Chicago Police Address Crime Surge

I’ve heard three explanations for violent crime in Chicago.

The root cause is “gun violence” which is the fault of nearby Indiana. It is the fault of the Pilgrims. It is being caused by systematic racism. We’re not allowed to notice who is committing the crime in Chicago or who is actually running the city in 2021 because that would be “white supremacy.”

Chicago Sun Times:

“The same neighborhoods continue to bear the brunt of gun violence in Chicago, with most of those shot over the weekend attacked in areas that have been much more violent this year than last. …

Overall, the number of people shot in Chicago is up 12.6% through July 10, compared to the same period in 2020, and 59 percent over the same time in 2019, according to police department statistics. …”

FOX News:

“Amid nationwide calls to defund police departments and a rise in crime in major cities, the number of Chicago cops that have retired this year has already surpassed all of the retirements in 2018 and are on track to be the highest number in the department’s history. 

The figures come from the police pension board, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times. It shows that between January and June, some 363 officers called it quits, and another 56 were expected to retire this month. …

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera, citing Superintendent David Brown and Mayor Lori Lightfoot’, wrote that the city’s roughly 117,000 gang members outnumber the city’s 13,000 police officers by roughly 10 to 1. …”

These shootings are happening in Chicago neighborhoods where “white supremacists” are completely absent. It is black and “Latinx” gangs who are doing it. White people are to blame though. Is there anything that isn’t the White man’s fault these days?

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  1. “neighborhoods continue to bear the brunt of gun violence ”

    There’s that term , again.

    No, the neighborhoods suffer from the violence of their residents.

  2. “Chicago, the city of vibrant crime and exciting chaos, come visit us.”

    New slogan, from the Chicago tourist bureau.

  3. White supremacy is causing all the black gang violence in Chicago and every other black ghetto. Get rid of Whites and the violence will stop.

  4. Nothing changes with them. I remember reading and watching on television when I was 12 years old about black crime and being leery of applying for a good high school ( private) in a blackish area and blacks were mugging the White kids then. Here I am decades later and it’s the same old song.

    So called gun violence is the mantra the bored, overpaid local news media always call it. Then they show a clip of the latest black guy shooting it up or shooting who up. Thus, ” black gun violence” or just ” black violence” is the true term. However, truth comes out of the news media about as often as a professional baseball pitcher hitting 5 or more homeruns in a year…rarely.

    Black ” “violence” people are so used to and expect it. Unfortunately, that true mentality has been stood on its head by focusing instead on White people which is like cops going after jaywalkers and ignoring the murderers and rapists.

    For instance there was a comical news story The other day from New York where these young, goofy White girls literally walked into their favorite Chinese place despite it being closed. Incredibly the door was not shut properly and the girls walked in. They actually tried cooking some of their favorite dishes which went no where and took a couple of dumpling One said they should not get in trouble because the door was….Basically a female Beavis and Butthead duo.

    When all was found on the security cameras, the Chinese owner did not press charges and the girls paid for the dumpling bags that were stolen. The owner then gets the social media dump on him basically saying he was allowing White privilege and all that. So he started acting politically correct getting ornery with the privilege b.s. to cover himself for not pressing charges. Meanwhile guess which race keeps his restaurant going? Cheers to you, whitey!

    What do you think would have happened if black or brown males broke in? For sure not just a couple of dumpling bags stolen. More like the place turned upside down with zero mentions of black crime and black privilege where the same social media warriors would say nothing about the black or brown criminals. Very twisted times we live in.

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