Jared Taylor: Did White People Invent The Idea of Race?

Uncle Jared has been hammering away at the basics for almost thirty years. Nothing has changed except that Whites have become more willfully stupid and misled on this issue. We now believe sex is a social construct and gender is fluid. This garbage has corrupted the hard sciences.

Note: Eventually, this nonsense will run its course and this cultural moment will pass. In the meantime, it is up to us to preserve what everyone knew about race, sex and gender until a few decades ago.

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  1. “Eventually, this nonsense will run its course”

    When, when we are extinct ?
    After countless 100s of millions have suffered ?

    • Yes, it is difficult for me to see the end of this. The longer it goes, the more we are damaged and the harder it is to have any form of meaningful recovery. All I can really see is a long running, and continuing story of White dissolution and genocide going back thousands of years. At least we used to have our own homelands as a source of renewal. Now even those are being surrendered and spoiled. We had a chance for primacy on this planet, and we gave it away.

      • Pretty much this. Counter Currents ran a series of articles a year or two ago showing how, under current demographics and without a forceful cultural taboo against race mixing, White Americans will all have at least some level of racial admixture within 300 years. In other words, even if we didn’t consciously race mix, there will be more and more “passable looking whites” until there aren’t any Whites left with pure 100% European heritage. We’ll all look like Steph Curry.

        Even if there comes a point where Whites “wake up” and “defend themselves,” there is little indication that they will internalize the values that are necessary in order to conserve our race and our civilization long term. Whites genuinely don’t have any problems with the bastardized offspring that comes from race mixing. They act as if all children are equally valuable and equally capable. They don’t see any connection between Race and Civilization. Biological determinism is lost on them.

        Then within the Pro-White Movement, there really isn’t any appreciation for the accomplishments of Whites or how 1st world living standards and values will disappear when Whites are diluted out of existence (assuming we aren’t physically exterminated first). The sentiment of WigNats and AmNats alike is “muh people, drunk or sober.” There’s no expectation that our people behave a certain way and act a certain way in order for them to even qualify as “Our People.”

        The CivNats are right about something important: Values matter, and frankly, it doesn’t matter if we are related by blood if we have nothing in common. I personally have nothing in common with the average DILE, the average College Educated White Liberal. My values and priorities are completely different from theirs. I don’t want to share an Ethnostate with them. I want the Jews and Muds to break them.

        There’s really nothing left to do other than grab the popcorn and watch all this shit unrave in slow motion. Maybe Whites will “wake up.” Maybe they won’t. Either way, our race won’t exist in a few centuries. Not unless Whites internalize the correct values. I’ve got to give Progressives credit for one thing: Their moral absolutism destroys the lolbertarian moral relativism.

        • “Nothing left to do..” You do SOMETHING. Every day. A people who will not fight for their own survival do not deserve to survive! Okay; many White people are not worth salvaging — are not salvageable or desirous of our continuance. Don’t submit to your own destruction… Get up off your ass and stop stuffing your face with popcorn like a degenerate soy man.

          • OETBYM,

            So here’s the thing: Yes, discard the unsalvageable Whites. All well and good. Problem is, there are so few Whites who are salvageable, that there won’t be enough to maintain the 1st world civilization we’ve created. It’ll be more like the failed colony in South America that Nietzsche’s sister and her Pro-White husband established in 1887, or, in a best case scenario, Plymouth Rock in 1620.

            As a race, we’ve done this shit already – the whole “start from scratch” routine. Its all so tiresome. We should be running on autopilot by now, but we aren’t, because most Whites rejected what must be done to maintain a 1st world civilization. We were weak enough to be conned and tricked, and for that, I blame us. A strong race doesn’t allow a tribe of ugly, rat faced weirdos from the desert tell them how to think and act. A “Noble Race” we are not.

            So yeah, in theory, we could salvage something. But is it worth it? Not really. Lothrop Stoddard called this shit in 1920, and that was before WW2 buried us once and for all. Like I said, grab the popcorn and enjoy the show.

        • Race determinism is a myth. Race is fluid because it is not there isn’t enough genetic differences between so called races. There is more variants within groups than compared to other “races”.

          • RJ,

            Races are a subgroup within a Species. All tigers are tigers, and all lions are lions, but not all tigers and lions are the same type of tigers and lions. A white tiger and an orange tiger are both part of the same species, but they are clearly different types. Within humans, we use the word “race” to call these different types.

            Europeans, Africans, Asians, Indians, Polynesians, Amerindians, etc, are all part of the same species – Homo Sapiens – but that’s not the same thing as saying we are all part of the same race, because clearly, we aren’t. The different races not only look different, they act different and behave different. We are not all the same.

            To get straight to the point, the different races have different levels of intelligence, impulse control, and creativity. Not all races are equally capable of creating or sustaining a 1st world civilization:

            “Europeans are the greatest people on the planet, the ones who achieved the most, accomplished by white hetero males. As Charles Murray and Ricardo Duchesne have documented, 97% of the greatest accomplishments in the Sciences were by Europeans, 96% of the greatest philosophers were European, 95% (and this is a modest figure) of the greatest explorers, 100 percent of the classical composers — with similar percentages in all the fields of human knowledge and endeavor.”

            To put it in blunt terms, when it comes to creating Nice Things and acting like civil, moral people as opposed to savages, Whites are No.1. We are the superior race. Race mixing with others results in non-white children, who grow up to become non-white and fail to sustain what Whites built. If every White person race mixed, Whites would be gone within a generation. Again, we’re not all the same.

          • -Lewontin’s fallacy
            -continuum fallacy

            Every single time. All race denial boils down to these two fallacies.

        • It took the Spanish over 700 yeares to expel the Moor but when they did (Circa 1492) then began the rise of the Spanish Empre to greatness and world prominence until the Spanish Armada was defeted in 1588 by an minor player and upstart nation called England and then as Spain declines and her colonies wither on the vine thus begins the British Emptre which at its zeneth controlled 2/3 of the world!

          • Making a false distinction between “materialism” and “spirit” is the result of flawed premises of stupid dialectical Western philosophy/theology.

    • It will be over when America is no longer the global hegemon. That is if China can stay the course and defend itself from American aggression.

      • The Chinese are laughing at us, and rightfully so. The only way they wouldn’t be able to defend themselves is if the maniacs running this lunatic country decide to use many, many nuclear weapons on them.

  2. Near the end he mentions (but rather casually) some of the horrors of slavery such as Muslim-enslaved White galley slaves who were tied to the oars until they could no longer perform and then simply tossed overboard because replacements could be bought so cheap.

    He does not seem to grasp that there is no conlflict between (1) being naturally ethnocentric/ethno-nationalist and (2) being respectful of and concerned for the rights and well being of ALL other ethnicities and nations, including Negroid, Mongoloid, Australoid, and border-line and transition-type ethnicities and nations. The commandment to love thy neighbor pertains both to blood relatives in local community and to all other human beings living near and far.

    The fascist Taylor seems to celebrate slavery or treat it as a natural arrangement. But slavery is only natural in the sense that it belongs to the evil side of human nature. There is another side.

    The Right looks backward, and tolerates even celebrates all kinds of evil of the past, whereas the Left which Taylor thinks is foolish, renounces it and advances toward better things.

    • “The commandment to love thy neighbor pertains both to blood relatives in local community and to all other human beings living near and far.”

      No, It does not!
      It means, to love only your fellow JEW.
      If you knew anything of judaism, you’d know the meaning of that mitzvah.

      • “It means, to love only your fellow JEW. If you knew anything of judaism, you’d know”:

        I do know that Jesus and New Testament writers apply it universally.

        • “It means, to love only your fellow JEW.
          If you knew anything of judaism…” – Erring One

          “I do know that Jesus and New Testament writers apply it universally.” – Anony- mouse

          NEITHER of you are correct.

          1) Taylor is what the scientists call a ‘Useful Idiot.’ Or, what the Juden call a good ‘shabbas goy.’

          a) He (Taylor) quotes authors who are JEWS (did you not see the MENORAH- albeit stylized) in quoting ISAAC’s book about “Racism in Classical Antiquity”- as if we were on the same side in this ideological war????
          b) He (Taylor) hired clearly Jewish ‘censors’ to monitor and delete comments- I’ve often fell afoul of some of the “Tel Aviv policing squad’ for my ‘It’s the Jews, stupid!’ comments, many times.
          c) Now, he still keeps DISGUST as his comment forum, and they are even worse….

          2) {Sic] “Jews” do NOT follow the Bible. HOW MANY TIMES MUST I SAY/LINK these things?!?
          Other posters on this forum have concurred with me. Jews follow the TALMUD, ONLY.

          a) The Talmud is an ‘extra-biblical’ compendium of lore and specific LAWS, designed to help Die Juden to AVOID ANY AND ALL of the proscriptive commands laid down by God for all mankind.
          In other words, the [sic] “Jews” are the most ANTI-BIBLICAL race on the planet!

          (So, when mere ‘pagans’ and overt ‘christophobes’ do the same- despise Christianity, or revealed religion, mock Christ, or the BVM, they are being GOY JEWS. ….As are many of the commenters on this forum. Christians (HW!) should know this. THEY ARE OUR ENEMIES, ALSO- for that very reason)

          b) The reason the Talmud exists, was known to Jesus and St. Paul, who both died to keep the “Israel of God” [Gal. 6:16] i.e., Christendom/Europe/White Men, free from such utter blasphemous crap.

          c) Die Juden long ago stopped:
          1) Being the “Chosen People”
          2) MATTERING, in ANY way, of ANY interest to/by God… or Christendom.
          They are the world’s Enemies. NOT our Friends.

          So, knowing this, you have to get this foundational point.

          When Jesus said/quoted “Love your neighbor” – Yes, He was applying biblical Law.

          But, NOWHERE is that law meant to apply to the NON-BELIEVER- whether godless Pagan, or GODDAMNED JEW…. but ONLY to Christ’s people, the True “Sons of Yawheh.”

          Here’s some relevant quotes for both the Christians and the pagans, to at least let you know how WE view the ‘Other’ – it’s not what the Evanjellygoo perversion is, NOR what the Bergoglian antipapist cult holds to!

          ” ‘I don’t believe in a ‘God-in-general,’ if I can put it that way; I never have, to be quite frank. I think things have to be specific and they have to be local. For instance the adage of Christ—love thy neighbor—well, he doesn’t say ‘love humanity’ [chuckles]. …[T]he grand abstractions become an excuse for passivity rather than helping this particular poor person, or whatever. I think that action has to be local. …[I]t’s out of a collective effort that we are able to change things” (Joseph P. Farrell, “Members’ Vidchat June 13 2014.”

          ““You see something like this and it really hits you just how easily manipulated the masses are. It’s infuriating to think of even one person claiming to be a fashionable rebel while supporting the CIA war against Syria.
          Again, we really understand the word “goyim.” Those of us with thinking brains kind of tend to be relatively isolated from people who don’t think. We have co-workers who repeat media talking points, but instead of assuming they are the norm, we tend to assume that the norm is actually our own status as thinking individuals, with the people we interact with being feeble, sad, pathetic exceptions to the norm.

          In fact, the masses of people truly are sheep. This is a biological reality. They are incapable of thinking for themselves. Most of them have good instincts, but they are so completely confused and not in any way capable of any form of critical analysis. People like the idea of supporting the weak against the powerful, and in truth, this is something that should happen. People should have freedom and justice. I endorse that completely. But as I outlined above, they are on the precise opposite side of every single issue….” – A Anglin

          in the Vulgate (the RC translation) “…the passage telling us to love our enemies used the word “inimicus” in the Latin translation, which means personal enemy. This word was used as opposed to the word “hostis”, which mean the public, or political enemy. So obviously Christ did not teach us to love the people who want to kill us; we are simply to love our brethren and forgive their petty transgressions.” – anonymous comment on ‘Love thy neighbor?’

          “…as a matter of fact, Jesus did not ask his listeners to “love” their persecutors in the Sermon on the Mount; rather, he urged prayers on their behalf. It is even more important to realize what Jesus meant when asked the audience to love their enemies. In the Greek, he refers specifically and only to “private” enemies (echthros) not to “public” or “alien” enemies (polemoi).27 Unless one keeps such distinctions in mind, a Christian hermeneutics of mission can easily degenerate into pathological altruism.28 The existential distinction between friend and enemy cannot be dissolved by transforming Christianity into a deracinated, cosmopolitan cult of the Other. National Jesus knew better than to mistake historical choice for ontological essence.”- Global Jesus versus National Jesus: The Political Hermeneutics of Resurrection Andrew Fraser

          “We are all his Creation; we are NOT all his Offspring.” – Orthodox Saint/Bishop

    • “The fascist Taylor seems to celebrate slavery or treat it as a natural arrangement. ”

      No, you dullard.

      He’s refuting the false assertion that race is an exclusively European concept.
      If you weren’t so blinded by your own self-righteous projections to deprecate others, you might be able to follow the line of reasoning.

      • I followed that main thrust well enough. Of course Europeans are not the only ones. But I noted that he also seems pleased to show that slavery, and other forms of exploitation justified by “the concept of race” are also universal.

        I do want to add that I am very ethnocentric and tradition-based, but that does not make me disrespect other ethnicities and traditions. Ethno-national socialism and internationalism go hand in hand. So do fascism and global imperialism.

    • (1) takes priority over (2). Whites have forgotten or ignore (1), and no other race gives a damn about (2).

    • The only thing that ended slavery was the engine. We are imperfect creatures. Not perfectible either, really. You are an heretic or something worse.

    • We know your kind, Chekist.

      Your utopian gobbling, which is just a cloak for your malice, has no power here.

      And your understanding of the world is simply delusional Manichean babble. You’re a retarded religious nut in the lethal religion of equality. At least you don’t try to cloak your intent in false scientific terms, but admit straight-up with your choice of words and concepts that you’re driven by a Jim Jones suicide cult religiosity.

      • I’m certainly not a member or collaborator of any “Cheka” secret police or law enforcement; and I’m not “utopian” – only in the sense of being democratic, egalitarian and pacfiistic, not in the sense of believing something impossible; and I’m NOT “driven by cult religiosity” – my understanding of the world is based (I hope) on accurate history and science, and orthodox, or primitive, Christianity – although some would call “evangelical” Friends who believe in the Diviinity of Christ and look forward to resurrection “heretics” because we don’t conform to elaborate denominational rules, pray to saints, etc.

        Some of my comments have probably been too strident, and quoting Scripture might seem fanatical in this “post-Christian” age.

        Finally, I agree that Jared Taylor proved his assertion that the concept of race is not exclusively European..

  3. Great video by Jared.
    We need 1000s like it, with more depth and facts, he just touches the surface.

    Race is a social construct?
    Why do blacks with hypertension require different drugs than WHITES ?
    Why are cross racial organ transplants always a failure ?
    Why do blacks die when given a large transfusion of WHITE blood ? (Duffy’s antigen).

  4. The situation in Afghanistan is overlooked. The military and contractors are pulling out and taking all the gear and burning anything that can’t fit in an aircraft.

    Full retreat. The Taliban won this war.

  5. Why is it never mentioned that blacks sold other blacks into slavery? They’re still doing it today in parts of Africa.

  6. What I see in different races is stark and obvious.
    In whites, I see intelligence, compassion, the ability to manage and lead………in most cases.
    In blacks I see the need to follow, generally friendly enough unless provoked, unable to advance societies they control and the constant need for assistance.
    In Orientals I see intelligence and the ability to adapt to cultures they invade, generally friendly and giggly on the surface, hard working, but lack compassion, a sense of right and wrong, and can be pathological liars when it benefits them. They think it’s normal to trash the planet and eat dogs and cats……..after they’ve tortured them to death. They feel nothing of manufacturing jobs they’ve stolen from us, nor intermarriage when they move to the West, diluting our demographics.
    Jews? They must always be at the top of things, and are usually in the middle of some big event in world history. They seem to rarely settle for ordinary blue collar grass roots jobs.
    We will never change these people. They’ve evolved to be who they are. That’s why they’re best living where their culture is a match for their nature. Mixing us together will always be frought with issues. That’s why the left and right feel the need to continue existing and fighting their causes. In ideal society, none would be required.

    • “They seem to rarely settle for ordinary blue collar grass roots jobs.”

      “A jew is not to do the labor of a slave (physical labor.). It’s mitzvah.

      • @Arrian,
        Taylor is on record as saying that a majority of Jews are involved in activities that are conductive to our downfall, but that because not all of them are, we can’t waste time labelling them all the same, and alienating the……..ahem……..’good’ Jews who are…………….umm…… possibly on our side.
        With Taylor, it’s a case of attack the symptoms, rather than the cause. He does it well. We should leave him to it. Others are speaking of the cause.
        Fact is:- Taylor and us want the same thing. We’re just slightly at odds as to how to get there.

        • “Taylor and us want the same thing. We’re just slightly at odds as to how to get there.”

          You have a very apt screen name.

          Die Juden and White Christians are polar opposites, and only Bergoglian Cultists or the sheeople of Evanjellygoo Xtianity, (both of which are perversions of the True Gospel, somewhat akin in their apostasy to the True Faith, as it is to Mormonism) believe that lie.

          Geese are stupid creatures. At least sheep merely follow the herd….

      • @Arrian Which keeps whites running in circles. I don’t care if there are some “good ones”. You don’t see blacks being all pro-white, because they met a good white.

        People work in groups. As a group, whites are being pushed out by other groups.

  7. We don’t have power in the pro-White community but at least we have the truth, with men like Jared Taylor you have neither.

    • Amren is a waste of time. The whole “racial realism” thing isn’t pro-white. It’s been said many times by them, that Jews and Asians should inherit the earth, because they are better than Whites. Odd…how they don’t acknowledge the billions of accomplishments by Whites, including the very computers they type on.

      Yet, for some reason, people think they are pro-white.

      When Taylor came out and said, “We’re doing it to ourselves”, I realized WHY so many decent comments and questions on his website were removed.

      People say he has no position on the JQ, but he does. He protects them. His organization includes them, and his conferences has them speaking. He kicked out southerner David Duke, because he had the nerve to talk about a global force…I suppose if you allegedly accept things from people, you can’t turn around and trash them.

      I personally don’t trust people, who pretend there’s no real problem. You can only hash over black crime statistics or black academics, so many times.

  8. Jared Taylor: Did White People Invent The Idea of Race?

    No, I think the first set of good eyeballs did.

  9. A great video. Amazing to think of black slaves in China, but it’s true. Also amazing is the Arab Slave Trade which lasted from the 700’s until the present time. Open air slave markets exist in Libya and probably in Sudan as well.

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