New York Times: A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite

Don’t forget you are the “domestic extremist.”

The people who celebrate Juneteenth instead of Independence Day, who kneel when the Star Spangled Banner is played, who topple statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who are alienated from the American flag because they are deeply afraid of being associated with all the bigots out in flyover country are the “mainstream” even though that is a distinctly minority viewpoint.

New York Times:

“SOUTHOLD, N.Y. — The American flag flies in paint on the side of Peter Treiber Jr.’s potato truck, a local landmark parked permanently on County Route 48, doing little more, he thought, than drawing attention to his family’s farm.

Until he tried to sell his produce.

At a local greenmarket where he sells things like wild bergamot, honey and sunflowers, he had trouble striking a deal until, he said, he let his liberal leanings slip out in conversation with a customer.

“She said, ‘Oh, whew. You know, I wasn’t so sure about you, I thought you were some flag-waving something-or-other,’” Mr. Treiber, 32, recalled the woman saying and citing his potato truck display. “That’s why she was apprehensive of interacting with me.”

He paused: “It was a little sad to me. It shows the dichotomy of the country that a flag can mean that. That I had to think, ‘Do I need to reconsider having that out there?’” …

Supporters of former President Donald J. Trump have embraced the flag so fervently — at his rallies, across conservative media and even during the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol — that many liberals like Mr. Treiber worry that the left has all but ceded the national emblem to the right.

What was once a unifying symbol — there is a star on it for each state, after all — is now alienating to some, its stripes now fault lines between people who kneel while “The Star-Spangled Banner” plays and those for whom not pledging allegiance is an affront.

And it has made the celebration of the Fourth of July, of patriotic bunting and cakes with blueberries and strawberries arranged into Old Glory, into another cleft in a country that seems no longer quite so indivisible, under a flag threatening to fray. …

About 70 percent of Americans say the flag makes them feel proud, according to a recent survey by YouGov, a global public opinion and data research firm, and NBCLX, a mobile information platform. The sentiment was shared by about 80 percent of white Americans, just under 70 percent of Hispanic Americans and slightly less than 60 percent of Black Americans. …”

CBS News:

“Democrats’ pride consistently measures far lower than that of Republicans, Gallup reports. 

Just 22% of Democrats say they are extremely proud to be an American — a 10-point decrease from 2019 and half of what it was before Mr. Trump was elected. However, 76% of Republicans and 41% of Independents say they are extremely proud.  …”

The American flag is a symbol of systematic racism and “white supremacy.”

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  1. Peter Treiber from New York State? Jewish perhaps with a Jewish rag in the New York Times stirring trouble? Because if we start to see bans on the American flag that will be a big leap forward in terms of the country breaking up. Hordes of normies would come out of the woodwork on that one.

    Obviously Republicans would be helped. Yeah they are not great at all but the Democrats are out right dedicated to hating Whites and Christians. I have zero doubt the majority of blacks would favor a new flag. Anything to hurt America most blacks favor.

    • It isnt just black and white anymore though and blacks in reality dont have much power. I spent last night going to my parents after a call about neighbors harassing them. In our once hundred year plus all white neighborhood.
      The Indians and Pakistanis have been all been shooting off fireworks all day for a week many aimed at their cars. When they asked them to stop they were called racists. When i came they called me a racist and i said “yeah and whats your point”. It took me dealing with the block using very nice and gentle intimidation to get these people who now own the area to take a break and not shoot Roman candles at the house and car.
      My point is Republicans will do nothing and are as bad as Democrats if not worse. Blacks not wanting to change the flag means nothing. Like the white majority they have no real power

      • Captain, while I agree it’s not just black and White anymore, blacks are the ones who drive the left. Blacks are the ones who are by far the most Democrat when it comes to voting. Hispanics and even Jews seem conservative next to blacks. Blacks vote Republican less than 10% of the time while Hispanics are probably around 30% ( some elections more)with certain Hispanics like Cubans giving Republicans the majority of their vote in places like Florida. You will never, ever see blacks do that. Even Jews go about 30% for Republicans.

        I mean look at the incredible pandering by politicians, media, Hollywood when it comes to blacks. No other group is even close. This is due to blacks being by far the most communist voting bloc in America who literally never have to answer for their voting behavior. They vote for the most blatantly anti White, anti police and anti American politicians and zero pressure is put on them about it. Compare that to Whites where never ending ” shame campaigns” are put on them for their votes. The constant denunciations of White females for barely giving the majority of their votes to Trump in 2016 is a prime example.

        Another big example of why blacks are by far the most pandered to race is simply violence. Blacks are great at it. Thus, America is always placating the bully in the room- blacks. What those savages did nationwide along with young, disgusting, self hating, communist Whites after the George Floyd incident, will go down as pure evil filth in American history. The fact that few of the rioters/devil’s/insurrectionists were arrested and convicted despite 47 people murdered and billions in damage, shows just how much America and Democrats in particular, slobber to blacks and slobber to communist Whites doing their bidding.

        But there is no doubt the goal is to have every other group hate Whites while grifting off White genius and creativity.. That is why you have Pakistani folks in your case yelling racism because it works and it’s easy to do. Diversity is a strength, right? Lol. Maybe at a buffet food line it is. That’s about it..

  2. We have all the right conditions for a real dissident movement to grow and thrive.

    The Left has ceded all the highground and made the fight against us mainstream by conflating American Identity with White Nationalism, recruiting over half the population to our cause without us doing a thing, and in spite of our ineptitude as a “movement”.

    I for one welcome the balkanization we are seeing. We all need to rediscover the twin virtues of hatred and mistrust, and their near magical ability to reinforce the distinctions between us and them.

    All thats left is for folks on our side to start actually being pro White again on the dissident right, instead of just thinking its enough to be edgy anti semites, as though that were the same thing.

    Hopefully it won’t matter, as new blood floods into our space, the autistic faggotry of the Altright will get washed away.

    I for one can’t wait.

    • Making American symbols and identity White Nationalist is the key fight. The only people left disagreeing with the point ought to be cucky Conservatives.

    • He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city. That could well be the motto of 2020s.

      Don’t quote proverbs if you are going to fuck them up anyway. A haughty heart goeth before a fall.

  3. Today, went to visit friends in another city. They are old-time Fundamentalists, who love God/Christ, the Flag, and the Fourth of July. We attended their outdoor church service, in beautiful weather, and sang some old hymns, and heard their choir sing, “America the Beautiful.” An all-white Congregation.
    Not a ‘diversity’ in sight. It was glorious.

    “Confirm thy soul, in self-control, thy liberty in Law.”

    I read this article this morning, and, enlightened by this news, went to this church.

    I pledged allegiance to this REVIVED WHITE NATIONAL SYMBOL, for the first time in years.
    Proud of my White Upbringing, my connection to my ETHNOS, MY country, MY Race.
    Thankful to God that it was HE that created, predestined, and Elected MY RACE FOR CHRISTENDOM.

    One good thing about all this “Woke” BS.

    It’s giving the REAL Americans their country back. Keep it up, Scum of Creation.
    When enough Whites realize you are NOT U.S., we get it all.

    And you get deported- by any means necessary.
    Deo Volente.

  4. This is a generational conflict, as you can see in every protest, rally or confrontation video. The Traditional Americans are old, and the Rainbow Americans are young. This is partly because the young are majority-minority. But it’s also true within the white population. The recent Christians vs. Antifa scuffle over the penis at the Wi Spa is a case in point. The Christians are old whites, and Antifa are young whites. This is a weak spot in Hunter’s survey-based analysis. More people coming around to a pro-white view isn’t going to help if the people coming around are old. If young whites are in the Antifa camp, or in anti-racist Republican factions, the future is bleak. The pro-white contingent will simply age out of the picture, while the wokes indoctrinate young children. That’s what happened with gay marriage, and it worked. They reversed public opinion with PR, “education”, and aging effects. There’s a huge delay in this process. A nation can be totally subverted at the under-12 level, and not feel the impact for 20-30 years. Focusing on current adult opinion misses that. The key points are: 1) The young are going to defeat the old, and 2) In the long run, the opinions/demographics of the young are the only thing that matter, so all forecasts hinge on that.

    • The results of numerous polls show that many young Whites are rejecting (((wokeness))); they’re not the shitlib monolith the kikesmedia’s approving focus on antifa scum would lead you to believe they are. Even so, the fact so many of them have swallowed the jews’ anti-White poison proves the grave threat of their school & media stranglehold.

      • Many isn’t enough. We need the actual percentages. The young are now majority-minority, so if young whites are only 50% woke, non-wokes will still be only 25% of the total. And many of those non-wokes are anti-racists opposed to white advocacy, along the lines of Rufo. There’ll always be hard-right people, but the revolution is pretty much already baked in at the under-16 level. Even a large fraction of the non-woke 25% doing homeschooling won’t make a dent in the larger trends. Outlawing CRT won’t help because the teachers will thumb their noses and teach it anyway. In fact, making it taboo will likely increase its coolness-factor among the young. The only real hope I can see is if latinos and asians flip in sufficient numbers to break the woke coalition. Or, if institutions collapse due to a dollar implosion, debt default, etc. White people alone won’t be able to turn the tide.

    • @ B, the metropolitan young are leftist, red state young whites, their still normal, they stick with their kind.

      • @Terry Smith – I’m in a red area of a red state. Seems to me @B has it nearly spot-on. The under 30’s generation here have, by all external appearances and behavior, embraced the freak-degenerate SJW lifestyle.

    • From what I’ve seen on the ground, gen Z is either full tilt Synagogue of Satan or pretty much on our side. You see very few in the middle. Most young girls consume tons of media and are rainbow retards, but most young men have had it with the programming and generally reject it. The biggest block most people have to overcome on their way to our camp is the Patriotism block. The older you are, the harder it is to accept the the USA will not make it another 30 years. That’s why I’m so suspicious of these boomers and old gen Xers suddenly coming over to our side. They don’t want to fix the problem. They just want the 80s to come back.

    • @ the whites ,be they young or old, male or female,,who stand with us, you stand a chance, the whites who oppose us, you face defeat in this world and the world to come

  5. Whatever the future holds, it’s good that normies are finally getting a glimpse of what Leftism and minoritarianism really are. If normies don’t understand their intended place in the future by now, there is no hope for them. They aren’t going to get better healthcare, worker protection, etc. from the coalition of the fringes. It’s more likely that their health will be in danger and they will be unemployable if the current political situation is not destroyed completely and replaced by a pro-white government.

  6. Blacks should have their own flag and anthem. We are not the same nation, and never have been. Furthermore, the US flag is also not my flag as a Southron. Let people understand that the US flag belongs to the masonic mercantile elite, who never served anyone other than the elites.

  7. I am also alienated from that flag. It represents the US government to me, not the people or the original ideas of the Founders. It represents the most powerful, aggressive, anti-White entity which currently exists in the world.

    • I think smaller European states ought to start building nukes. I foresee an HNIC glassing a major European capital if it doesn’t happen. White people in the US lost control already.

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