Brian Stelter: Tucker Carlson Sounds Like Alex Jones

It is a special July the 4th edition of Reliable Sources.

What are we talking about this weekend? As usual, we are gossiping about Tucker Carlson with some establishment hack to a rapidly declining audience and the rightwing trolls who are watching for their own amusement. Brian Stelter’s squeaky, effeminate Eastern sissy voice always cracks up.

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  1. Did some research on this guy. He’s actually not a Jew. Raised Catholic, Jew convert, Jew wife.

    A basic scumbag piece of shit.

    • A Jew convert…. is a JEW.

      If he had to denounce Christ, then he is no better than Judas Iscariot. (who is the Archetypical JEW)
      Anathema sit.

  2. Nobody would take Tucker seriously, if it wasn’t for the fact that everybody now knows the what he describeds about our government and ruling class is in fact the way they are. Telling everybody that the government is secretly spying on him, might have been laughed off, 10 years ago, not any more……

  3. He (Stelter) says this… like it’s a bad thing.

    Get used to it, Jude. Your kosher days are OVER.

    “Brian Stelter’s squeaky, effeminate Eastern sissy voice always cracks up.”

    To rephrase DEAD JEW Noel Ignatiev, and whore Susan Sonntag:

    ‘The Jewish race is the Cancer of Humanity.”

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