Optics Cucks Attack Patriot Front

This is the funniest thing you will read today.

Get this … the same people who backed all of Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, who promoted and attended Stop the Steal events, who were personally at the Capitol Siege which resulted in over 500 arrests and Joe Biden’s Domestic War on Terror are attacking Patriot Front over their bad optics.

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  1. What is the deal with this freakshow? I usually avoid mocking peoples appearances and mannerisms but this guy is just creepy on all accounts. The only time I ever hear his name mentioned is to be mocked and yet Mark Collette still keeps him around meaning the vast majority of us have stopped listening and donating ages ago.
    Milquetoast talking points and avoiding any mention of the chosenites at all is obviously just a grift. What doesnt make sense is if they wont allow you on Youtube and your Republican daddies wont acknowledge you, why keep playing coy. The patriot front gentlemen did a great job. No violence, no hateful words, no weapons. Just old fashioned solidarity and protest marching. Creepy Cohen is just off

    • His job like all creepy conservatives, is to divert White energy into the Republican Party, while Republicans vote for anti-White bullshit like Juneteenth. ‘Keep voting for the Merchant’s Party goyim! We’ve been secretly talking to them behind the scenes for the last 30 years, and we’re making such great progress!’

  2. I didnt realize he was still on Youtube. That answers a lot of questions. Creepy Cohen is just grifting for super chats. Case closed

    • @Jason Köhne and by extension Jared George are acting as gatekeepers for White dissidents.

      It troubles me that Mark Collette has Köhne co-host Patriotic Weekly Alternative, but Collette also was quite close to David Duke,who shilled for the orange king of Israel’s reelection. On an aside, I do not care much for Laura Towler either.

      Funny that Greg Johnson’s name also has come up. I’ve never interacted with him, but the Swede that he often has on Asa guest during his podcasts took a comment I made way out of context, and when I attempted to correct him about what I meant, he deleted my comment, and he and his admins have blocked me from making further comments. My comment addressed optics, and how no matter how perfect your optics are, ZOG doesn’t necessarily go easier on optics cucks that provide a thorn in their side.

      • It was funny recently when Collette had Duke and Kohn on together. Collette is railing against the tribe and ask Dr Duke his opinion and Duke says “i’d like to hear what no white guilt has to say” and there’s crickets before kohn deflects into his usual mish mash of culty terms from his weird lexicon. Duke knew he wouldn’t name them tho so it was funny he threw it to him

        • @Autismo I am listening to it now thanks for the recommendation. Duke goes right in on the Js. Harder than usual with a fifteen minute speech about Communism while Creepy Cohen squirms and thinks about losing his monetized sheckles.

  3. People like Jason Kohne and Greg Johnson think we can win without offending people. Delusional

      • You just can’t control yourself with the insults.

        Too bad there is so much immaturity on this site. I guess that’s why we’re so far ahead in this war….. the grownups are few.

        • Calling retarded people retards isn’t immaturity. Accusing people of being feds with no evidence except some Q-larper’s tweet is immaturity.

    • @Snowhitey,

      Absolutely not. If you read what recently occurred to PF during their march in Philadelphia, there would be no doubt in your mind that they aren’t a part of the judaic oppressors.

      You might be mistaking the former leader of the Proud Because yes as a federal informant.

      • No, separate issue but time will tell.

        Personally, I have come to realize that it is very possible that even the 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, church bombing could have been a fed operation (compartmentalized group). Our government did not become a threat to us all overnight. It’s just so glaringly obvious now.

        Anyone with a clear head knows that that type of event would never further their cause. And, despite Hollywood and media propaganda, Southerners were – and still are – a genuine threat to the power structure’s agenda. Well, some of them anyway (the true Confederates).

        • Who the fuck would bomb a church? Jews and ….. Jews. Muslims too but there weren’t any here yet other than Farrakhan and they wouldn’t do that either.

    • Yes, anyone who does anything to advocate IRL is a fed…Unless is a poorly planned event in a hostile envviroment promoted by people like Andre Anglin and Kike Enoch and Richard Dugin, I mean Spencer. Best stay inside and keep jerking off to interracial ts porn or anime… Is there even a difference???

      • Clif High is no random Twitter account.

        Our enemies two main weapons: control opposition and infiltrate organizations. It’s doesn’t mean everyone in it.

        Let’s look back and see how many of you didn’t see Charlottesville coming. I remember both me and Denise thought it could be a setup. You still don’t even know what you’re dealing with.

        Proceed as usual. It will either be a good laugh or a bad dream.

        • Its common for cowards to proclaim they know more and are the real intellectual power. Wiser than all others in Der Movement.

          Or, perhaps, consider: people take actions knowing the consequences. That people are agents unto themselves and ARE willing to take risks when you wouldn’t dare.

          But don’t let that stop you from getting on your high horse, smarty. People love taking cues from someone who isn’t willing to put their skin on the line, has no plan of action besides inertia, and Monday morning QBs on websites.


          • I guess you’re one that never saw it coming.

            I hate to tell you but flags, capes, masks, and shields will never win this type of war. Geez, It’s not a matter of being outwitted, it’s a matter of being outgunned (meaning in power). You’re fighting the damn system itself!

        • Snowhitey,

          Females are more subtle and manipulative therefore we are able to spot deceit and treachery ahead of time more readily than males on average. Except on matters of the heart perhaps. I think we judge others to be like us so we might suspect treachery even where none might exist.

          Blame or thank Eve the first woman on this one.

          I have seen my youngest sister without teaching snuggle up to my father to get what she wants. Her manipulation works because even at her age she is good and because in this case her actions are mostly sincere in her affection.

          • Hello again Cristina!

            I absolutely agree with you.

            You can always tell what you’re dealing with by the response to a simple statement. There’s nothing wrong with disagreement. But, proper disagreements should never start with insults, they should only end with them.

  4. There are too many people in this movement that act more like cult leaders than leaders of a political movement. NWG and Brahmin being perfect examples

    • I agree, the last thing we need are self-important A-holes like Anglin or Spencer trying to develop a cult of personality around themselves.

  5. I thought wrapping yourself in American flags was the path to system/jew money…..I mean victory….Did PF not do this correctly? Are there some other Kabbalistic incantations you have to perform to be optics-kosher? Oh wait. Found the part that clears this up:

    > This is just depressing. It’s all the same talking points from three years ago. It’s like the Optics War never happened. I can’t even be bothered to argue with these people. I know I should because once these guys inevitably roll snake eyes, the establishment is not going to retaliate against just them but against all of us.

    Plz send check

  6. When Collette banned Woes for bizarre me too stuff I tuned out. All amateurish. Kohne was always cringey to me. Sharing information on what’s left of the web seems more effective than this clown show.

  7. This guy is so stiff and mechanical. “We must stop the anti-whites, Will Robinson!” I’ll listen to his 9 hour podcasts, but only if I need some help getting to sleep.

  8. I think it’s safe to assume that anyone in the ‘pro-White’ community still supporting Trump is receiving Zionist money to do so. Zion Don and MIGA really separated the wheat from the chaff in that respect.

  9. Off topic, but when JF Gariepy had a stream with NWG, his girl friend at the time freaked out and said Jason was a reptilian that raped her in her dreams. True story.

    • I remember that video, and wondered why he even let that stuff go online. But I stopped watching him just for that.

  10. Why not do a flash demo outside of a New England Patriots Football game ?

    Dress the same way – carry American flags maybe some signs “ Bring Tom Brady back”.

    Anti White Leftists will over react – demand Patriots can t do patriotic demos at Patriots games now that the Patriots have a (losing) Black QB Cam Newton.

    Next there will be Leftist demands to rename the team .

    That s all good .

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