Chabad: To Whom Does a U.S. President Bow?

My guess would be his boss?


“President Joe Biden has had four children of his own, but he is clearly impressed by mothers who raise more.

In a meeting with Israel’s outgoing president Reuven Rivlin at the White House on Monday, Biden knelt before Rivlin’s bureau chief, an ultra- Orthodox woman named Rivka Ravitz, in deference to the fact that she has 12 children. …”


“Last week we witnessed the leader of the free world, U.S. President Joe Biden, going down on one knee in the Oval Office before Rivka Ravitz, the chief of staff of Israel’s outgoing President Reuven Rivlin. The moment was triggered when Biden was told that Ravitz was not only a highly-regarded staffer, but the mother of 12 children.

As a mother of nine, I saw so much significance in the president’s gesture. …”

Yeah, I am sure it was about this woman having 12 children. It didn’t symbolize his groveling submission to Israel who he continued selling bombs to which has continued bombing the Gaza Strip.

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    • Check with Cackling Kamala on that one, Willie Brown said that she was good at getting on her knees.

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  2. When Whites have large families like the Duggars the Jewish media heapks on ridicue and accusations of White trash.

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  3. Would he congratulate a Palestinian representative who had twelve children? Or would a Palestinian even receive an audience with King Joe?

    Re: Chabad: The U.S. is now the world’s main center. Almost one out of five Jews in the U.S. attend Chabad services regularly. The Bolsheviks imprisoned and executed Chabad Jews, and they began to flee the U.S.S.R. during the Second World War.

  4. Biden couldn’t make it to Israel, so the jews demanded he bow before them while they laughed at him.

    • Joe cant go to the wailing wall in a Kippah but the Kippahs can come to the Oval Office. And the head of state can grovel like a sub cuckold in a sex club LARP. What have these people got on Biden?

      • Hunter. Their dossier is about 18 inches thick with color photographs, too. That’s just Vol. I. Their video library is on Porn Hub waiting to be accidentally released.

  5. The Aryan bows to the Jew now. What a symbolic moment. We deserve to be conquered. This is the future our people want.

  6. Sleepy Joe screwed up – US Presidents are supposed to kneel before their ZOG masters when the door of the Oval Office is closed.

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