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  1. Plastics are the worse thing for the environment because they don’t break down or decay. The oceans and dumps are full of these things. Everything used to be in glass and now it’s in plastic because it’s “cheaper”

    Most of these bottles of water people are buying is filtered tap water. Perrier was caught a few years ago using tap water.

    • Isn’t plastic all being neatly piled up in a landfill exactly the “carbon sequestration” the liberals are always talking about on their non stop “global warming” hijacking of former science shows like Nova and National Geographic?

  2. Fuck the (((Cultural Marxist))) scum and the never-ending list of Thou Shalt Nots of their bullshit eco religion.

  3. Anyone remember the Andy Rooney piece on 60 Minutes about women and bottled water? That guy sucked, but his bottled water piece was classic. He maintained that all women think tapwater is bad and spend lots of money on “spring water.” Men don’t usually drink water anyway, but when they do, they couldn’t care less what the source is. When he told women tapwater was just as good or better, they simply didn’t care and ignored him and kept buying bottled water, with its extra cost and massive plastic waste.

    • Don’t drink tap water, if you’re in a city with black administration !
      Like New Orleans,
      where you’ll get raw sewage in the tap water.

      Amazingly, some of the best water in the world has been in NYC, Flatbush water, Brooklyn. Best I ever drank.

    • If you live in an area with Limestone Bedrock the well water is very good. This is the kind of water they use to make all that fancy bourbon. However I had some rural Michigan well water once and it was horrible, you could smell the marsh. I guess it depends on where you live. I did see some absolutely gorgeous crystal clear river water in the Nebraska Sandhills and on the creeks up on Mount Hood.

  4. Deer Park in Maryland is where the Jefferson Davis family spent their summer vacations. The water is crystal clear mountain snow melt, and it gets cold enough in that area at night to see your breath in July.

  5. Yuppies are concerned about their health, so they drink water out of *plastic*? These people are dumb. The only container I trust for food and drink is glass, because plastic in your food turns you gay. Also plastic bottles are one use, so they throw them away creating mountains of plastic waste, which doesn’t break down in the environment. It just sits there for thousands of years being ugly and trashy. If it breaks down at all, it turns into a fine plastic dust, which you breathe in and absorb into your body which turns you gay.

    Where I was growing up, a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far away, they used to deliver milk in glass bottles, and it was quite normal for us to return the bottles for cleaning and reuse. We felt comfortable doing it, because we lived in a high trust White society.

    Plastic is a disaster for the environment and our health, and its use only benefits the bottom line of globalist corporations. IMO we should go back to the old ways. No plastic touching our food and Whites only societies, so we don’t turn into sterile, gay transexuals, like the plastic bottle water drinking liberals have.

    • ” Also plastic bottles are one use, so they throw them away creating mountains of plastic waste, ”

      Unless you’re among WHITE folks,
      where recycling is near 100%.

      I agree with you , on plastic in contact with food, it’s concerning.
      Every piece of meat I buy is wrapped in plastic.

  6. Purchasing bottled water is mostly unnecessary, wasteful, stupid behavior and those who support the industry in any way SHOULD feel guilty. But it is only one of many stupid, wasteful behaviors of “consumers” in the present system, and bottled water is not the only commercial food product full of microplastics (guess what tea bags are made of, not all paper) and toxic chemical traces. A true ethnonationalist needs to eat and drink appropriately and stay out of Walmart.

    In most cases water from your own well or spring is better than any plastic bottle source, and public water system improvements are being neglected because now only the poorest people drink it.

  7. I’m a water freak. Everyone should filter their water but if you pressure pump it through activated charcoal and lava rocks you can do better than most bottled water. Pellegrino is probably the only bottled water really worth paying for.

  8. OK, yes, the hype about bottled water IS over the top.
    Yes, the vast majority of non-degradeable plastic is affecting the environment, but it also is affecting HORMONE LEVELS in both men and women.
    Yes, getting a water filtration system is the better, more ecological choice… but it costs more, and then the convenience of having a bottle of cold, clear H2O is so eeeeeeasy.

    I just get tired of the new Pharisees guilt-mongering people selectively. Why not morally browbeat the Chinese, or the Indians, whose massive over-population is sapping/dirtying/destroying their countries, as well as ours?

    Or Africa? Those idiotic RC’s who think ‘every sperm is sacred’ (like Monty Python’s movie) seem to forget the Bible also says that God’s enemies’ seed…. will perish off the earth. And yes, the word for ‘seed’ in the Greek LXX, is “sperma.”

    So, not EVERY sperm is sacred. In fact, the pagans (non-White, non-Christian) DOESN’T MATTER TO GOD.

    But of course, the JEWS who control the discourse (why did we give up control of the Media, anyway?) are doing so, because their paranoia and hatred of White Christendom, would destroy the world, just to prove their nebbish noses are correct (in Minecraft).

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