Emmanuel Macron: France Will Require Mandatory Vaccine Passports

I swear … this type of shit in Canada and France and here under Joe Biden is pissing me off and giving me a new appreciation of the Constitution. This is a terrible idea.

Business Insider:

“French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday that COVID-19 vaccine passports would soon be required for people to visit nonessential places like restaurants and tourist attractions. 

Macron said the new policy would start in August, Agence France-Presse reported, citing Macron’s televised address.

The country will be using a “health passport” program in which people can share a QR code or certificate with establishments to show they are vaccinated against COVID-19, recently recovered from the virus, or have had a recent negative COVID-19 test. …”

This has nothing to do with “science.”

Vaccines either work or they don’t. If you have been vaccinated, you shouldn’t have to worry about being around unvaccinated people. This is entirely about authoritarian busybody control freaks using COVID as an excuse to boss people around. Climate change is another excuse.

Note: The civil liberties of ordinary people seem to be under attack all over the world by the ruling class.

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  1. Suppose most people don’t go to non-essential places, restaurants, bars etc.and it cripples those businesses, hurting th French economy.
    Macron could be shooting himself.

  2. Hey go figure, the UK recently announced this passport to go to pubs and restaurants, and now “I can’t decide whether I’m just a complete new world order cuck or a soft nationalist Macron” goes all in on this bullshit too.

  3. I can’t wait to see them try this for he Metro. France is no longer a functional country. Macron just pretends it is.

  4. Delta variant is more infectious and just as dangerous as the original strain, and partially escapes immunity from the existing vaccines, so the pandemic is certainly not over yet. Like the U.S., and Britain and other U.S. satellites, France (the Macron regime) has done a terrible job of protecting its citizens from the disease.

    Because of extreme biosecurity measures, Cuba had only about 12,000 Covid cases in 2020, and very few earlier this year. However beaches and other facilities for foreign tourists were finally re-opened and Delta came to Cuba through one of those beaches, and now cases are appearing at 50 X the rate of last year, overwhelming hospitals and other medical facilities.

    Imagine, if those infected tourists had been screened out by requiring vaccine or immunity paperwork at the airport, how many Cubans would not have died!

    Neoliberal France, in the face of Delta, is belatedly doing something China did immediately in the very beginning, but France is doing it only partially and inadequately, ineffectively, and mostly for the wrong reasons.

  5. It’s time for Macron & all the rest of these technocratic commie cunts to “bear the brunt”, and I don’t mean a little face slap.

  6. I really wanted to visit France early next year. I had the hotels in Paris, Reims and Rouen, along with the itinerary all set up. But I’m not going there under these asshole conditions.

    • Don’t bother, at least with the big cities. I visited France several years ago, took a bus from the coast to Paris. It was full of diversity…. graffiti everywhere, the diversity camping on the sidewalks like the homeless do over here. Hassled by diversity trying to sell me worthless trinkets. It’s gotta be way worse by now.

  7. France is reaping the regicide and covenant-breaking actions of the godless Revolution of 1791.

    They are accursed. Let the ‘eldest daughter’ of the Filiquist Frankish heresy, perish in ruins.
    Mort à la France. Mort à les infidèles. Mort à Macron. Que l’église papiste meurt!

    • “France is reaping the regicide and covenant-breaking actions of the godless Revolution of 1791”:

      France is reaping the results of NOT being revolutionary at all. It is reaping the results of following/choosing Bonaparte and other reactionaries, and now, the Macron banker regime.

      The revolution of France was much more revolutionary than the rebellion of the British colonies, and it could have been the successful example that liberated all of Europe and perhaps, the world. Instead it was sidetracked, compromised, and failed, followed by Bonapartism and restoration of monarchy, etc.

  8. With all do respects Mr. Wallace, I disagree.

    The issue is reaching herd immunity; and that requires all who could be vaccinated are vaccinated.

    Herd immunity would stop the en masse spread of the virus and allow people to operate normally with safe enough risks of catching COVID-19.

    Herd immunity is desirable for two things:
    1. It protects those who can’t get the vaccine
    2. Prevents the proliferation of variants.

    For the variants that do exist, like “muh Delta”, the difference in effectiveness of vaccines against them compared to the of strain is neglible. But if variants are allowed to proliferate, it does put the potential on the horizon of significant vaccine efficacy drops. I don’t want a 3rd shot, so I hope for herd immunity.

  9. With all due respects Mr. Wallace, I disagree

    The overarching goal of mass vaccinations is to reach herd immunity. Herd immunity would prevent the virus from readily spreading and allow normal operations with a low enough risk of catching the virus.

    There are two main reasons who herd immunity is desirable:
    1. It provides protection for those who cannot be vaccinated
    2. It prevents the proliferation of variants

    For existing variants, like “muh Delta”, the difference in effectiveness of the vaccine compared to the original strain is negligible. But variant proliferation does pose the issue that a variants can possible reduce vaccine effectiveness by a small but still significant amount. I don’t want a 3rd shot, so I hope for herd immunity.

  10. Oh wow, you finally figured it out. We were all deranged conspiracy theorists last year. Now their lies are so blatant even a child could figure it out. Here we are, I already said the Global Warming Hoax was being combined with this Covid BS to usher in technocratic rule via oligarchy. I got called a lunatic conspiritard by you. Now that time has gone by are you willing to recant your position? Their plans are well outlined in their white papers, they are planning endless “variants”, a WHO official said on TV they will start with Delta, go to Lamba and all the way down the Greek Alphabet, Phizer is shilling a 3rd shot. Now GloboHomo can demand you take a mystery injection every year due to some variant. Never mind a virus has never behaved in this fashion or for this length ever in history. The GloboHomo cult is behind this, and I’m glad your catching on, even if a bit late.

    • Re: “even a child could figure it out (…) this Covid BS to usher in technocratic rule via oligarchy (…) Their plans are well outlined in their white papers, they are planning endless variants”:

      No. A child (regardless of age) lacking science education and mature common sense, cannot distinguish between sciencey-sounding “Plandemic” lunacy and REAL science. Furthermore, there already WAS plenty of rule by oligarchy, and the oligarchy does a very poor job of controlling this naturally-evolved disease because it is concerned only with maximizing profit, even while a pandemic rages. Yet most of the U.S. population is pleased with the oligarchy, because it gets things for them very cheap through global imperialism, impoverishing or destroying the countries it robs and parasitizes and making the lot of the U.S. commons look good by comparison.

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