Peter Singer: The Problem With Being “Beefatarians”

Do you remember in April when the corporate media scoffed at the notion that the War on Beef was going to be next progressive cause?

Los Angeles Times:

“If the sound of beef sizzling on the grill brings tears of joy to your eyes, you’re a real beefatarian.” That’s the opening line of a TV ad produced by a European advertising campaign called Proud of European Beef. …

Arguably, beef advertising should go the same way as tobacco advertising. Before we get to that point, the least governments could do is avoid paying for it. But the EU is not alone in failing to stand up to the meat industry. …

Americans eat four times as much beef as the world average, and beef production alone is responsible for more than 3% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. American beef, dairy and pork producers are heavily subsidized, both directly and by agricultural support that makes animal feed extremely cheap.

As a candidate for president, Joe Biden called climate change “the No. 1 issue facing humanity” and “the No. 1 issue for me.” Within days of taking office, he appeared to live up to that statement by placing a moratorium on oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, scrapping the Keystone XL pipeline and announcing that the U.S. would rejoin the Paris agreement. …

Eating meat is not just a personal preference. The way that the animals eaten are raised and killed has long made it a legitimate matter of public concern. Now that we can see that eating red meat affects the entire planet in a manner that none of us want, it is time for governments to end their support for it.”

Yes, they are going there.

Yes, they do have a problem with burgers and steaks.

Yes, they do have a huge problem with meat eating. Greta has officially declared war on meat eaters and progressive activists are agitating the issue and putting pressure on the Biden administration.

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  1. Pretty soon it will be total food rationing where you can only buy food with the Mark of the Beast and Occupational Government approval. Nothing new here. If we were taught real history we would be more aware of Bolshevik tactics.

    • This is the same trick jews pulled with the egg industry.

      “Eggs are terrible, eggs cause heart attacks, eggs ruin your health blah blah etc.”

      Egg producers went bankrupt or sold for very little. jews moved in and bought up many egg producers. Then….

      “Eggs are wonderful, eggs are very healthful, start every day with eggs”

      They did the same with the redwood lumber industry.

    • ” If we were taught real history we would be more aware of Bolshevik tactics.”

      All you have to do is read Russian History from 1900-2000.

      Jew’d know the answer, ‘who did this?’ rather quickly.

  2. If the United States attacks the US beef industry this will improve Mexico’s beef exportation. The State of Durango has the largest beef processing plant in the world.

    Durango is also known for it’s scorpions as well. I have been stung. My great grandfather has a preserved black scorpion that was 6 inches long in life. I was not stung by a black scorpion. There used to be a bounty on killing scorpions. I hate scorpions.

    According to the article below Mexico is already the world’s second largest beef exporter in the world.

      • …square mile (accidentrally pushed send) .

        China is rapidly increasing and has already reached fourth place in beef production. India with tens of thousands of illegal slaughterhouses is also a major beef producer but not exporter. India’s beef is mostly water buffalo meat, since water bufrallo are not considered “holy” in Hinduism. Interesting.

        My ancestors thrived on potatoes, oats, cabbage, roots, some mutton, pig meat and fat, and cheese. Beef and poultry only on rare occasions, the height would be a goose at Christmas, not much meat overall. The lords of the manors would have beef.

          • Powell,

            I agree. I prefer goat, chicken, pig etc. to beef. Pork ribs seem tastier to me than beef.

    • Deberías de cultivar un gusto para los alecranes o por lo menos empanadas de puré de alecranes. Es el futuro. Dejarse para atrás no te conviene muchacha.

      • Flax,

        Among some Mexicans there is a habit of eating scorpions.

        I would rather kill scorpions than eat them though it has been awhile since I have smashed one. I would like to say that this is an Indian habit but since Durango is 52% white and 48% mixed it is not. I have been told there are large markets in Mexico City for this activity as well. I find it gross.

        I have never eaten a scorpion.

        In the United States if the liberals wish to eat bugs then maybe exports to them is fitting.

        • “In the United States if the liberals wish to eat bugs”

          Yes, liberals should eat scorpions, live vigorous agitated scorpions.

    • You can’t even drink the water in Mexico. Why would you want to eat something raised or grown in the ground there?

      Why should the US give up its cattle business for other countries? Let’s see…we gave up our steel mills, furniture making, and auto manufacturing to other countries, what is next?

      • Pilot,

        I never wrote that the US should give up anything. All I did was to write what occurs if they are foolish enough to cave in to the liberals.

      • Pilot,

        I forgot to write that the United States already imports lots of cattle from Mexico and that Mexican calves are usually leaner and healthier than American ones. Just type in “Are Mexican cattle healthy” and that comes up. Also Mexican cattle imported to the USA are subject to the USDA. So the same standards apply.

        I believe more Mexican cattle are grass fed than United States cattle which tends to be grain fed. Grass fed is tastier and healthier. If you still do not wish to eat Mexican cattle so be it.

        The following article might have some value to you.

        • Mexican Cattle Producers’ Association slogan: “You can’t beat our meat !” (Yeah, I know–hanging by a thread.)

          • Flaxen,

            Now that was funny. The best humor is when a person is caught by surprise.

        • In all seriousness, there’s lots of narco trafficking tangled up with the whole Texas-Mexico borderlands trade in cattle and rodeo/race horses.

          • Flax,

            Yes there is. I am constantly surprised at how much you know of Mexico. The strongest cartel is from Sinaloa. The U.S. State Department recommends not to travel to the state of Durango because of cartel violence.

            The Sinaloa Cartel has their fingers even in Durango. If I remember correctly the Governor of Sinaloa was accused of supporting the Cartel. But then that is true in many places.

            As for drugs and cattle? Well they call it Narco-Cattle Ranching.

  3. “cuisine is under attack by communists”:

    Hunter, what evidence do you have for that statement? Meat consumption is actually increasing in China, and Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are not limiting meat consumption either. Venezuela makes sure that ALL its people have beef, and Korea (independent, unoccupied Korea) also provides free meat to everyone.

    The pursuit of profits is destroying the natural environment and will limit natural food production. The love of money is the root of all this evil. Consumers will be prepared for the diet they will eat after a nuclear war, or after a few more decades of plastic and nuclear power generator waste contaminates topsoil to an extent that limits soil-based agriculture. Meat and fish being higher up the food chain concentrate fallout and toxins. The U.S. is promoting indoor “farming” in multi-acre plastic greenhouse ranges and in repurposed rust-belt factory buildings, and fungal, insect- and grain-based ersatz meat manufacturing, and commercial-scale cell-culturing of lab-grown animal muscle tissue. Meanwhile Cuba and Russia are leading the way in organic farming, and China is also moving in that direction while the U.S. doubles down on GMO-, plastic- and chemical-based food production, and even its “certified organic,” corporate organic, really amounts to plasticulture.

    If you do not care whether everyone, not just the wealthy, can afford to eat a natural diet including meat, then continue to support the present system which will insure that in the future most people cannot eat much meat and some get none at all.

      • Which video? I do not see evidence that communism is responsible for the Western, Green (Green = capitalist “environmentalist”) attack on beef. China, the current flagship of communism, is rapidly INCREASING beef production and domestic consumption. Blockaded and sanctioned Venezuela, that can hardly sell its oil now, and has its financial assets frozen or stolen, makes sure that all citizens have a supply of beef. All communist countries are planning increased meat production and distribution for all citizens to be able to eat meat.

    • “Hunter, what evidence do you have for that statement? Meat consumption is actually increasing in China, and Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are not limiting meat consumption either”

      The only consumption of most anything, including beef, that is increasing on a per capita basis in Cuba, Nicaragua and China is occurring exclusively at the tables and in the toy boxes of the ruling class in those countries.

      I don’t think you are familiar with the Cuban expression “Oro Rojo” (Red Gold) ,with no pun to communism.

        • Those articles are much too-obvious anti-socialist propaganda, ignoring the fact that essential food is grown and distributed publicly instead of privately produced for profit. Cubans don’t need a large salary or even any wages at all to eat sufficient healthy food, including meat, and yes, including beef. Of course the cattle population is only half of what it was, since wealthy landowners no longer monopolize much of the best land for private profit beef-exporting industry.

        • Furthermore those Miami Florida ex-Cuban capitalists’ descriptions of Cuba as systemically corrupt and crime ridden is the opposite of the truth. It’s what Cuba would be like if THEY were back in control of Cuba. Let them stay where they are and continue to corrupt Florida.

    • Re: “Meat Holodomor, 2.0”:

      It’s “Meat Inequality” or “Meat Feudalism, 2.0”: The lords of the manors could eat more than enough meat, while the serf-prole masses subsisted on “grain-based meat subsitutes” (gruel) and got real beef only when they “need it” for extra energy to work even harder than usual in plowing season and castle construction labor.

  4. Beef is AnAryan & wignats use Hebrew English translations of the Vedas to arg otherwise.

    Fk beef, fk cow slaughter

    • Sikh cooking is the best of the best too. I stopped eating meat decades ago and now enjoy better health as I age.

      • It is the Hindus that worship the cow. Sikhs do not worship the cow. Have you ever tried raising a child without milk? Give it a try, nature girl.

        • No Cows = No Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and no Chobani refugee resettlement yogurt

  5. While the west is trying to turn its citizens into peasants, China is ending poverty and increasing meat consumption for their people.

  6. I think you folks are overlooking the greater plan, here.
    Carbon tax, tiny houses, less meat etc.are all saying ‘lower living standards’ .
    Zog knows it can’t sustain this counterfeit economy, so it is trying to adapt people, in phases, to less of everything.

    (Also, they want an excuse to take these things out of the CPI.
    So they can underreport inflation, further screwing the citizens.)

  7. Around 7-10% of CO2 emissions are from human breathing. Does that provide a clue as to the end game of the climateers?

  8. “Arguably, beef advertising should go the same way as tobacco advertising. ”

    To compare beef with Tabasco, Absolute absurdity !

    • Fat chance. These bastards want to harm people, at least certain people, people who look and think like the majority of the commenters on this fine blog. They want us dead, six feet under, it’s really that simple.

  9. I read industry trade journals and right now, there is massive investment in building new cattle herds for beef in many developing countries, especially in Africa, Latin America and Russia/Central Asia. Most of this is “South/South” trade where one developing country invests in another without Western(ie Jewish) money involved. It’s important to understand that Jews don’t control all of the capital in world, only the capital in white countries. This anti-beef agenda is Jewish and not supported by any non-white governments.

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