Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson Monuments Removed In Charlottesville

As a proud White Southerner who was raised with traditional values, I attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017 to support the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments.

In my mind, I was just exercising my constitutional rights and going to another Southern heritage rally. I had shown up to support memorials of our ancestors over the years in many other cities like New Orleans, Birmingham or Gainesville, FL where our Southern heritage is under assault by woke progressives. We had gone to federal court and easily won the right to hold a free speech rally there. Most Virginians before and after the Unite the Right rally agreed with our position on Confederate monuments.

In Charlottesville, we learned that day before the rest of the Right that the rot in these woke progressive cities goes far deeper than the culture war over Confederate monuments. When we showed up that day to attend our legally permitted event, the Virginia State Police and Charlottesville barricaded themselves behind steel fences and allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter to attack us in the streets. When we defended ourselves and the park from a mob of violent leftists, the violence that those people started was used as an excuse to revoke our permit and declare a “State of Emergency.” We were ordered to leave town by the Virginia State Police which pushed our people out of Lee Park and into a crowd of violent Antifa who were then allowed to parade around town unmolested for the next several hours.

The corporate media created a fanciful narrative in which we had shown up that day to attack the town or something which was heroically “defended” by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Everything we said happened that day was captured on video and our account was later confirmed by an independent investigation by Tim Heaphy and a separate state review. The truth is that the fight over Confederate monuments in Charlottesville was only a surface issue and the Unite the Right rally raised even larger questions about the intersection of wokeness with civil liberties and policing in progressive cities.

Are Black Lives Matter and Antifa above the law? Do violent leftwing mobs have the right to vandalize and destroy our monuments? Are progressive prosecutors turning a blind eye to Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence? Are “journalists” still capable of accurately reporting the news? Are social media companies imposing a political litmus test on the internet on behalf of progressive activist groups? Are the police cowed and unable to do their jobs because of the political climate in progressive cities? What is being taught to Virginia’s youth in universities like UVA? Is the law being selectively enforced and used as a tool to suppress the Right? Will the destruction of Virginia’s heritage stop at Confederate monuments?

These were all important questions which were raised by Charlottesville. After that event, we changed our tactics and stepped out of the public spotlight because we had been blamed for the violence that occurred that day. We were also hit by a SLAPP lawsuit in federal court. As subsequent events in Richmond and other cities all around the country after the death of George Floyd last summer would later show, it was possible to have dozens of “Charlottesvilles” WITHOUT any “far right” presence on the ground. This includes at least 70 other incidents in which Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists provoked violent altercations with other civilians and caused multiple traffic accidents and deaths. The FBI also turned a blind eye to all of it.

The Left’s preferred tactics are now mob violence, state repression, censorship, cancel culture, economic intimidation and refusing to respect the civil rights and liberties of others. This is a political problem for the Right that is beyond the scope of any individual activist group to address. The monuments can be taken down and moved to other cities that are willing to host them, but this refusal to respect the rights of others and the political establishment protecting violent leftist groups cannot be allowed to stand.

Note: Once again, Charlottesville’s issues go far beyond Confederate monuments. It is the embodiment of woke progressivism.

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    • Russians were made to serve at gunpoint in the Great Patriotic War. The number of Russians that “defected” to the German side is another item scrubbed from history. I put “defected” in quotes because slaves can’t really defect.

      • Oh sure. Tell that to Russian people, that they really wanted to HELP the fascist invaders they were “forced to fight against.”

        Read some accurate history.

        • “Oh sure. Tell that to Russian people, that they really wanted to HELP the fascist invaders they were “forced to fight against.”

          Read some accurate history.”

          He has. You should take your own advice. The Germans were welcomed as liberators, and after they had spent two decades under Jewish Bolshevism it’s not hard to imagine why.

      • “Russians were made to serve at gunpoint in the Great Patriotic War. ”

        Beyond that, their families were threatened, parents, wife, children.

        “Comrade, how will your children survive , if they lose their apartment?”
        “Comrade, how will your wife get along if she goes to a male labor camp, with all those desperate criminals?”
        “Comrade, how will your parents survive winter, without their fuel ration?”

    • NOW do you see the validity in my statement:

      “The Second Civil War started on a Hot August Day in 2017”?

      This is our Fort Sumter moment, and it will not end until we secede from this apostate, godless, CURSÈD Nation.

      For they have made it quite clear- they WISH US DEAD.
      Let us give to them, what they so ‘graciously’ wish to give to us.

      Or let us leave, and wipe the dust from our feet, as we do so.

      “We…absolutely deny that the freedom of the spirit is in bondage to the pettiness of paganism. “ – Saint Basil, On the Holy Spirit, 1:4:6

  1. “When we defended ourselves and the park from a mob of violent leftists, … . into a crowd of violent Antifa ”

    Same thing happened to the German Bund Rally in NYC 1939. Same thing happened to the Silver Shirts in los Angeles in 1940’s.

    Same pattern, same methods.

    • Yep just scrubbed from history. With the Bund these are “my people” so they are erasing my personal history too. Same with Charles Lindberg, who came from the same group of Swedish immigrants. They changed the name of San Diego airport from Lindbergh field to ”generic” and painted over the large mural of Lindy that used to great people at the entrance.

  2. “Virginia State Police and Charlottesville barricaded themselves behind steel fences and allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter to attack us ”

    This is the same way jewish pimps exploit women. They pay cops to turn their backs. Then they tell the women ” turn your earnings over to me or Abe is goin to razor up that pretty face of yours.”

    It’s the same structure of police/thug control.

  3. The passage of the 1965 Reform Act and post-1965 Immigration Policy provided the Democratic Party with massive highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc that can now nullify the Native White Working Class Vote….And as a consequence the Democratic Party Voting can impose its will on Whitey……This is why the Confederate Statues are coming down in Charlottesville…

    The Bush Family and their acolytes…Comey and the current FBI director…were junior partners to the Democrats….

    Larger point:The Democrats stole the Nov 3 2020 POTUS Election back in Oct 1965….Why was the election so close in the first place?..What the fuck do you think is going to happen on Nov 3 2028?…

    Biden is POTUS because of the passage of 1965 Immigration Reform Act…NO OTHER REASON…

    It will take a nuclear exchange with Russia to reverse the situation….

    • Biden is President because the chinese printed up 20 million absentee ballots. They stopped the counting this time to get “the injection” right. Hillary was supposed to “win” but Trump got too many votes. They didn’t make the same mistake twice. The fact that the vote count is implausible can be slapped down in the courts by Shlomo operatives.

  4. For the record I am not supporting the removal of these military monuments, though I don’t admire them.

    But lewd statues of nudes or nearly nudes, aka ancient and medieval Greco-Roman pagan and Roman Catholic public pornography, should definitely be moved out of sight.

    I am somewhat partial to this one:

  5. I thought by now there would have been a serious ‘backlash’ among whites over the goofy George Floyd riots/ social revolution. So far not much. More pro- Confederate groups should have materialized or existing groups should have grown ( maybe they did?). A broad based mainstream group, academically led, similar to the UK’s ‘Save Our Statues’ should exist here now. Mastering political lobbying is key. The next statue battle is the Lee statue presiding over Antietam battlefield park- Congress might take it down. Hopefully we can win there.

    • Don’t be misled.

      The current social media landscape reflects censorship. Elites didn’t like the feedback that they were getting in 2016. So they censored the internet. The number of angry people has only grown though. We can see it in the polls.

      • I don’t buy all of Andy Torba’s personal bullshit, but, he has done a stand up job making GAB a free speech website. He has censored a few people for reason, only one of which was a mistake in my opinion.

        GAB has also grown to reach millions of users, and continues to grow. Trump could sink Twitter, and Facebook if he started using GAB. But, his New Yawk & Miami Jewish liberal family members would not be happy with him, and they rule.

          • @Jaye Ryan,

            We should be working more along the lines of dissident right civil rights groups and NGOs on par with the the ACLU and ADL.

            Eric Striker is correct in our folk needing a media outlet that outside the control of the usual suspects. His National Justice is an excellent beginning to getting our views, stories, and truth to a larger audience than are somewhat echo chamber.

        • Krusty,

          No a snowball’s chance in hell that the Presbyterian Blompf part ways with his Jewish handlers and family.

  6. The Civil War wasn’t worth it…WW2 wasn’t worth it…I write these comments as someone who strongly thought these two wars were worth it….White Liberals have managed to turn me into a hardcore reactionary….

    I have no doubt that (((Noam Chomsky))) would like to see the Native White Working Class slaughtered in the streets by a majority nonwhite 82 Airborne if the Native White Working Class was out in the streets protesting nonwhite LEGAL Immigration…..Chomsky is a deprecate looking creepy pasty skin Aske-NAZI
    literally a different species than Native White Working Class Americans…
    Native Born White Working Class Americans…The Historic Majority…must be no more no less racialized than the majority nonwhite highly racialized Democratic Party Voting Bloc which nullified the Native White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2020…

    The whole point of post-1965 nonwhite LEGAL Immigration Policy is to nullify the Native White Working Class Vote on Nov 3 2024…Nov 3 2028…Nov 3 2032…Nov 3 2036….and they are very open about this…

    Barring thermonuclear war with Russia….An America of 3 billion mostly nonwhites will collapse into its own shit in a giant cesspool-from rancid sea to rancid sea….I hope NFL TYRONE Ball was worth it…

    • This apocalypse, doomsday scenario is never going to happen in America. There are enough patriots of all races to ensure that America exists and prospers, despite anyones grievances.

      The idea that is is what we hope for is, as stated in a previous post – more depressing than liberals.

      I despise republicans for their “bootstraps” BS in a world where 1% owns 80% of the wealth in America.

      If there was ever a time to pull up our “bootstraps” from a racialist point of view, it is now.

      So many grifters, fakes, and “right wing politicians” burping all the same things, I understand it’s hard to wade through. The left is not our problem. We are our problem.

      • “There are enough patriots of all races to ensure that America exists and prospers, despite anyones grievances.”


  7. O I’m a good old rebel,
    Now that’s just what I am.
    For this “fair land of freedom”
    I do not care a damn.
    I’m glad I fit against it,
    I only wish we’d won,
    And I don’t want no pardon
    For anything I done.

    I hates the Constitution,
    This great republic too,
    I hates the Freedmans’ Buro,
    In uniforms of blue.
    I hates the nasty eagle,
    With all his braggs and fuss,
    The lyin’ thievin’ Yankees,
    I hates ’em wuss and wuss.

    I hates the Yankees nation
    And everything they do,
    I hates the Declaration,
    Of Independence, too.
    I hates the glorious Union-
    ‘Tis dripping with our blood-
    I hates their striped banner,
    I fit it all I could

    I followed old mas’ Robert
    For four year near about,
    Got wounded in three places
    And starved at Point Lookout
    I caught the rheumatism
    A campin’ in the snow,
    But I killed a chance o’Yankees
    I’d like to kill some mo’.

    Three hundred thousand Yankees
    Is still in Southern dust,
    We got three hundred thousand
    Before they conquered us.
    They died of Southern fever
    And Southern steel and shot,
    I wish they was three million
    Instead of what we got.

    I can’t take up my musket
    And fight ’em now no more,
    But I ain’t going to love ’em,
    Now that is sarten sure,
    And I don’t want no pardon
    For what I was and am.
    I won’t be reconstructed,
    And I don’t care a damn.

    • I walked around the tourist area on Juneteenth wearing a Confederate Uniform and playing and singing I’m A Good Old Rebel, Dixie and Year of Jubilo on my guitar.

  8. SCV, gather up all these unprotected Confederate monuments. If you lack the funds then start a public go fund me drive on a suitable platform that the corrupt Left can’t shut down.

    I hope ALL the Confederate monuments can be moved to and preserved on SCV owned property where they can be protected 24×7 under strict guard. The sooner we can get these monuments to a safe place the sooner we have nothing exposed that the decadent Left can attack except our flesh and blood and then that is when the real war will begin. Hopefully when every Leftist has been removed we can bring our monuments back and never ever allow a Leftist to ever breathe again in our land.

    May God Save the South!

    • I live in a country where the government and institutional powers are violently opposed to the welfare and survival of my culture and.people. The USA hates us.

    • The S.C.V. is too busy cucking to H. K. Edgerton and Allen West (who is just using them in hopes of getting elected Governor of Texas). I know those people, they are almost as clueless as the Tea Party. They’re stuck in the loyal, faithful Negro mode, and they surely aren’t ready to hear about Jews or Israel. There are some exceptions, but most of them are too afraid to say anything. It’s mostly a self congratulating organization that hands out chintzy medals merited by favoritism. Their idea of protesting is to stand around waving a flag and conversing among themselves, that is the few that will risk being seen in public. When someone tries to take a more engaging approach by distributing fact sheets and confronting our adversaries at their own events, they are reprimanded, censured and, ultimately, expelled.

      The infighting within the S.C.V. is constant, and, I believe, a symptom of impotence. The only power that they can exercise is over another member. They are helpless against our enemies because they go into every fight with their hands tied. They continually accuse members of conduct unbecoming and look for reasons to revoke their membership. I have mostly given up hope for them. I am always encouraging people to join and then work to change things from within. But, I’ve witnessed one “Radical” element depose “The Grannies” after another, only to quickly morph into “Grannies” themselves once they’ve assumed the mantle of leadership.

      I’m still looking for an organization of disgruntled ex-members to form. Maybe, those that have been scorned by the S.C.V. will finally be the ones to come together and throw off the restraining manacles of ZioCuckery and Negrophilia.

      • I wrote a piece on the old VNN condemning them for the same cuckery 20 years ago. They’re Southern patriotard assclowns, as impotent as the Southern Baptists. They’ll never change.

  9. What pains me is the fact that a lot of our people went there, a lot of good people had their lives ruined, and it was all in vain. I saw this story and it made my stomach turn. I know a lot of good people who were there that day and fought for future generations to be able to see that monument. It is a shame children won’t have the luxury of seeing these beautiful masterpieces and monuments to our heritage.

    If we ever take back the South, erect back up every Confederate monument that was ever taken down, and prosecute those who tried to erase our heritage. Deo Vindice!

  10. They will remove more on both sides because the govt and politicians making these decisions know Whites will not do anything about it. If they have nothing to fear why would they stop? In their place will be another Floyd or some other degenerate.

  11. “Most” Virginians might agree with you but not the Virginians that matter. I was just in Northern Virginia outside of DC last week and it looked the same as it did near me. Black and Latino concentrations in parts and the other mostly Asian and Indian with random Whites mixed in.

    • Yes, Jefferson, the Founder (((they))) hate most of all, is next, along with Washington, Madison and all the rest.

      Usurper kikes & their willingly mind-fucked race traitor bitches rule virtually every part of this illegitimate shithole of a “nation”. They are openly hell-bent on destroying us, so if they won’t let us go, they must be destroyed.

  12. Fagtifa and Burn, Loot, Murder are having a field day using the “Curly Bill Brocius” meme of Powers Booth saying, “Well, …..Bye” on Telegram and probably elsewhere.

  13. The gayop that was described as the main events of Charlottesville was preceded by the tikitorch march, violent brawls with antifa on campus, which wasn’t covered by the permit, and was all the reason the police needed to shut the demonstration down and sell it to the public as justified. The bad faith of the police was given camouflage by this mistake.

    The optics of the tikitorch march (which was also filmed) actively destroyed any pretense for it having been just about the monuments for many of the guys that went.

    Cville should have been just about the monuments, White heritage and an unwarranted assault on our history. Instead it got hijacked by autistic antisemites who drug everyone else into that trap with them, and ensnared guys like you (who were always clear about your intentions and it being about the monuments) into a legal quagmire.

    Cville was a disaster, and it was avoidable.

    These statues were lost because of tactical incompetence by an autistic fringe political subculture that can’t see anything but through the prism of the JQ, which like slavery, wasn’t mentioned by Robert E. Lee as a reason for his leading the South’s army against the north. He did it for blood and soil, not because of the Jews. Was there Jewish influence behind Lincoln, yeah undoubtedly. But Lee wasn’t an autistic faggot, and had his priorities straight. It didn’t matter if it was Lincoln, Jews or coons, he was going to defend his home.

    Simple, straightforward and pro White, because he was White.

    Also unassailably a noble motivation, which is more than I can say for the political opportunists that turned Cville into the circus it was.

    The JQ is a cul de sac. This is just some of the latest evidence for it.

    • Your argument is disingenuous and transparent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a jew, a shabbos goy, or just an idiot.

      Trying to direct people away from the (((hand))) behind the curtain with the paper-thin claim everything would have been wonderful, perfect, and hunky-dory at Charlottesville if it hadn’t been for naming those responsible for this mess?

      Yes, I’m sure Antifa, the enemy press, and the Marxist police would absolutely have stood down and let the whole thing proceed, and given them good press and respected their positions 100% and allowed them full coverage in the national discourse, if it hadn’t been for a few guys saying “jews will not replace us.” Antifa, the left, the jews, are absolutely fair-minded honest kind-hearted people who will give us respect and air time if we just we’re such eeeeeevil scumbags who march peacefully with tiki torches. /sarcasm

      The other side is absolutely prepared to treat us fairly if it wasn’t for some small detail of “optics” on our side, if only someone didn’t name the jew, if only we stayed within the (((system’s))) bounds of neutered, allowed cuckservative discourse for another 70 years while they complete finishing us off.

      Everything that goes wrong for the right/nationalists is always 100% the fault of said nationalists. In particular, that they’re not submissive enough to the jew. It’s never that the system itself is a hostile, tyrannical, alien occupation that will NEVER act in good faith, never apply fairness, never be prepared to do less than attack and aim to destroy no matter how much you grovel and pussyfoot and cringe, because their objective is to subjugate and destroy our people. Even though the latter is exactly what it is.

      “Just pull the forelock, goyim! Just kneel, goyim! We’ll surely treat you fairly and give you a platform to speak your mind then, goyim! It’s all your fault that we’re oppressing you, goyim, it has nothing to do with us suppressing and attacking you no matter what you do, goyim, don’t believe your lying eyes, goyim!” is all I hear in your post.

      All you do is attack, attack, attack Whites trying to stand up for themselves while excusing the Deep State and Antifa of all things for all their actions. They’re pure as the driven snow and it’s us Deplorables who you direct all your blame and opprobrium against.

      Like I said, you’re either an enemy or a fool who’s too stupid to realize he’s being a lickspittle and gatekeeper for the relentlessly hostile System.

      • Very well said.

        As much as I hate the word & concept of optics, the tiki torch march was actually a brilliant example: it was very visually impressive, and showed strength & resolve. The (((Cultural Marxist))) scum from cunt McAuliffe to the head of the VSP to the C’ville vermin were determined to violate the fed court “guaranteed” right of free speech to the UTR people because they knew the kikemedia would do itz part to make sure they got away with it.

  14. I know I can get you to ban me, the truth is to ugly for mostly all people to take. And who but Christ was willing to die for it?

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