Aaron Lewis: Am I The Only One?


I went to a Staind concert back in 1999. I was 18-years-old at the time. I am now 40-years-old. I was redpilled back in 2001. I’m now a father and a husband.

As I have pointed out several times this year, there has been a shift in mood among the normies. The public mood for the last two decades was complacency and degeneracy. The Joe Six Pack and Solly Soccermom era of nihilistic consumerism is over. Everything is becoming deeply politicized.

There were people like us who looked at the trends and who realized the trajectory that this country was on years ago. Most people didn’t want to think about it and focused on their own lives. I think more people started to wake up over the last decade. I also think there has been a big change since last summer which I have been seeing in the polls. The George Floyd riots and the rollout of systematic racism woke up millions of people. Donald Trump’s defeat also radicalized a large swath of his base.

If there has been a cultural change among the normies, the music White people listen to is one place we might see this. Anyway, this is what I am seeing in the new Toby Keith song and the new Aaron Lewis song. The mood is no longer complacency or triumphalist like in the George W. Bush years. The mood has darkened and now the themes are anger, alienation, resentment, disillusionment, loss.

Normies are definitely starting to feel alienated. You got to admit that a bunch of normies storming the U.S. Capitol was a big step for them. Check in on your normie friends and have patience with them. Some huge number of them appear to have woken up over the past year since they lost their faith in Q and Trump. They might be more receptive to our messaging with Joe as president.

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  1. Better that Keith. Trouble is he is the atomised individual watching TV. Nice statue reference here by Lewis. Bet he laughed when the Marines knocked down Saddam’s statue. I bet the bastard is being told to sell a new foreign war underneath all that posturing.

  2. “There’s the fucking door…” he’s just another mother fucking baby boomer with a 9/11 mindset. The niggers are going nowhere. The Mexicans are going nowhere. The only people who take a hint about not being welcome are whites, and whites are not able to migrate easily these days. The solution is racial genocide, he can’t bear contemplating it.

  3. These boomers will eventually take their flags down and like it. Even here Lewis is cucking enough.

  4. I think the understanding that the culture was becoming hostile to normal people has finally hit home to most people I know. Many in our side complain often about normies not seeing the truth. But I think that’s changing. It always takes time for cultural changes. But, we looking back at similar events in the past, tend to compress time, forgetting there is always a long period building up to change, sometimes decades. But it seems to be finally happening.

    • I saw no such thing yesterday. Ten thousand Whites proud to be Amurikan, seemingly completely ignorant that their government and ruling class despises them. Wave them flags, boys!

  5. As the very nature and definition of the American Nation (past and present) is rapidly being redefined as a racist, White supremacist enterprise by our Judaic overlords; normies will soon have to choose between a populist, Nationalist path for America or to just spit on the flag and get in political line. Frankly, the accelerated destruction of American culture, especially the White aspects, is probably a good development in general and a likely overreach by our yahweh chosen controllers.

  6. If that song is any indication, White America is REALLY angry. All it will take is a spark.

    Dear God, light the flame of Christendom once more. Give us a double portion of your Holy Spirit.
    Let it burn bright, long and high.
    Purge us of all our sins, our idolatry, our complacency,
    our worship of Sodom, Moloch, and Egypt.
    But most of all, burn the chaff utterly away,
    that we may be the Alabaster City of our Father’s dreams.

    In Nomine Christi.

    St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

  7. A report from the Qnon universe….

    They White Boomer Qanon true believers now believe that the DOD and NSA have been quietly collecting information on treasonous evil doers in the Democrats Party and are about to indict all these traitors who are preventing Black and White to live in peace………and it gets even more bizarre:Qanon tards claim Brookhaven National Lab has a quantum computer that has checked the results of Nov 3 2020 and Donald Trump won by a big amount…Now this is really nutty shit to someone such as me who had followed Quantum Computer research for quite a while(‘starting with the Feynman paper)….Here is all you need to know:Quantum Computers do not exist….and have a very slim chance of ever existing…and if Quantum Computers ever existed they could only do a very very limited of things….two exactly…and it would not include POTUS Election recounts….Qanon Tards are retards…

    • That kind of delusion is really bad because it denies the most basic fact: decent Americans are now outnumbered by bad people, this isn’t going to get solved by a popularity contest. Decent Americans are going to have to grab the reigns of the horse and drive this thing regardless of what this new degenerate majority of bad people think.

  8. BTW…the site “Renegade Tribune” needs to be considered with open eyes and with the lights on. At best they are hyper-sensitive to anything critical and will ban you accordingly, at worst they are a a cointelpro collecting pen for White Nationalist identities. Not sure yet, but indications are the latter as I’ve reached out in regards to the former with no response. This is just my opinion. Beware.

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