Ross Douthat: “Structural Racism” Exists

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why conservatives lose every debate on race, culture and gender. They accept the premises of progressives and fight the battle on their terms and lose.

New York Times:

“Again, I want to start with what the new progressivism is interested in changing. One change involves increasingly familiar terms like “structural” and “systemic” racism, and the attempt to teach about race in a way that emphasizes not just explicitly racist laws and attitudes, but also how America’s racist past still influences inequalities today.

In theory, this shift is supposed to enable debates that avoid using “racist” as a personal accusation — since the point is that a culture can sustain persistent racial inequalities even if most white people aren’t bigoted or biased.

But the basic claim that structural racism exists has strong evidence behind it, and the idea that schools should teach about it in some way is probably a winning argument for progressives. (Almost half of college Republicans, in a recent poll, supported teaching about how “patterns of racism are ingrained in law and other institutions.”) Especially since not every application of the structural-racist diagnosis implies left-wing policy conclusions: The pro-life and school choice movements, for instance, regularly invoke the impact of past progressive racism on disproportionately high African-American abortion rates and underperforming public schools. …

What’s really inflaming today’s fights, though, is that the structural-racist diagnosis isn’t being offered on its own. Instead it’s yoked to two sweeping theories about how to fight the problem it describes. …”

No, Ross, the system IS NOT structurally or systemically racist. In fact, the opposite is true. It is systemically antiracist. It is biased in favor of blacks. Every institution in our society including the Southern Baptist Convention is infected by antiracism. Jim Crow ceased to exist over 50 years ago and our current system of race relations which has developed in its wake since 1965 has replaced it.

Woke progressivism is responding to the failure of the liberal version of antiracism to achieve its ends. It was based on the false premise that White prejudice and racism was the cause of racial inequality. As anyone can see, White prejudice and racism has faded since the 1960s and the entire country has been transformed into a racial uplift charity for blacks, trillions of dollars have been spent on the quest for racial equality and racial differences have persisted in spite of our best efforts. Reality itself is the problem and will continue to thwart all efforts to achieve racial equality. Degrading Whites and redistributing wealth from Whites and limiting opportunities for everyone else in this country too who isn’t black will not bring about racial equality. It will just make life worse and more difficult for non-blacks.

There is no reason to believe that all individuals have the exact same talents and capabilities and will achieve the same outcomes given the same opportunities in life. There is no reason to believe that racial groups will either on average. All the evidence strongly suggests otherwise.

Even if you take the Declaration of Independence at face value and believe what it says that “all men are created equal,” it is only saying that all men have a natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It DOES NOT say that blacks are the same as everyone else. It DOES NOT say that they are owed the same material standard of living. It DOES NOT say all outcomes will be equal. It is not incumbent upon White people to embrace communism and sacrifice themselves to uplift blacks.

Sen. Ben Tillman of South Carolina once put it this way:

“I realize that there are millions of good negroes, if they are let alone and not taught heresies and criminal thoughts and feelings and actions. I should like to see this good, easy, good-for-nothing people given a chance to live. Give them justice; give them equal rights before the law; enable them to get property and keep it, and be protected in its enjoyment; give them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, provided their happiness does not destroy mine.”


Treating blacks equally isn’t treating them better than everyone else. It isn’t putting them up on a pedestal and having the entire country revolve around their problems like our current system.

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  1. Structure is racist. It requires planning and discipline. Some races will fail that.

    • And they still enjoy our Votes. This is who they are. “Shitliibs” watch us debase ourselves with glee as we fight this political game for republicans in front of the Jews.

      For Sport. A sports game. Puppets.

  2. More con-gibberish, words without a basis in fact.

    In my slow and ponderous way, I’m coming to the conclusion that there is no tolerable way to exist in a society with jungle fauna. Even in isolated areas, there are significant negative consequences to being in the same nation. There are negative results in being around WHITES who accept or feign acceptance of ‘equality’.

    Trying to civilize ape-things, or coexist with them is fool’s labor.
    No matter how you cook a turd, spice it, sauces etc. it is still 5h17.

  3. “if they are let alone and not taught heresies and criminal thoughts and feelings and actions.”

    Sen. Tillman and every white Christian in the South DID teach the Nigger Heresy- the lie that they are of Adam’s seed and David’s line, that they are our Equal, and that the blessings of Electing Grace belonged to them, as freed men.

    Christ came to save ‘His People.’ [ Matt. 1:21] That statement, along with our Lord’s own words, “I am come ONLY to the lost sheep of the House [Gr. ‘oikos’ = race, clan, family] of Israel,’ can have no other meaning that the obvious one.

    When St. Paul spoke in the Epistle to the Romans, ‘the gospel is to the Judean first and then the Hellene’ (geographic delimiters) he did NOT include the Negro, the Chinaman, the Mestizo, or the Papist and their egalitarian heresies.

    And, since the Judeans- i.e., what are called “jews” today, spurned the offer of the Gospel, it went to the other ten tribes that made up the nations of Europe/Christendom.

    CI folks, Catholic Writers, Orthodox Saints, all attest to this, if you know what to look for, and most importantly, READ THE SCRIPTURES AND THE SERMONS with eyes as to who were the ORIGINAL people to whom these promises were addressed. Romanity/Europe/WHITE Christendom.

    And none other.
    Sen. Tillman- you erred greatly. And now your heirs are reaping the whirlwind.
    Misericordie, Domine.

    Secession NOW.

  4. The Native Born White American Working Class has no control over the economic system and political system….

    The Structural Racism charge is just mumbo jumbo anti-white sewage that is being used to justify the mass extermination and enslavement of the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority…….

    Structural Racism=White Genocide…… more complicated than this…

  5. “Systemic racism” makes sense within the race-equality paradigm. Conservatives have rejected the reality of racial differences, so they have no way of explaining racial gaps. Douthat is just being consistent here. He can see that the conservative position of saying “all races are equal but blacks still consistently underperform for no reason” makes no sense. They have to accept something like “systemic racism” to explain the gap. Since Douthat and other conservatives are not willing to accept the reality of racial differences, they will eventually all end up accepting the systemic racism narrative.

  6. These people who go on and on about racism, the Jews, they agreed racism against them in exchange for the cold blooded murder of the innocent son of God. “Let his blood be on us and OUR CHILDREN.” Is a deal a deal? Are the Jews having reservations about killing Christ and the curse that has been placed on them by God almighty? Toughshit. The Jews still have not learn the innocent are to be left alone.

  7. The problem with conservatives is they feel they must get validation from blacks. If a black agrees with them, they feel vindicated.

  8. The vast majority of blacks are uncouth, stupid, irresponsible, childish jerks. American society has gotten so screwed up and Orwellian, that saying things in public that are pretty obvious has become dangerous. Even saying that there are two sexes, not 73, like the liberal wacks are declaring, or saying that men and women are different has become a problem. The people that we are facing are dangerous lunatics, they seem to hate civilization and are trying as hard as they can to wreck it. And make other people as unhappy as possible.

  9. The White guy being faced with these charges is an idiot. Why is he living in a community filled with blacks? This guy clearly does not see the handwriting on the wall. He lives in a far out New Jersey burb or small city not far from Philadelphia which is a third world dump. In other words he is surrounded. And being an angry White guy while surrounded is not a good move. He challenged the blacks to show up at his door. Blacks live for crap like this. It takes the focus off their general dysfunction.

    Many White people may feel like this White guy but what they do instead is move to an area with few blacks. I know a guy who just sold his house in part due to him not wanting to see any blacks. But what this guy in Jersey did was not move, let the anger get the best of him, start yelling racial slurs and writing them, started challenging some black guy in his area while being recorded, saying racial slurs to a White cop about blacks while the cop just wants a paycheck. Then the White guy challenges people to show up at his house. Again, just what black people love. They want to ride that victimhood easy money train.

    The media will 100% make a huge issue on it because they are terrified of blacks and the media is pure leftist filth. Just like they will make a huge deal of the Whites that marched through Philly the other day calling them the big yawn…” White supremacists.” Make no mistake, American media is the enemy like Trump said but in typical Trump fashion, zero was done about it.

    So the guy in Jersey is going to get hit with some stupid hate crime while blacks rape, murder, rob, assault Whites all the time and the hate crime label is virtually never applied. All this guy did was yell some racial slurs and bump a guy and they will make him worse than black and brown gang bangers. It’s another example of this America in its death throes.

    A typical White person simply moves when his/her area becomes a certain percentage black. They don’t hang around to get into racial fights. The Whites will then quietly vote( usually Republican) and/or donate money to politicians they like and organizations they like and perhaps show up at some political rallies….and that’s about it. What this dope in New Jersey did is expose himself to problems and now will probably go to jail for a short time and get fired from his job. All because he was too dumb to see the handwriting on the wall and wanted to fight.

    • @Jeff – Your victim-blaming is unjustified, although the rest of your analysis is true. Not everyone has the ability or resources to live in a majority White area. Such areas are getting more remote and less plentiful, except for costly elite enclaves. The elderly often find themselves trapped in a vastly depreciated home in a neighborhood that has radically and rapidly changed.

      • Old Enough, so look what has happened to the guy instead. He now will go to jail and be fired from his job. This is what happens when you have no or poor planning. The guy is not even old- just solidly middle aged at 45. His bitterness and anger prevented him from planning properly.

        You speak of financial resources being an issue. I think it was just being dumb. He lives in New Jersey. The state consistently ranks in the top 5 states people are leaving. It often ranks as the number 1 state people are leaving. This is heavily due to the high taxes and general cost of living. It’s not like he’s living in Oklahoma. Heck, the state just next door to him- Pennsylvania- is a good amount cheaper to live in as well so I for sure don’t buy it that he’s locked into a particular section in New Jersey which is a high tax/expensive state. Based on his appearance he is slovenly and probably crazy. He looks much older than 45 years old. Being grossly overweight and angry does that.

        I looked up the racial statistics of the town he lives in. It’s 11% black. Perhaps where his house is based in the area it’s more black. I guarantee you by the next census the town will plummet to about 55% White from its current 70%.

        If you only want to live in an all White place you plan accordingly. You do what you have to do. He should have sold the house and go rent for a while. Americans too often think they are entitled to own and live how they wish. We can all learn from the struggles from another time where folks were just happy to have a place to put their head.

        There are still plenty of White or nearly all White places to live in this country. And with the internet people can earn money from home. It’s like the people being police officers. If you want to be one, do it in a White place. You may have to sacrifice because it will be a different or more rural place. But if you want to be an officer with less problems there will have to be changes.

        Just like what this guy in New Jersey did not do and now is paying a price for it. Instead of quietly planning and researching his next move he got fat( literally) and lazy and just wants to yell. Well now he will realize how dumb he was for not selling years ago. Challenging blacks to come to your doorstep in a social media and video soaked world is dumb. New Jersey is just another decaying, left wing, Democrat state with good Italian food and good diners. Many people know that. Apparently the guy did not.

  10. The whole idea is that Blacks cannot be treated equally because they’re position is inferior socioeconomically because of systemic racism etc. etc., and, therefore, they must be offered preferential treatment. Treating them the same would just continue or perpetuate they’re inferiority. I first heard this from a university professor 20 years ago during a Constitutional Law course when I was in law school. The same argument is made re women’s empowerment. Treating people the same is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc etc etc ad infinitum.

    • It’s sadistic really. The professor’s killing off white people who are harmless and on the “just getting on” with life category. Is there any infrastructure you trust to blacks to manage?

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