ITV: Casts of Faces of 850 “Trans” People To Be Displayed In Trafalgar Square

In the UK, this is the next disgrace which is going to decorate Trafalgar Square alongside Nelson’s Column. It will replace “The End” which was unveiled on the fourth plinth last summer.


“Casts of the faces of 850 transgender people are to be displayed on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Teresa Margolles’ artwork 850 Improntas has been chosen alongside a sculpture by fellow artist Samson Kambalu to be displayed on the plinth in central London, which is home to a rolling commission of public artworks.

They will be unveiled in 2022 and 2024 respectively following a public vote.

Margolles’ work features casts of the faces of 850 transgender people from London and around the world. …”

Adolf Hitler got the last laugh on modernism.

As I said last year, I wouldn’t take down these monuments. They are fitting memorials of the post-World War II era. Future generations need to be reminded of what this degenerate age we have been living through stood for and saw as beautiful and saw fit to commemorate in public monuments.

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  1. England…a nation that gave homosexual pederast child rapist rock star Pete Townshend a free pass…

    Speaking of Rock Stars….”Working Class” Rock Star Bruce Springsteen boycotted North Carolina because North Carolina wouldn’t allow homosexual pederast child rapist men who pretend to be women to use the toilet next to your 5 year old daughter in North Carolina Public Bathrooms…

  2. Don’t forget the Paris buttplug but that did get taken down eventually. The trannies will complement Nelson Mandela beautifully in Trafalgar square.

  3. I read an interesting series of articles about how this craze is taking advatage of mentally troubled young boys as well as all the self harm type teen girls caught up in this fad. Most are heterosexual too so not even remotely like traditional transsexuals who were simply very effeminate homosexual men who got off on tricking straight men into the sack.

    I guess one positive thing about this “transgendered” tragedy going on in the school system is it will darwinianly weed out the crazies from the gene pool.

  4. In the future there will be more monuments to Herr Hitler than any other person in history.

  5. The acid test of a monument’s value is the test of time; will the monument still be there in 100, 200, 300 years? There are Roman and Greek statues from antiquity or copies of those statues in daily use all over the world. Who hasn’t seen a bust of Julius Cesar or an allegorical figure such as Venus or Winged Victory? Busts of great doctors such as Hippocrates, Galen, Harvey, Pasteur (a bacteriologist, not an MD) and Morton graced the halls of medical schools until recently.

    The list goes on in every field of accomplishment but will there be any statues left of frauds like St. Floyd or “Dr.” MLK in a century? To ask is to answer, on to the dustbin of history for those monsters and their friends.

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