Breaking Points: Haitian American Doctor Arrested In Assassination Plot

I’m sorry, but this is total nonsense.

The idea that the United States is responsible for Haiti’s perennial chaos, misgovernance, poverty, plots and assassinations is laughable. It is absolutely not our fault that Haiti is a clusterfuck.

It HAS ALWAYS been that way since the Haitian Revolution and this latest assassination is the norm in that country. Stability is the exception in Haitian history. Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the first president of Haiti, was also assassinated. The overthrow of Dessalines began a long tradition of Haitians overthrowing their government which is currently on its twenty third constitution.

Yahoo News:

“The American-based doctor alleged to have orchestrated the assassination of Jovenel Moïse planned to assume the presidency after the murder, according to reports.

Haiti’s police chief Léon Charles said Christian Emmanuel Sanon recruited some of the suspects through a firm identified by The Miami Herald as CTU Security, registered in Florida as the Counter Terrorist Unit Federal Academy LLC.

Mr Charles said Mr Sanon flew into Haiti in June with “political objectives” and planned to assume the presidency following the removal of Mr Moïse, according to The Washington Post.

The men’s initial mission was to protect Mr Sanon, but they later received a new one: arrest the president. He said the “operation started from there,” and an additional 22 suspects joined the group. Contact was made with Haitian citizens, Mr Charles added. …”

Let’s start from the beginning.

Saint-Domingue was a prosperous French colony. We had no involvement in creating Haiti. The last thing that Americans wanted during the Washington administration was a successful slave revolt and independent black republic on our doorstop. It was Haitians who started their own revolution and who wrecked their own country. Haitian independence wasn’t an American plot.

As the French lost control over Saint-Domingue, President John Adams recognized Toussaint Louverture’s rebel government and established diplomatic and trade relations with it. If memory serves, the Adams administration even sold weapons to the Haitians. Napoleon later sent an armada to reconquer Saint-Domingue and Toussaint was captured and died in France. After the French were defeated, the Haitians killed all the White people on the island except for a few Polish soldiers who defected and Whites were banned from owning property in Haiti until the American occupation during the Woodrow Wilson presidency. The thing that made Haiti remarkable in the Caribbean through the 19th century was the fact that it was an independent black republic which was governed by blacks and the exclusion of European capitalists who otherwise dominated the plantation economy of the region.

From the Jefferson administration to the Lincoln administration, Americans didn’t recognize the Haitian government because Haitians had killed all the Whites there and banned Europeans from owning land in Haiti. The export-based, plantation economy that had made Saint-Domingue so prosperous fell into ruins because the former slaves had no interest in capitalism and reverted to African subsistence based agriculture on small plots of land. Haiti’s black rulers tried to coerce the peasants into reviving the plantation economy, but planters simply shifted their coffee and sugar operations to Cuba, Jamaica and Brazil where slaves produced a superior product to Haitian coffee. Haitians continued to export coffee though both to the United States and Europe in the 19th century with diminishing success.

The thing that made Haiti into the poorest country in the Western hemisphere was Haitians themselves. Specifically, the Haitian population grew and peasant agriculture became less productive over time as land was split up into smaller and smaller inefficient, overworked plots. Eventually, the country was almost completely deforested and the soil was destroyed and leeched by mudslides. After the abolition of slavery, the rest of the Caribbean remained under European colonialism and white supremacy until the 20th century like in Guadeloupe and Martinique which were recaptured by the French under Napoleon and which as a result are vastly better off than Haiti. If American imperialism is what made Haiti so poor, why is Puerto Rico so vastly better off than Haiti? Why is every other country in the region better off than Haiti like Barbados which didn’t gain independence until the 1960s? Why didn’t American imperialism turn Haiti into another Florida or Hawaii where sugar plantations were set up?

Evil corporations are not the reason why Haiti is so poor. Those same corporations rushed into China and South Korea to exploit cheap labor and made them into wealthy and prosperous countries. America has never had any significant economic interest in Haiti because it has always been desperately poor. On the contrary, America’s major interest in Haiti has always been geopolitical due to its chronic dysfunction and chaotic finances and keeping out other great powers like the Germans and the Soviets. It was fear of the Germans taking over Haiti that prompted American intervention under Woodrow Wilson. For over a century now, Americans have been trying to stabilize Haiti and keep out other great powers, but Haiti’s poverty and instability and tradition of overthrowing the government long predates this.

Note: It is no coincidence that South Africa and its peers increasingly resemble Haiti.

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  1. I would assume the US sold weapons to Haitians to shoot at the British landing forces. Or deter them.

  2. @ soccer fans in the UK, Cuba, Haiti and south Africa, there is a growing tidal wave of violence, stay vigilant.

  3. The US- twice- deposed the only legitimate Leader Haiti has had in living memory. Would Haiti be kind of shitty anyway? Sure. Is it as shitty as it is because of the Zionist-occupied regime that rules over America? Yes.

  4. Hati may be poor and have no industry, but that makes them filthy rich in the modern world economy, because they have some of the lowest carbon emissions in the world.

  5. Those idiots who believe Haiti would be prosperous and stable were it not for American imperialism must also believe Wakanda is a real place and the film Black Panther is a documentary instead of ridiculous fiction.

  6. The Krystal vdeo you posted here is very accurate, and mostly at variance with your position that the U.S. is not at fault, only the Haitians themselves. U.S. imperialist involvement DID occur prior to 1915, and the invasion and occupation and theft of Haiti’s gold reserves was not due to fear of Germans but to protect and support U.S. business interests, just like the invasions and occupations of Honduras, Guatemala, etc. When the Haitians lynched the U.S. puppet ruler, he had already allowed the U.S. to take the gold and otherwise rape Haiti. Haiti was not being ignored but was one the U.S.’s most important business interests (I think often the U.S.’s top trading “partner” in Latin America) through most of the nineteenth century because the balance was so heavily in favor of the U.S. (as in “buy cheap sell dear”) – while Haiti was also being forced to pay billions in reparations to France for all its so-called “stolen” property – and while the U.S. helped more than half of the island (now the Dominican Republic) – including much of the best farmland – to separate from the Haitian republic.

    • Interesting read on the centuries-old conflict between the Mulattoes and the pure Black Haitians:

      The most interesting section, for me, is the “accidental comparative test of different economic institutions and policies” that took place when Haiti was divided between (1) a royalist kingdom in the north with a revived Mulatto-on-Black wage slave economy of cash crop production for export, and (2) a Haitian “people’s republic” in the south where Blacks were free to farm as they chose: “Petion’s Republic in the south took a far different direction (than King Henry’s regime in the north) Petion, who became President-for-Life in the Republic, believed in the ideals and policies of the French Revolution. He distributed state-owned land in small parcels to create a society of free yeoman farmers. The land was given free to his soldiers and sold at low costs to others. The small farmers of the Republic tended to produce for their own subsistence and not the crops for export such as sugar cane. The small farmers did produce coffee for a cash crop but not in sufficient quantity to generate export earnings to pay for imports. Without sugar cane production the sugar mills and other subsidiary enterprises had to close thus depressing the economy. The Country Study for Haiti summed up the situation as follows: In the south, the average Haitian was an isolated, poor, free, and relatively content yeoman. In the north, the average Haitian was a resentful but comparatively prosperous laborer.” In the south, Blacks were allowed to take their natural course, relatively free of outside interference. All they needed to succeed was improved public health and public education, but instead, Petion’s successor went to war to recover and liberate the eastern two-thirds of the island from France, Spain and Britain.

  7. Funny how civilized humans try to reason for animals. Name a single black community that doesn’t rape steal murder and blame everyone else for their deranged actions. This is a genetic deficiency that even our superior European genetics can’t help. The American negroid is admix of multiple ethnicities to which nothing has changed or improved their outlook attitude or goals of life. Its all about the simple animalistic desires impulses and needs just like wild animals. Its time to admit the truth these are a hybrid humanoid slave species meant for nothing more than to be used by intelligent people for our own benefit. These creatures are unable to make the proper choices that improve life therefore its our obligation to control and compel them into humanity. Stop viewing them as human their not. These are a subhumanoid entity devoid of reason compassion mercy and mostly devine intervention as they are the sons of Cain. The spawn of Satan, I would say simply observe their actions and lifestyle to understand why they will never yield in their destruction of western civilization. They now openly admit to this touting the power this communist regime has offered their movement. This will be total war for the future of life on earth but most importantly the right to direct our future on this planet.

    • We don’t need to “use” them for anything. We just need to be completely separated from them.


    Our government agencies do as much havoc at home at they do abroad. It’s just too many Americans are either too stupid to believe the obvious or are in total denial that they’re not in control of their own government.

    None of those agencies serve the American people. If it appears that way it is only because it is a by-product of serving other interests.s

  9. Good info on the Haiti operation, says the Sephardic billionaire oligarch Reginald Boulos, who is connected to the U.S., was deeply involved; and that the deployment of U.S. regular troops (along with forces from U.S. satellites Colombia and Bolsonaro-Brazil) is a virtual certainty now, even though the Biden administration sounds reluctant; and that the U.S. could meet much more serious resistance from Haitian militias when it invades Haiti this time, if it attempts to occupy the Haitian countryside. Text here: Video:

  10. Good article re-posted on Rob Berkely’s NiqNaq blog discusses “What Were the Limits of Moise’s Effectiveness as a Puppet Ruler?” and “What Are the Characteristics that Define the PHTK Regime Under Both Martelly And Moise?”

    “The PHTK regime is a puppet dictatorship installed and maintained by the US government and UN occupation forces, in coordination with members of the Haitian upper class, operating against the interests of the impoverished majority of the Haitian people. The following are central characteristics of the regime:
    Engaging in pervasive corruption and the massive looting of public funds.
    Facilitating land grabs and dispossession of Haitian farmers, including by Moise himself to enlarge his personal banana republic, as well as the plunder of Haiti’s natural resources (gold, petroleum, bauxite and more) by domestic oligarchs and foreign corporations (…)
    Waging a war on the poor majority and the popular, grassroots Lavalas movement through horrific massacres in poor neighborhoods such as Lasalin and Bel Air, violent gentrification, and targeted assassinations and rapes of human rights activists….”

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