Thomas Edsall: Renegade White Voters Now Dominate Republican Party

“From the commencement of the Government of the United States, the money power of the North, controlled the North, and hovered over the Government like a vulture seeking its prey.”

– Robert Barnwell Rhett

Trump recruited working class voters largely in the South and Rust Belt who have the highest level of animosity toward arrogant, cosmopolitan shitlibs who live back East in their coastal metros.

New York Times:

“In 2016, Donald Trump recruited voters with the highest levels of animosity toward African Americans, assembling a “schadenfreude” electorate — voters who take pleasure in making the opposition suffer — that continues to dominate the Republican Party, even in the aftermath of the Trump presidency.

With all his histrionics and theatrics, Trump brought the dark side of American politics to the fore: the alienated, the distrustful, voters willing to sacrifice democracy for a return to white hegemony. The segregationist segment of the electorate has been a permanent fixture of American politics, shifting between the two major parties …

All true. But at the same time Trump has mobilized and consolidated a cohort that now exercises control over the Republican Party, a renegade segment of the electorate, perhaps as large as one third of all voters, who disdain democratic principles, welcome authoritarian techniques to crush racial and cultural liberalism, seek to wrest away the election machinery and suffer the mass delusion that Trump won last November.

Regardless of whether Trump runs again, he has left an enormous footprint — a black mark — on American politics, which will stain elections for years to come.”

My bullshit detector is going off

It is true that Trump voters are cooler toward blacks than woke progressives who put them up on a pedestal and worship them, but then again so is virtually everyone else in the country like the Latinxs. Most people don’t understand this coddling and worship of blacks and find it cringe and weird. Treating them equally ISN’T worshipping them and treating them better than everyone else.

Trump voters aren’t hostile to blacks. They are just angry about being under attack for being White and mostly by the type of affluent, highly educated White coastal progressives who are Thomas Edsall’s bubble. The animosity is overwhelmingly a class conflict between two groups of White voters. It isn’t the first time that these people have polarized and wrecked the country.

Note: We need a woke or politically correct shitlib thermometer. It would be a much more accurate gauge of what is really driving polarization which is hatred of White post-graduates.

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  1. It’s always funny when I read articles like this. No self awareness about what am article like this sounds like to the rest of us. What a bubble he lives in.

  2. But there really ARE rightwing “renegades” involved. influencing or identifying with the Republican Party: climate science deniers (believing that thermometers lie), coronavirus pandemic deniers (simultaneously vaccination microchip and Wuhan lab conspiracy theorists), China haters, Muslim haters, Pizzagaters, QAnons, Standers with Israel, NeoNazis, Neo-Confederates, and politically-religious Scripture-quote-misapplying bigots like Barnwell Rhett… I could go on and on listing them.

    • Every black voter is either a convicted felon or is closely related to one as a mother to a son, a wife to a husband or a sister to a brother. Talk about a renegade voting bloc. And they get to decide which cuckolded white man is the leader of the Democratic Party and veto other candidates like Sanders. Who gives a shit about flatearthers when you’ve got a wedge of cannibals in every city making civilisation untenable for civilised white eccentrics?

  3. As if that filthy scum isn’t an typical propagandist for the (((Cultural Marxist))) schadenfreude electorate that delights in rubbing the faces of working-class Whites in jewshit, “who disdain democratic principles, welcome authoritarian techniques to crush” those hated Flyova White Trash.

    I want to live to see them die in agony.

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