Dementia Joe Rages Against Nonexistent “21st Century Jim Crow”

I’m calling bullshit on this one.

This old man has gone senile. He doesn’t know what century he is in. If Jim Crow has returned in the Deep South, I would have noticed by now. Nothing has changed in this area.

There isn’t any “insurgency” going on anywhere. No one has been charged as an “insurrectionist.” QAnon didn’t invade the Capitol on March 4th. “White supremacists” didn’t attack on the anniversary of Tulsa or after the Chauvin trial or July the 4th. Instead, the media and the national security state are trying to panic the public in order to justify their assault on our constitutional rights.

The real threat to the Constitution is coming from Joe Biden, Merrick Garland, the FBI and “journalists” spreading fake news, not the QAnon Shaman or Bigo from Arkansas.

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  1. Who the fuck is Jim Eagle? Is it just another made up nonexistent White supremacist Joe conjured up?

      • Biden was a big Irish Roman Catholic bullshitter years ago when I was young. He hasn’t changed any, or improved any.

        • MineKraft- you’re constantly putting up the ‘Irish Catholic’ moniker, as if Biden is either…. He’s not.

          He’s a de facto excommunicated son of a bitch, and nothing more. That the AMERICAN College of Bishops (undoubtedly, the most liberal of the apostate [sic] ‘ Catholic’ hierarchies in the world) even talked about excommunicating Dopey Joe, should tell Americans a lot, about how utterly ‘BEYOND THE PALE’ this godless old fart is from ANY indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

          If just ONE cleric excommunicates you, ( see above) for proper cause, it is an IPSO FACTO excommunication from the ENTIRE Church. The hierarchy’s formal procedure is merely ratifying it for all time. ““Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, etc.” Matt. 18:18

          Just as the Councils could anathematize someone after they were dead, and it ‘sticks’ retroactively in the Body of Christ, so, too, can a priest call down divine judgment (for that is what an excommunication IS!) on an apostate, willful sinner.

          Which is why ALL active sodomites/lesbians/abortionizers/JEWS, etc.
          are ALREADY in Hell- because they CHOOSE to BE. Freely. And God merely confirms their choice via the predestination of the non-Elect. But God is never the author of Sin.

          Indeed, this is the PRIMARY REASON for the ILLEGITIMACY OF THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION. As has been noted:

          “Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to His Church’s public marks of the covenant–baptism and holy communion–must be denied citizenship, just as they were in ancient Israel.”

          We ARE ALREADY two separate nations. We merely need to ratify that fact by Secession.
          Biden is an ANTICHRIST. Anathema sit.

  2. Dementia Joe is not responsible for what he says or does, his mind is shot. Although never the brightest bulb, what miniscule intelligence, coherence or awareness he once had is long gone making him the perfect President for the Deep State. How long they can animate his corpse with all their drugs is the big question but when he goes, Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President, like it or not.

    Mr. President, Cackling Kamala is going to be a real piece of work: stupid, angry and black. Confidence in the U.S. will go zero starting in Asia then rapidly spreading around the world. Domestic Whites, especially the dumb bastards who consider themselves urban/suburban “liberals” will be the last to catch on to the bad character of the New Regime. It will be a shock to most Whites to see how far and how rapidly the country falls.

    Get thee prepared now White folks, the Government isn’t riding to the rescue. If anything the Government will ride to your house to rob then jail you.

    • 12AX

      The face of Hindu Power in America…. It has arrived…and intend to be our Brahmin Overlords….


      • You are not wrong Patrick. I have seen it everywhere over the past decade. Indians coming in and getting special immigrant beneficial loans and grants to open tax free businesses and franchises then bringing all their distant cousins to work with them. They are particularly alien, arrogant and rude. The children dress all blingged out driving luxury cards with Hindi rap blaring. The older ones will not even look at you let alone address you in response.

        • Indians are the real threat, not Mexicans or Guatemalans. They’re already taking over everything in Seattle, running for political office, and pushing far left shit. That whole “Indians are socially conservative” narrative is complete bullshit. I am sick of looking at their ugly 70iq faces, and they are committing loads of white collar crime too, financial fraud, etc.

      • Yet not even 100 years ago in a landmark case the U.S. Supreme Court specifically ruled that even high-caste Brahmin Hindus are ‘aliens ineligible to citizenship’ under the “free white persons“ requirement for citizenship since George Washington signed the Naturalization Act of 1790.

        SCOTUS unanimously ruled that dot Indians could not be Americans—clarifying any confusion over who met the definition of ‘white’ in light of newer racial terms like “Caucasian” and “Aryan”—after Congress had already banned all immigration from the Indian subcontinent as part of the ‘Asiatic Barred Zone’ created by the Immigration Act of 1917 passed over Woodrow Wilson’s veto.
        United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923)?
        MR. JUSTICE SUTHERLAND delivered the opinion of the Court.?
        1. A high caste Hindu, of full Indian blood, born at Amrit Sar, Punjab, India, is not a “white person” within the meaning of Rev.Stats., § 2169 [Naturalization Act of 1790]
        2. “Free white persons”…are words of common speech, to be interpreted in accordance with the understanding of the common man, synonymous with the word “Caucasian” only as that word is popularly understood?
        3. The action of Congress in excluding from admission to this country all natives of Asia within designated limits, including all of India, is evidence of a like attitude toward naturalization of Asians within those limits.
        Questions certified upon a bill brought by the United States to cancel a certificate of naturalization on the ground that the appellee was not a white person, and therefore not lawfully entitled to naturalization.
        «We are unable to agree with the District Court, or with other lower federal courts, in the conclusion that a native Hindu is eligible for naturalization under § 2169. The words of familiar speech, which were used by the original framers of the law, were intended to include only the type of man whom they knew as white. The immigration of that day was almost exclusively from the British Isles and Northwestern Europe, whence they and their forebears had come. When they extended the privilege of American citizenship to “any alien being a free white person,” it was these immigrants—bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh—and their kind whom they must have had affirmatively in mind. 

        The succeeding years brought immigrants from Eastern, Southern and Middle Europe, among them the Slavs and the dark-eyed, swarthy people of Alpine and Mediterranean stock, and these were received as unquestionably akin to those already here and readily amalgamated with them. It was the descendants of these, and other immigrants of like origin, who constituted the white population of the country when, reenacting the naturalization test of 1790, was adopted, and, there is no reason to doubt, with like intent and meaning.
        . . .
        It is a matter of familiar observation and knowledge that the physical group characteristics of the Hindus render them readily distinguishable from the various groups of persons in this country commonly recognized as white. The children of English, French, German, Italian, Scandinavian, and other European parentage, quickly merge into the mass of our population and lose the distinctive hallmarks of their European origin.

        On the other hand, it cannot be doubted that the children born in this country of Hindu parents would retain indefinitely the clear evidence of their ancestry. It is very far from our thought to suggest the slightest question of racial superiority or inferiority. What we suggest is merely racial difference, and it is of such character and extent that the great body of our people instinctively recognize it and reject the thought of assimilation.»

  3. This is the fraud that said ” I don’t want my kids going to a racial jungle”, referring to an integrated school.

  4. He was always just another stinking whore, utterly without any principle other than reelection. It’s fucking race traitor scum like him who’ve put us in this toilet.

    I sincerely hope he fades into terrified Alzheimer’s confusion before oblivion, because unlike all the rest of the poor unfortunates, he DESERVES it.

  5. The problem with Joe’s election is the extensive mail in ballots and polls being open for up to six months. An election should be a one day event and be a race to the polling day where your statements are cross checked with previous statements. If you can bank votes two months out you can bullshit one group with policy promises here at one time and two months later contradict yourself elsewhere later on. I think Trump realized this too with the stupid Platinum Plan. He had already banked the LawnOrder vote and could promise black people silly stuff and get away with it. Biden with Student Loans. What an evil promise.

  6. I wish the Southern states would secede from ZOG. I don’t want to live in a country that has New Jersey, Massachusetts or Minnesota in it.

    • Johnny Magpie. James Finch. Bobby Falcon. Malcolm Hummingbird. Billy Seagull. What’s your racist code name? Tommy Bluetit? Charlie Flamingo?

  7. If anything, the Democrats going bonkers and comically over the top on the voter integrity laws gives credibility to Trump saying the election was stolen which I still tend to believe. Millions of people do. Mix Democrats push for voter fraud with the fact Trump won states and districts historically needed to win and still lost to a barely functional guy in Biden, well, it points to shady activities.

    It’s why I continually pushed Trump here. Clearly Trump is better for White people and the country over Biden and basically any Democrat. Biden is a treasonous pig acting like a child with his fake yells against voter integrity. He knows blacks, unions, illegals and the Democratic party operatives have been robbing votes for ages. He and the rest of his pig party feel very threatened with these anti voter fraud laws and inspections.

    Blacks have become the new ” run to the well until it’s dry” scam. Or the boy who cried wolf. The country is getting so sick of the evil, nauseating political castration to blacks. Biden was insanely more embarrassing than he normally is with the Jim Crow scam. He and most Democrats want voter fraud. Period.

    Trump would never allow the filth of what Biden is doing. For that I will vote for him again if he is the Republican nominee which he probably will be in just a couple of years.

    Am I upset with Trump for being lazy and bull crapping? Yes. His lazy wall start up took 3 years. His incredible stupidity in trusting Facebook and Twitter was disgusting. Now he wants a crackdown because he was affected.

    Yet he did start the wall and hundreds of miles are up or repaired. Biden and all Democrats shut down any wall building and encourage an invasion. For that alone I will go with Trump again. Or the fact Trump stopped expansion of section 8 into the suburbs as fake cat- lick baby killer Joe pushes for expansion knowing full well its very negative consequences.

    He is disgusting, a total liar and is on purpose ruining America despite being an old man in rapid decline with most likely 5 to 8 years to live. He’s falling apart at 78. What will 82 be like? If anyone needs to.retire, go home, rest and work on his deteriorating health it’s him. Instead this turd is president. But I don’t think for too much longer. And when the Republicans take back the House in 2022, at minimum, much of his agenda will be dead on arrival.

    • The wall doesn’t really matter (I believe Hunter has repeatedly touched on this, and so have other writers). It was, and is, a stupid political stunt, and a sideshow. MOST of the immigration is of the LEGAL variety, and that’s the kind we actually need to stop!!!

      We need to stop the Pajeets and Syrians and Africans flying in LEGALLY with the blessing of the government. These brown trojan horses are being set up (at least in the case of Pajeets) to completely strip mine the remainder of the white middle class.

      They are largely incompetent and useless, but they can memorize bullshit from textbooks and pass tests, so Republicucks can hallelujah about all these brilliant
      Pajeet scientists and engineers enriching our society.

      Many people gripe about Mexicans, but they are the single group of brown people that is most compatible with white society. I’d fling the southern borders wide open if we could stop every legal Indian subcontinental and African from coming here.

      • Metro. That may be true but it still doesn’t mean securing the border is not important, it is. How many illegals are here? 20 to 30 million? An unfinished or torn down wall says: come right in!

        Also, Trump( and yes, I know he is a blowhard) wanted more skilled immigrants which points to an uptick in a very minimal White immigrant population currently. It sure beats the utter disaster we have since 1965!.

        Wasn’t legal immigration dropping under Trump? The best thing we could do is go back to the 250k number of immigration we had pre 1965 with a big increase in White immigration.

        As far as Mexicans go, their voting patterns are generally bad. Not as bad as blacks but on par with Jews basically. So that is a consistent 70 to 30 or 75 to 25% for the Democrats. I know there is chatter of Hispanics leaving the Democrats but if you look at every city with rare exceptions, Mexicans are leftists.

        There are many places a Republican will not get more than 15% if you count blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.

        Multiculturalism is a death knell for Republicans for the most part. It’s why Democrats always say, ” diversity is a strength.” Yeah, a strength for the Democratic Party!

    • T here’s video of him attack Apartheid in a completely unhinged manner in 1986. Joe is sick. The performance he puts on is bizarro.

  8. The formerly United States is stuck permanently in the 20th Century, complete with Cold War politicians and politics. The rest of the World has moved on to the 21st Century.

  9. Sorry racists, Joe Biden isn’t bringing back Jim Crow. You can maybe talk em into Jim Eagle. But just don’t bring up corn-pop, joe loved that man.

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