BBC: Ten Churches Vandalized In Alberta On Canada Day

Mainstream conservatives have done this cute thing where they have tried to separate the growth of anti-whiteness from anti-Christianity and anti-Western hatred among woke progressives. The last year though has made it crystal clear that it is the exact same people who loathe all of these things. They despise everything about our civilization which they reject because it is “racist.”

The same people whose twisted worldview caused them to topple monuments of Confederates in the South went straight for St. Junípero Serra in California, St. Louis IX in St. Louis, Christopher Columbus everywhere, Winston Churchill in London, Sir John A. MacDonald in Canada, statues of pioneers and George Washington in Oregon. They burn the American flag and the Bible in Portland. Back in May, they toppled a statue of Jesus Christ and burned an American flag at a Catholic Church in Brooklyn.


Ten churches have been vandalised in Alberta, Canada, in attacks that police have linked to anger over historic injustices against indigenous people.

Investigators in the province said orange and red paint was daubed on the churches in the city of Calgary.

The premier of Alberta said the attacks were “appalling”.

It comes after unmarked graves were found around former church-run residential schools that indigenous children were once forced to attend.

The grim discoveries prompted some calls for national celebrations in honour of Canada Day on 1 July to be cancelled. …”

Did they ever find out who torched Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris?

Everyone should be able to see now the existential stakes in this fight. We’re not going to win this war the David French and Ross Douthat way. There is no “respectable” path to victory.

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  1. I pray that the homosexual pederast US Military and it’s junior partner the homosexual pederast Canadian Military picks a fight with Christian Russian Military in the Black Sea real soon……

    Jews are not White…therefore the Antifa are not White….

  2. I bet these churches all profited from refugee resettlement. As for Notre Dame look no further than the “security state”. The proposals for rebuilding gave that away.

  3. Should conservatives really be conserving statues of Catholic fake saints and monstrous “heroes” like “Saint” Louis and Columbus?

    One should rather be revolted by these monuments to error, like George Fox, the first Quaker, who wrote of a certain “steeple house” he passed, that “It struck at my life!”

    I’m not saying one should participate in or condone their destruction, which is inevitable anyway, only not to mourn or oppose it.

  4. It is the blood of Christ they hate, the blood, gentile blood. Christ was not a Jew. There is no self sacrifice in Jew blood. How TF could Christ have been a Jew when he gave himself for us? No Jew would do that.

      • How was Christ a Jew? Christ was the son of God, if he was a Jew then why didn’t he meet the demands and expectations the Jews had for their messiah. Why did he chose to die instead? I want answer from you, you miserable disgusting filthy kyke.

      • Ditto…..How was Christ a Jew? Christ was the son of God. If Christ was a Jew then why didn’t he meet the demands and expectations the Jews had for their messiah? Why did he chose to die instead? Answer me kyke.

        • And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.” BUT HE ANSWERED HER NOT A WORD. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, “Send her away; for she crieth after us.” But he answered and said, “I AM NOT SENT BUT UNTO THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOISE OF ISRAEL.” Then came she and worshipped him, saying, “Lord, help me.” BUT HE ANSWERED AND SAID “IT IS NOT MEET TO TAKE THE CHILDREN’S BREAD, AND CAST IT TO DOGS.” And she said, “Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.” Then Jesus answered and said unto her, “O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

          • Jesus, Christ is a literary construct cooked up by some Greek satirist poking fun at Jews. It’s based on a set of real events but the character of Jesus is so unjewish, the enemies he make sooooo Jewish and the trap he falls into with Pilate is so anti Semitic that it just has to be a clever Greek mocking the Yahoodis. Even this passage just makes you hate and resent Jewish ethnocentric people even more. He’s like the Shomrim Amberlamps denial is service in NYC then he relents and cures her for free anyway.

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure the adl is posting this anti-Christian hate on their websites because we know the adl fights hate for all people and would never be hypocrites.

  5. These are attacks on White people with the church being secondary. Everyone knows from their communist playbook that the first step is to go after the Church which has been at the center of the European morality and life for two thousand years now. It is an attack right at the root

    • “communist playbook (…) the first step is to go after the Church”:

      The first step is always to build class consciousness. There is no conflict with religious faith as such, only with religious organizations that function as tools of oppression and spread anti-science and anti-communist lies and disinformation.

    • Captain,

      You are right of course. When the Left won the Mexican Civil War they then attacked the Church and Race classifications. It was against the law for a priest in Mexico to appear in public in priestly garb till around 1990 if I remember right. The monster called anonymous writes the most ridiculous and evil statements possible. Justifying attacking christians unless they are communist approved.

      I have belatedly realized that no contact with such a creature is possible or desirable. He? It? might be worse than Krafty Wurker.

      I wonder if I am the only Catholic foolish enough to still be on here fairly regularly. My priest came close to ordering me off the site or none of my confessions would be valid since i am frequenting and therefore supporting by my presence this site. This priest did not seem to care one way or another about the racial views here only the religious ones.

      Evidently my school grades are superior to my wisdom. The site is somewhat addictive however. And there are some intelligent people here. Still I consider Occidental Dissent to be enemy territory and every Mexican person I know believes that to be true.

      My family and friends do not recognize that the enemies of white nationalists are the enemies of all mankind ultimately. That is always my justification to them for being here. My family and friends just point out that our people do not need anglo Americans at this point. I disagree of course.

      I will only reply to courteous responses. Maybe.

  6. Lots of pissed off Roman Catholics out there. According to Canadian news sources hundreds of childrens bodies have been found in unmarked graves on the grounds of Roman Catholic residential schools in Canada. If you recall the same thing happened in Ireland a few years ago.

    I guess the Catholics felt they could save a few bucks not registering the deaths or providing a decent burial or a headstone.

    • Krafty no one is pissed off everyone just thinks you are am utter clown with low self esteem and self control issues. I cant imagine how lonely a life it must be to log onto a site where the majority of people are of common mind and supporting each other as Europeans, and spergily jump into every conversation to insert “Catholics hurr hurrr”

      You just come across pitiful and sad. I dont even dislike you i just feel bad for you at this point

    • Yes, 200 bodies here, 700 there, 400 more over there…. Now a Catholic indigenous re-education facility in Nevada is being looked at. But only the surface will be scratched. I believe Russian Orthodoxy in the expanding Russian Empire treated the indigenous peoples they encountered with much more respect.

      Here is what the “only true church” did to the indigenous people of California:

      It is true however that Protestant American Gold Rush settlers who took California from Spain and Mexico were also genocidal, and soon the native tribes of California were almost as extinct as the native tribes of Puritan-settled New England.

      • Kill em all. Although, is this what womrn get up to? Killing children? These places were all nunneries and convents.

  7. I would take National Socialism over any church any day. Something just seems rotten in Christland to me.

  8. “It is true however that Protestant American Gold Rush settlers who took California from Spain and Mexico were also genocidal, and soon the native tribes of California were almost as extinct as the native tribes of Puritan-settled New England.”

    Itz laughable for any commie to condemn others for their “genocides”.

    • Lots of Moslems working on the site doing the grunt work similar to the U.S. where there are lots of unskilled, unlettered workers from south of the border doing grunt work all over the place. The fire may not have been malicious, just gross incompetence/negligence on the part of untrained, unskilled, poorly supervised illiterate workers. Cheap labor always turns out to be the most expensive labor in the long run, it is costing us our country.

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