Nick Fuentes Has Been Banned From Twitter

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Nick Fuentes.

I noticed yesterday that Michael Edison Hayden had written a big report for the SPLC calling for more online censorship. I also saw this morning that the ADL had Nick in their crosshairs. When I logged back in to scan the news, I saw that he had finally caught his first ban.

Once again, we don’t have to personally care for Nick Fuentes to oppose censorship and deplatforming and the violation of his civil liberties by putting him on a No Fly List. In the Joe Biden era, these are issues which transcend petty internet beefs and which are impacting everyone in our sphere.

Jews control social media and wield their power by censoring the internet and deplatforming their critics on the populist Right. This is not a “conspiracy theory.” The ADL has a large operation in Silicon Valley and censorship has spiraled out of control since it was established in 2017. The ADL has also been trying to deplatform Tucker Carlson and supported Trump’s impeachment.

There is nothing new about rich and powerful Jews demanding censorship and gatekeeping. This follows them everywhere they go like their shadow. The Soviet Union was only one example.

Note: The ACLU supported “civil liberties” until Jews became wealthy and powerful enough in this country that their interests changed.

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    • People who flirt with “Holocaust denial” while simultaneously disavowing National Socialism would have to be either the biggest idiots on the planet or paid disinformation agents.

  1. Where’s the DOJ to protect our ‘civil rights’?

    Oh, I forgot, WHITES don’t have ‘civil rights’.

  2. I would agree with paragraph #2, except for the following reason. We need a new, nuanced standard. My standard is this:


    We should not be sympathetic to Fuentes being banned because he has not supported others who have experienced similar things. Not only that, but he has sadistically ridiculed the Parrott/Heimbach fiasco. He has sadistically ridiculed the armed forces, and most importantly he has culled anyone who questions Jewish political power from his twitter.

    If he wants our support, there should be a price tag. He must do a podcast highlighting the banning of every other previously banned website/podcast etc. I doubt that will happen.

    Personally, I think he is selfish and has bad character. He is liable to burn you the way Andrew Anglin did if he hasn’t already.

  3. He completely ruined his credibility by being such a huge shill for Trump and everything shit hire and decision he made.

    • Trump lied. No shame on Fuentes for believing him. Trump still would have been better than the complete zio-occupational government we have now. It was only maybe 90% in control under Trump and they were not as bold in exposing themselves. Oh well. The collapse is just coming faster now.

      • I don’t see Fuentes as the big Trump guy you think he is. I think his strategy was to pick up the people who are disgusted by what is going on, and give them a place to go. If you listen to Fuentes, and I wonder if a lot of you do…he has openly criticized the Republicans many times.

        What IS there to disagree on? What does Nick Fuentes say, that you all disagree with so much? When I’ve listened to his videos, I like what he says.

        The only thing he has done, that I don’t like, and I won’t support, is any interaction he has with Laura Loomer or Lauren Southern, both tribal members. I don’t know if he was trying to throw them off his back, by associating with those two or what.

        So I’m being open, and I will criticize anyone I think is good. It’s not about a cult or “following” someone blindly at all.

        Right now, we have no leaders…

      • Trump needed to be go because he wasn’t what was stated on the label and too many patriots were switching off, thinking he had it under control, “trust the plan” and all that. Now nobody – whatever their political persuasion – can be under any illusions that our American system is now deeply rotten and on the verge of totalitarianism.

        • And no matter what (((they))) say, it’s some form of TALMUDDIED TOTALITARIANISM…

          just like Bolshevism is/was/ and ever shall be.

          “Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences,” Rakovsky, says. (All page citations from Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich, 1988, p. 264) – ‘Christian’ Rakovsky (born CHAIM Rakover in 1873) was a veteran Communist insider facing execution for plotting to overthrow Stalin…

          “The return from Babylon and the adoption of the Babylonian Talmud, marked the end of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism. It is well know among students of the Talmud that it is diametrically opposed to every law of the Bible.”
          —Stephen S. Wise, Chief Rabbi of the United States

          The Russian Revolution and its Consequences
          – Dr. Matthew Rafael Johnson

    • Clearly some Jews working for the Trump Campaign went around trying to buy out every single pro-White voice on the internet.

      @KT-88 A Trump administration is worse than a Biden one because Biden is open and up front about what he stands for. Trump is a lying snake who pretends to be on your side while working for your enemies. Trump also invigorates and energizes the anti-White left while not giving them any push-back. You get all the leftist backlash a real nationalist president would get without any actual nationalism. Trump is objectively worse. Biden is just business as usual.

  4. The adl has been controlling things since their beginning.They are just more open about it now because who’s going to stop them, the US govt or congress? They control them too.

  5. Making a distinction between Jewish elites who hate us because we are White and who will break every standard, law and norm to harm us, and the race traitor White elites (and now the brown ones too for that matter) that also will break every standard, law and norm to harm us is a tactical mistake that costs us credibility with the White working class who see these kinds of posts, since they don’t see anything through the prism of the JQ.

    Increasingly we see things eye to eye with the normie White working class, and Increasingly understand that the answer to the problem posed by all the elites is the same, Jew or not, and thats separatism.

    There is no benefit from making this about the Jews, when there’s an easy way to recruit support by casting it in a light they understand, which is the elties censoring dissidents to maintain control and power.

    I say this having experienced trying to explain these things both ways to people that normally I could talk about anything with.

    We gain nothing by calling it like they see it, qnd more importantly it costs us nothing but restraint on our fucking autism to keep our mouths shut to further an actual goal.

    Autism doesn’t win wars. It costs battles.

    The sooner folks learn to control their power levels, the sooner they can start working in meatspace again.

    Oh and for the inevitable folks who will call me a Jew shill and a fed, and the folks who have known me for years but won’t defend me when I state the obvious.

    Fuck the Jews,

    • @Ironic – Fantastic post outlining a winning, reality based strategy. I agree 100 percent!

    • I think you have a good point. Jews are what they are – the spawn of Satan. They’re absolutely evil but would never have gotten this far were it not for plenty of sellout whites – including the greatest grifter and con-man of modern times: Donald Trump paving the way for all their crap. Target all elites and their supporters – the ‘one-percent’ – regardless of what race they are. Not one of them is worth the powder to blow them to hell. All of the Davos set have taken the Devil’s ticket and serve the Jews’ ultimate master.

  6. I completely disagree. The former alt right leaders completely blew it, because they knew and yet still pushed Trump. The idiots who stormed the capitol were the last fools, and now some are being beaten in prison and are in solitary confinement. They have now learned the hard way. Why would they defend Trump after he has abandoned them.

    The old right is completely done and it will never be a more perfect time to name the jew and white traitors. It must be all about jewish political power. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

    • That’s right. The old never-mention-the-jews-to-normies pussyfooting is clapped-out. It’s a subject that has to be addressed carefully & calmly when talking to patriotards face-to-face, but addressed it must be.

      Just wait until you’ve patiently convinced them with facts before you hit ’em with “They must be exterminated”…:o)

  7. Don’t these Jewish organizations realize that Fuentes and similar grifters are the worst thing to happen to White Nationalism in 30 years?

  8. ADL=JEWISH NATIONALISTS…and this means no African Negros for the ADL’s previous Israel….

  9. All those great photo-ops with Africans didn’t save him from ADL’s wrath? I don’t know Fuentes well enough to have an opinion; the little that I heard didn’t impress me to any extent. Pushing Catholicism or any other archaic sky-god ideology as a solution to anything is both childish and ridiculous.

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