.

The electorate will continue to resort into opposing camps on cultural issues that pits suburban professionals against working class voters. As this transformation moves along, a tipping point will be reached as the Boomer and Silent Generation voters continue to shrink and as culture war politics attracts more and more working class social conservative voters to the GOP and more and more affluent, social liberals to the Democrats. Eventually, the ideology of the two parties will be forced to change and we will be back in a populist vs. progressive alignment like in the early 20th century.

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  1. Do you really think this farcical nation will last long enough for such a realignment to happen?

  2. What percentage of so-called boomers does HW think are “free market ideologues?

  3. The Working Class and Small Business owners need more representation in Government. Same goes for Unions…need more representation. Both parties should favor a solid balance between Business Owners vs Workers. Everybody should be doing good in the economy. We accomplish this goal by making people understand Nationalism and that we’re all in it together. We can look at National Socialism as an example. When the ideology become more American under George Lincoln Rockwell it got even better…Economic views included. We can get things done by infiltrating both parties and also voting for nationalist Third Parties. All the above strategy for the good of the White Race. Deo Vindice !

  4. The Republicans will become a minority party, a libertarian protest vote, and, after a period of one-party rule, the Democrats will split into a quite leftist “moderate” party and a crypto-communist/extremist Green party. Since the only things that can be “conserved” from history in this system are the traditions, laws, culture, etc., of the former white nation there will be no market for “conservatism.” The leadership of both new parties will be non-white and their chief preoccupation will be how best to loot whites and asians.

    • “Democrats will split into a quite leftist “moderate” party and a crypto-communist/extremist Green party”:

      Greens are capitalists, the opposite of Reds. In Europe the Greens are thoroughly capitalist, and recently, in Germany for example, Greens have become just as militaristic and warmongering as any other capitalist party.

  5. IMNSHO, it’s a matter of when not if the Republiscam goes the way of the Whigs. Short-term greed and corruption blinded them to the fact that, by their lust for cheap labor and stock portfolio profits that they were importing the very demographic that would ultimately make them irrelevant.

    The big tip-off is that, even though The Tribe would slip them money under the table to keep the stupid goyim voting for them, the greatest majority of The Tribe vote Democrat by overwhelming numbers. My thoughts are that OJ only grudgingly supports the Republiscum for fear that not doing so would give them absolutely NO reason NOT to become “Anti-Semites.”

    The REAL Will to Power has always been with the Democrats since Andrew Jackson headed it. Texas was the prime example of a state where NO Republican could get elected even as dogcatcher and every one who seriously wanted a political office called himself a Democrat and it was much better run. You’d have the populist Democrats like Bob Bullock not the least bit afraid to get down in the mud and slug it out with progressive Democrats like Ronnie Earle and BOTH couldn’t get away with paying a lot of attention that didn’t do anything but hurt their constituents; they were BOTH pro Law and Order and tough on crime, etc.

    That’s why it was a real tragedy that the Dixiecrats were tricked into irrelevancy by leaving the DNC after LBJ and other Cryptos pushed through the Snivel Rights and “Immigration Reform” with the help of Teddy Kennedy and other shabby goy politicians on whom they doubtless had a lot of blackmail material. I’m sure the Usual Suspects in the Nixon Administration came up with their Southern Strategy to make sure that the Dixiecrats had a soft place to land rather than remain not only relevant but a populist force that both parties had to fear.

    The Republiscam just want to keep their tax cuts and their cheap labor. Which is why though, they love to “dog whistle” to us White racists, they break speed records to throw us under the bus with outreach to the so-called people of color they want to replace us with and playing the hapless inept Candyface wrestler to the Democrat Heel. Which is why the late, great Sam Francis referred to them as The Stupid Party. Really, there must be some almost impossible to detect poison pumped into the air vents of the RNC offices that causes brain damage even to the newest members who had been Democrats up to the millisecond they changed their party affiliation.

    The latest victim of this is, Donald Trump, of course. Now, I know and agree with the theory of many on the Internet who believe he was nothing more than a Likud agent working for Satanyahoo and that Jarvanka were installed in his White House staff to keep an eye on him, but he could have shut the mic off and informed Jarvanka and old Bibi that he would have far more flexibility to implement the Israeli agenda after he won re-election.

    Giving the Small Hats everything they want BEFORE extracting any concessions in return OTHER than the big, fat campaign contribution has never worked before and has only been done to the great detriment of any country its leader has done this. We had a very recent example of this almost a century ago. The Balfour Agreement resulted in Winston Churchill watching the sun set on The British Empire and America dancing in Great Britain’s ashes while The Usual Suspects engaged in terrorism to eliminate any British oversight in the former state of Palestine.

    The definition of insanity is repeating … down to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s .. what has not only failed to work, but failed to work abysmally before. Trump failed to learn that lesson. Let us hope that IF another would be populist candidate is elected to the WH whether he is dumb enough to be painted as The New Hitler by running as a Republican or if he is smart enough to run as a Democrat, he pays attention to and does not repeat the mistake of giving OJ what they want before he can implement the most important aspects of his agenda.

    So if anyone with populist leanings is lurking at this board. yes, you have to get your funding and positive press from somewhere and we ALL know WHO controls the money and the media. But make sure that YOUR agenda has to be implemented in your FIRST term and then throw OJ a couple of bones during your second or you will end up a laughingstock just like The Donald.

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