Jonathan Greenblatt: It’s Time To Admit It: The Left Has An Antisemitism Problem

The populist Right was thriving on social media until 2017.

After Donald Trump was elected, Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL’s Center for Technology and Society in Silicon Valley worked with Big Tech to censor the internet. The censorship was gradual at first, but culminated in purging Trump when he was the president of the United States. The people who are still standing on social media have been throttled, demonetized and shadowbanned. Recently, Greenblatt has called on the cable companies to deplatform FOX News to censor Tucker Carlson.


“In our super-charged partisan times, it is often said that every issue has become politicized, with each side of the spectrum lining up on “their” side. This is also true of antisemitism which, like so many other issues in society, is polarized with partisan interpretations.

We know this from our long history, and we have seen it over the past several weeks. The left too often claims that the only real antisemitism is on the right. The right claims that the left is the sole problem.

This is unfortunate from all directions, because neither side has a monopoly on morality, and antisemitism shows up across the political spectrum. It is the world’s oldest conspiracy theory, a sick set of beliefs that can spread with alarming speed. To fight this virus, we need leaders from all corners to stand up and root it out, even when it comes from one’s allies and friends.

While extremism on the right has dominated the public conversation for much of the past five years, from moments during the 2016 campaign to the Jan 6 insurrection, right now the challenge is also rising among certain elements of the far left. …

Demonizing Zionism as a concept represents a kind of anti-Jewish racism. Delegitimizing the Jewish state with exaggerated claims and unhinged charges, then dismissing the connection between that level of inflammatory rhetoric and the violence perpetrated against Jewish people, is willfully ignorant at best, intentionally malign at worst. Excluding Jews from political coalitions or public activities is discrimination, plain and simple. …”

The power to censor the internet was always going to be abused to silence political opposition, crush independent media and criticism of the political establishment. Greenblatt is signaling that it is now time to purge “elements of the far left” who are “demonizing Zionism.”

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  1. Purging Far Left will be sophisticated.

    Last time when clash between Jews and brats happened in late 1930 Soviet Union, Far Left brats won. Soviet brats wiped off Lenin Jewry and caught even Trotsky from Mexico. Brat with ice ax outwitted the wise Jew.

      • No, we consider Jews and brats like rats so slaughtering them was irrelevant.

        Stalin was as close to God as one human being can be and something has to be done to move country out from his shadow . Removing Stalin was the single recorded event when Soviet Union officially turned to the higher forces.

        They invited Dora Lazurkina, classmate of Lenin wife Krupskaya and this is what she told to the entire party conference.

        “””….I always carry Ilyich in my heart, and always, comrades, in the most difficult moments, I survived only because I had Ilyich in my heart and I consulted with him how to be. Yesterday I consulted with Ilyich, as if he stood in front of me as if he were alive and said: it is unpleasant for me to be near Stalin, who brought so many troubles to the party….””

        This is eternal problem with titans and giants They leave such a legacy that next leaders are considered next to nothing and country may live decades in stagnation.

        Removing Stalin did not helped to revitalize Soviet Union . After 1961 desperate attempt to get finally rid from Stalin, Soviet Union just kept going 30 years on the fumes until everything collapsed. Only now there are signs of Russia and Eastern European rebirth.

      • It’s too bad Stalin’s body was removed from display, but that was probably on orders from Krushchev. They did a good job of preserving him.

  2. The photo

    The long hooked probicus

    and don’t forget

    the autopsy photo


    13 year Mary Phagan’s corpse

    Leo Frank did it

  3. But Zionism by its very nature is racist and supremacist, no?

    Of course we must always remember that Jonathan “Nosferatu” Greenblatt is in charge of an organization that peddles fear and hate for profit.

    • The YIDS couldn’t pick a more iconic visage of the Vampiric nature of Die Juden, if they tried.

      And they seem clueless as to the level of their revulsion, when (((they))) are seen by normal human beings. Truly, they are the scourge of the Earth. And the most accursed (rightly so) genetic scum on the planet. That’s why they have all those unique ‘jewish’ diseases. Divine cursing does things to people….

  4. What a repulsive individual just on aesthetics; his skin looks green every time I see him. A truly “unlovable people,” as Neville Chamberlain called them in a personal letter. (English understatement.)

  5. When is the alt-right going to making criticizing the ADL directly a central issue? It needs to be. This group is behind all of the censorship in recent years. We need to make the ADL toxic to conservatives the same way Soros is. Conservatives already hate them, but it just doesn’t get talked about enough.

    Almost all Jews support the ADL so this will have the bonus of increasing tension between conservative whites and Jews in general. Tucker clashed with the ADL earlier this year and he dropped some massive red pills to his audience. We need to make that happen over and over. Let’s think of ways to do that and get busy.

    • I frequently point out the ADL’s establishment to distract attention away from Leo Frank’s guilt, it’s ties to the mob and it’s domestic spying activities.

  6. Jews are painting themselves into a corner by advocating ultra-wokeness in western countries while advocating nationalism, ethnic cleansing, and anti-miscegenation laws in Israel. They are making enemies of everyone, on both the right and left, and they won’t be able to walk that tightrope forever.

    • I believe they’ve painted themselves into a corner 109 times already. Jews know every detail of their miserable history but learn nothing from it.

  7. What about the Jew problem with Christ? Lets talk about the hate that blocks out the light, the Jew hatred of Christ. Go ahead Jonathan tells why you hate an innocent man who did no wrong, and have hated him for the past 2,000 years. Tell kyke, please do tell.

    • Jews do not believe G-d can manifest himself in human form. That is a pagan concept. They also don’t want to share their religion with the gentiles. But it would be interesting to confront the jews and ask them directly what their views on Jesus and Christianity really are. I doubt they would be willing to discuss it.

  8. And then for no reason other than pure hatred and jealousy of G-d’s Chosen the Germans rose up and stopped it.

    • Kyke they killed Gods only son. The Chosen are chosen to be damned for eternity todd, eternity. You been smoking the kyke pipe for way to long.

  9. The crybaby jew will never look in the mirror and say maybe it’s us. It’s a lot easier to play the victim than to admit they’re the problem.

    • If jews were to admit they are the cause of anti semitism then the jig is up/it’s game over.

  10. The Jew will never be happy until the White Race is gone. However the Jews don’t like other races as well. Now don’t even like Liberals. Hmmm..sounds like Jewish Supremacy…you think? Deo Vindice !

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    • It’s a target rich penalty shootout for the discerning would be racist. 3 Kangz.
      Best to watch the fallout from a distance.

    • Is it really a shock a white team beat the north Atlantic Islanders????

      England was never white/European. They’re north Atlantic Islanders. An odd bunch. They believe they’re related to Mohammed and they hate the Germans (?). They sided with Africa over Europe during the great war. And have always prided themselves in their “leisure” ie spending most of their time idle while tricking others to work for them. Many speculate anglos might actually die from physical labor which is why they always side with Africans.

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      North Atlantic Islanders just live life day by day.

      Anglo logic will hurt your brain if you try to think about it, but anglo’ism is just a vibe you feel.

  12. After its occupation of the Occident, the tribe made sure that they control both sides of the political divide.

    You are being trampled by (((Capitalists)))? No, problem. Come to the (((Leftists))).

    (((Ayn Rand))) vs (((Worker’s paradise)))

    The ‘choice’ is yours.

  13. They need to realize that censoring us doesn’t make us go away. We’re still here, and likely angrier through the inability to unbottle our true thoughts. Try going onto YouTube these days……….ten minutes spent writing a post, just to have it blocked. You can’t write ‘white lives matter’……….but as far as I know, you CAN write ‘black lives matter’. Oh the double standards!

  14. Much of the new “anti-woke” right is simply being funded because younger millennial/zoomer leftists have fully internalized “Jews are white” messaging.

    So now some Jews are getting treated like gentile whites and they’re shrieking about it.

    Honestly I’m of two minds on the issue. Part of me is happy to see anti-whiteness getting push backed against. Obviously, but another part of me feels like rooting for the wokes and to agree & amplify.

    Speaking for myself my Midwest city was destroyed by our elites distain and/or apathy towards whites decades ago.

    What whites are still standing to take down? Jews? Mormons (aka wannabe Jews)? maybe some old WASP’s and other rich white scumbags idgac about.

    Why should I lend support to stop the literally worse whites from getting hit with wokeness when they were the ones who first turned the canon of wokeness on us and destroyed our communities. why the fuck do I care that rich kids are being forced to learn the same anti-white shit I had to learn decades ago?

    To all the rich whites crying about what they’ve subjected poor whites to for 40+ years,,, FUCK YOU!

    Enjoy your creation!

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