Occidental Dissent 2021 Fundraiser Update

UPDATE: Since yesterday, we’ve had four more donations come in through Cash App. We’re up to $1,855 now.

As of Wednesday, we have raised $1,580 so far through the P.O. Box and Cash App. This includes four people who donated through Cash App and eight people through the P.O. Box.

We’re off to a good start. The important thing is doing fundraising without closing down the site for two or three weeks, cratering traffic and then spending the rest of year building back up again. We’ve been building up all year, producing consistent content and more people are reading the site. In the second half of the year, I am going to continue doing what I have been doing which is critiquing both the Biden administration and the GOP, but write some longer articles and more history articles.

It occurred to me last night while driving home that no one has heard from Q since last December. Q inspired and motivated millions people when Donald Trump was president. One of things that I do when I try to stay focused and motivated is to listen to this pep talk from William Quantrill. Just thought I would share that for the “extremism researchers” who are psychoanalyzing us for Media Matters.

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This is the safest, most reliable, most anonymous way to donate to us:

Brad Griffin

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If you write us a check or a money order, make it out to Brad Griffin.

Cash App:

You can also hit up our Cash App to donate instantly while it is available. We will see how long it takes for them to get us shut down. Click through to our cashtag $occdissident15

Note: I could easily devote this site to remedial American history and wouldn’t miss a beat given the garbage that is being taught to public schools. The vast majority of young White men have never heard of Jesse James or William Quantrill or our other traditional heroes.

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  1. I’ve got a cousin that is related to the Youngers somehow or other, and she goes to the meetings they have and writes about the history of the group.

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