South Africa Descends Into Violent Chaos

Behold, the Rainbow Nation …

This is a glimpse of the paradise that the United States will reach around the year 2050 when woke progressives have finally succeeded in dismantling “white supremacy.”


“JOHANNESBURG, July 12 (Reuters) – South Africa deployed soldiers on Monday to quell violence that erupted in the wake of former president Jacob Zuma’s jailing, after days of riots left at least six people dead.

Police said disturbances had intensified and 219 people arrested as the controversial ex-leader challenged his 15-month prison term in the country’s top court.

Smoke from burning buildings swirled in the air as items from burgled shops lay strewn by the side of the road in Pietermaritzburg in Zuma’s home province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

The sporadic pro-Zuma protests that broke out when he handed himself over last week have quickly escalated into looting and arson, mainly in KZN but also in Gauteng where the biggest city Johannesburg is …”

I’m old enough to remember Nelson Mandela’s triumph over “white supremacy” in my childhood when we were confidently assured by progressives that South Africa wouldn’t become just another dystopia in sub-Saharan Africa descending into violence, corruption, chaos and underdevelopment. Multiracial democracy in Rhodesia and South Africa effectively meant dragging thriving European governed countries down to the African level and striking a fatal blow against civilization in the name of antiracism.

Note: We got a preview of it here during the George Floyd riots last summer. You are cordially invited to want to have your descendants live in these conditions. Some parts of this country which are controlled by blacks are already like Johannesburg or arguably even worse.

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    • Now, now, John. We must respect our fellow human beings. Pride goeth before the fall. Jesus will get angry at us if we don’t. One Struggle (against the Jews)! + Communism is the winning combo.

  1. US by 2050? I think it’s happening right now in the major cities. Someone needs to track the locations of the (((anti-apartheid))) activists just for fun. I’m curious where they slithered off to now that S. Africa is ruined.

    • Slither off they did, apart from the richest – who stayed to loot the country alongside the ANC and Anglo elites.

      • Losing the Boer Wars just made S. Africa another Jewish Slave State like the West. The rest of the cycle is very predictable now that we have examples. Constantinople was the first big one unless it was Rome itself. Hard to say if the Shlomos were in on that one the history has been destroyed and rewritten. I was bummed to learn that Julius Cesar’s autobiography was probably a 14th century fraud. The Latin was just too good to be authentic was the first clue.

    • , one of them declared “South Africa is different!”

      “Our blacks are different” Rhodesian saying


  2. It’s a very inauspicious example. The Afrikaners, perhaps the most authentically identitarian group of ethnic Europeans to exist in modern times, had 40 years under the National Party and they ended up with nothing. The deracinated white populations of the West simply have no chance.

  3. The Democratic Party

    The racial extermination


    The Native Born White American Working Class Historic Majority

    What other conclusion can one draw? I


      Then, when all the WHITES are gone,”WE BEEZ STARVIN, SEND SUM FOOD”.
      Foolish WHITES comply, then there’s a black population explosion.
      “WHITES must take in refugees”

      Collectively, WHITEST are just too stupid.

    • It never will be, either, because blacks aren’t going to be a supermajority in the USA like they are in SA, at least not any time in the near future. Our growing population is mostly Latino, and they don’t want to allow blacks chimping out all the time. Blacks can only chimp out if they are the majority or if progressive White saviors are in charge and give them permission. Nobody else will tolerate it.

      Blacks will actually have less license to loot and commit violence after more White elites have been replaced by Latinos or other non-White ethnicities. We are in “peak negro” now because White progressives who worship blacks dominate all institutions.

    • The trends are all bad plus in the U.S. there is the third world from south of the border flooding in, some of the most violent places on earth such as Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua etc.

      One advantage parts of the U.S. have, there are vast areas that are seasonally cold and the wogs definitely don’t like the cold. S. Africa has a climate similar to southern California, no real winters.

      If S. Africa had winters that lasted for several months with temperatures down to about 20 degrees F. overnight and at least six inches of snow on the ground there wouldn’t be this rioting now; it’s winter in S. Africa in July. Rioting ceases when the temperature drops and the snow accumulates.

        • Having lived in warm and cold climates I have noticed the difference in behavior amongst our dusky hued brethren, they definitely don’t like the cold. They spend much more time indoors when the temperature outdoors drops. They like those +75 deg. F. temperatures even if they have to remain indoors to enjoy them.

          What will be interesting is what our dusky hued brethren will do when their nation wide monkey shines combine with the governing genius of creatures like Cackling Kamala (when she becomes Mr. President). Most likely things will be similar to S. Africa with a general breakdown of society including intermittent electric service. No electricity, no heat in Section 8 and it’s the great outdoors no matter where you are.

          Hopefully White people are preparing for bad times but bad times are coming, ready or not.

  4. 2050 might be a little far out. I’d say we are looking at 15 years. Niggers have already reverted back to jungle ways and mentality already.

    Niggers are completely worthless and useless, our ancestors understood this.

  5. Not really out of control here, or in SA or Brazil, etc. The rootless-cosmopolitan global Empire is letting it happen, and could shut down public protests, looting, etc. with its superior weaponry whenever it pleases. The real brutality may be just around the corner.

    Lebensraum in Africa is not working out in the long term. Meanwhile Africans are taking the places of Europeans who left Europe for lebensraum or “better opportunities” in non-European countries. It is said “You can’t go home again” and where you are now happens to be someone else’s natural home.

  6. Yeah I was looking at the Hal Turner site and though I did not see it, reports are of Whites being hunted down and White women raped and killed. At the very least there are more videos of black barbarians doing what they do best while some black humans are trying to stop it.

    I do agree that 2050 seems far but perhaps you are correct. I was thinking bump it back to max 2040 or a bit before. But until then America will still deal with black savagery with way too many lunatic Whites siding with them in various incidents.

    Society is breaking down. There is also just too much wealth disparity. Now it’s a big deal just to own a home in America? Seriously? We have super rich companies buying up homes where they make renting the only option.

    Ballplayers making 30 to 40 million a year? Billionaires barely paying taxes. Homosexuality promoted as normal. Obscene debt and on and on.

    Diversity is a disease meant to cause division.. We have the entire Democratic Party siding with black criminals, baby killers and illegal aliens.

    South Africa is a mostly black country so chaos is no shock. The disgusting Whites who pulled businesses out of the old South Africa and did songs about apartheid will be quiet as can be on all this. Typical coward Whites. Disgusting.

  7. All this started when apartheid was declared racist. These savages can’t govern themselves. They have to be kept under close supervision like children.

    • Dead Boer, so you enjoy the country turned into filthy savage hole? Great logic there. Good luck to the blacks you love to even have a remotely functional society. Apartheid things worked better and you know it. You are happy about total collapse? Oh and your pedo thing is so desperate. Blacks disproportionately commit crimes with kids too.

  8. The end of Apartheid was the end of civilization in South Africa. What is going on now there after the arrest of Zuma is what would have happened here but on a wider scale if Trump had won re-election.

  9. Wait a second…..blacks in Africa behave exactly like blacks in America do? I mean…these guys even control their own country. Must be some kind of weird coincidence, I guess.

  10. A recurring theme from the White South Africaners on social media, “we’re disarmed”, “it’s been this way for decades”,
    And “it’s not our fault”.
    They will go gentle into that good night. They Will. Not. Rage, against the dying of the light.

    And we will to, save for a few that will lead, teach and instill a fire in our souls again for OUR people.

  11. I will try again. I would love to hear the Suidlanders organization take on all this. It is time for an all White Afrikaner Ethno-State.

  12. Blue cheka, soyfaces and libtards are flippings their lids on twatter. They are outraged that SA citizens and storeowners are fighting back against the mostly peaceful looters and murderous thieves like the cia experts at cnn told them is okay to do as long as its peaceful

  13. «“It is hard to make them feel that shedding of human blood is a great crime; they must be conscious that it is wrong, but, having been accustomed to bloodshed from infancy, they are remarkably callous to the enormity of the crime of destroying human life.”
    . . .
    “The late Matiamvo seems, from the report of these men, to have become insane, for he is said to have sometimes indulged the whim of running a muck in the town and beheading whomsoever he met, until he had quite a heap of human heads. Matiamvo explained this conduct by saying that his people were too many, and he wanted to diminish them. He had absolute power of life and death. On inquiring whether human sacrifices were still made…it occasionally happened, when certain charms were needed by the chief, that a man was slaughtered for the sake of some part of his body. He added that he hoped the present chief would not act like his (mad) predecessor, but kill only those who were guilty of witchcraft or theft.”
    Livingstone’s Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa (1857)

    • “It is hard to make them feel that shedding of human blood is a great crime;”

      Because they have no capacity for higher senses.
      They see other people only as objects, as a WHITE man would see a brick.
      They fool most WHITE people , by their mimicry of WHITE behavior, but there is no substance to it.

  14. SA is the ultimate African prize for Beijing. Huge mineral resources, a more moderate climate, and demoralized minority groups who would probably be glad at first for some order.

    • Night owl, great comment. So true. The Chinese are not politically correct cowards like the West. I am always amazed at the stupidly of the Whites who stayed in that dump. Once there was even talk about apartheid ending I would have been long out of there. Never mind decades later and still there. Complete lunacy.

      • Western countries deliberately conspired to prevent Whites from leaving S.A. except for The Usual Suspects (of course) and very wealthy Whites, both groups being exempt from the law. Your average working class Whites and even moderately wealthy Whites simply could not get a visa to emigrate, they were stuck. Many of these White S. Africans would have normally been considered choice immigrants having excellent skills, work history and being of sound character.

        This was done out of spite against Whites, particularly the Boers and also because The Usual Suspects who directed, financed then celebrated the destruction of apartheid needed Whites’ skills to keep the country running. The Usual Suspects wanted S. Africa to function at least for a short time so their agenda of “equality/equity” would not get discredited especially in the U.S. Even that communist/terrorist Mandela recognized that black S. Africa would simply fail once his peeps got hold of the place.

        The best evidence for this is the parlous state of the electric grid which has failed after blacks were promoted to high positions throughout ESKOM, the national utility company. Whites were fired or demoted through Affirmative Action programs modelled after U.S. Affirmative Action programs including Whites with technical skills needed to run the utility. The same thing has happened throughout S. Africa with the inevitable results: black genius run amok as they tear up one thing after another then wonder why the lights don’t work.

      • ” I am always amazed at the stupidly of the Whites who stayed”

        Many are too poor and unskilled to leave.

      • Jeff,

        You don’t understand the Boer spirt. It is one of blood, soil, and God. They will stay and fight like the Mormons would, of Salt Lake City was being toppled by a violent hordes of heathen savages.

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