Clint Watts: America’s Neo-Fascist Right Like 1940s Germany — Pushing ‘Race War’

Fake news.


The Enemy of the People.

These are all fitting descriptions of corporate media / state media.

Patriot Front holds these flash rallies in places like Washington, DC and Philadelphia in order to control their demonstrations and prevent violence and harm to their organization. The group learned its lesson from Charlottesville where the Virginia State Police and Charlottesville Police stood down and allowed the Unite the Right rally to descend into chaos and only people on the Right were prosecuted.

“Journalists” who incite violence and who openly work with Antifa aren’t given advance notice of demonstrations. The FBI doesn’t have time to mobilize gay ops. Most importantly, Antifa don’t have time to respond and start violence at these demonstrations, which will be used to blame the Right. These events also take place without incident and without cities having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to separate protesters and control violent leftists. These tactics are used precisely because of 1.) the unwillingness of the FBI and DOJ to prosecute Antifa who are officially backed by the Deep State and 2.) the unwillingness of leftwing district attorneys in Democratic cities to prosecute Antifa who break the law.

Note: The full segment is on Breitbart.

Progressive policing and law enforcement is why Antifa and BLM caused $21 million in property damage in Philadelphia last summer and why two people died in their violent protests. The FBI turned a blind eye to it while over 500 people have been arrested over the Capitol Siege.

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  1. The White Men who fought the Nazis were not Homo loving Antifa Social Justice Warriors…If Ike Eisenhauer had told these young men that the were going to die on the beaches of Normandy so that Legal Immigrant Hindus…Chinese….Koreans…Sihks…Muslims…could vote their White Grandchildren into a White racial minority within the borders of America….Well, you folks post here….how do you think these White American Soldiers would have reacted…

        • You and Steven just don’t get…Stalin was no friend of the Jews…….Secondly, there is no reason why the US couldn’t have lived in peace with the Soviet Union…Patton would have sent thousands of young White Men to their death in a war with the Soviet Union.

          Patton would have ultimatel Implemented proto-neoliberal economic policy on behalf of GE and Raytheon…..

          John and Stephen…you both need to move beyond Bill O’Rielly books…seriously..

        • Crush the Bolsheviks. There’s your (((clue))). This isn’t some wet dream Nazism of the dissident Right, its the PSYCHOSIS OF THE JEW at work, USING THE MARXIST RHETORIC to HIDE THEIR OWN WAR OF CONQUEST.

          Jews (or their goy schmucks, like Watts, above) want to demonize THEIR OPPOSITION, so THEY CAN DO THEIR DIRTY WORK, unhindered.

          Henry Ford knew it.
          Chas. Lindbergh knew it.
          Eustace Mullins knew it.
          Elizabeth Dilling knew it.
          Patton knew it.
          Kennedy knew it.
          Nixon knew it.


          Maybe, because of tactics like this- dissemble and call the Opposition, the Enemy of the White Man… When the only enemy are the Christ Killers.

          “The return from Babylon and the adoption of the Babylonian Talmud, marked the end of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism. It is well know among students of the Talmud that it is diametrically opposed to every law of the Bible.”
          —Stephen S. Wise, Chief Rabbi of the United States, 1930’s

  2. Clint Watt is demanding that the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Majority to tolerate being voted into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America by Chinese Legal Immigrants and their US Born Chinese Geneline-both of which are highly racialized Democratic Party Voters..

    Look at photos of the Chinese Military…all Han with no apologies…..God Bless the Chinese Nazi People!!!

  3. Armchair quarterback time: the multi-colored shields really did look like they are from Toys’r’us, as Nasheed put it. Gotta paint over that or something. Or better yet, don’t use shields at all because wearing equipment usually looks LARPy.

  4. The “Nazis” were a natural reaction to Jews usurping power in Germany and doing to Germans what they are doing to us right now.

    • @KT-88,

      Jewish Bolsheviks and fellow travelers in the trade unions were taking over cities and regions Germany in the 1920s. The Weimar government was too weak to keep the well armed and well funded communist forces contained and annihilated.

      Standard conservative Germans fought back, but it took the Freikorp and later S.A. to retake street by street away from the marxist scum.

      Antelope Hill Publishing just released a book called “Conquest of Berlin” about how Dr. Joseph Göebbels took back Germany’s capital from the jewish reds.

  5. Another good example why it is necessary to rehabilitate Nacional Socialism. This will be one of the greatest fights near future but it is absolutely critical for getting rid from white guilt and blood libel.

    Holy Hoax desperately need it own Final Solution. So we must make a plan for gassing and burning 6 million lies

    • I think nature is going to take care of things this time unless the Chinese want to take in 12 million Jews.

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