Thomas Edsall: ‘Lean Into It. Lean Into the Culture War.’

Joe Biden has been president for six months now.

We’ve been very busy lately. We haven’t missed a day since he was sworn into office. In between now and the 2022 midterms, we’re going to attack the Democrats on at least 24 different cultural fronts:

  • Political correctness / wokeness
  • Open borders / Abolish ICE
  • Violent crime
  • Censorship
  • Civil liberties
  • “Trans”
  • American heritage
  • Cultural degeneration
  • “Journalists” / Fake news
  • Gun control
  • Abortion
  • Reparations
  • Equity / Affirmative Action
  • Obsequious worship of blacks / Africanization
  • Professional class elitism / Technocratic condescension
  • Vaccine mandates
  • The War on Meat Eating / Bug eating
  • Nationalism
  • Anti-whiteness / Anti-Christianity
  • Deep State ties / Police state
  • War on the Police / Defund the Police
  • Progressive prosecutors refusing to enforce the law equally
  • Black Lives Matter / Antifa violence
  • CRT in public education

The list will undoubtedly grow as progressive activists pick new fights.

Abortion used to be the hot button culture war issue. I rarely write about it though because there is such a buffet of options to choose from. It is more effective to attack Democrats on all the new polarizing culture war issues that resonate with a much larger audience than the Religious Right.

New York Times:

“Should responsibility for the rampant levels of polarization that characterize American politics today be laid at the feet of liberals or conservatives? I posed that question to my friend Bill Galston, a senior fellow at Brookings and a columnist at The Wall Street Journal. …

Recently two columnists who are hardly sympathetic to Trump or Trumpism — far from it — raised questions about whether the right or the left deserves blame or responsibility for the kind of conflicts that now roil elections. Kevin Drum, in “If you hate the culture wars, blame liberals,” and Damon Linker, in “The myth of asymmetric polarization,” make the case that the left has been the aggressor in the culture wars. …

If right-wing manipulation of cultural and racial issues does end up backfiring, that will defy the long history of the Republican Party’s successful deployment of divisive wedge issues — from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush to Newt Gingrich to George W. Bush to Donald Trump. Republicans have repeatedly demonstrated that the half-life of these radioactive topics is longer than expected, and Democrats, if they want to protect their fragile majority, must be doubly careful not to hand their adversaries ever more powerful weapons. …”

This list doesn’t include economic and foreign policy issues.

What has brought about this shift? We sat out the 2018 and 2020 elections and spent most of our time attacking Trump and the Republicans. The abrupt change in the material we cover here was caused by the decision made by Joe Biden and the woke professional class wing of the Democratic Party in January to unleash the national security state on the populist Right and to attack our civil liberties.

The professional class essentially declared war on the “far right.” We intend to fight and win that war and unleash the most vicious counterattack on Joe Biden’s despotism ever seen in American politics. We were only joking around in 2015/2016 in the Trump era. We’re not joking around anymore.

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    The US Military wants to be a homosexual pederast Military

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    It will start with an incident in the Black Sea with a US Navy Ship commanded by a Lesbian Sheboon….probably with probability very very close to one…

  2. The decision to unleash the security state on the right was made by Trump after Charlottesville, when he told Sessions to go after the far right and they started arresting people for fake crimes (e.g. Jack Corbin being arrested for doxing antifa). Republicans support cracking down on the “far right” because the far right is the greatest threat to them. It’s a lot harder to grift off of “socialism sucks” messaging when they are facing substantial criticism from the right.

  3. We’ve finally managed to completely outsource the governance of this country. There isn’t even a pretense that Biden is in control of anything. Sadly, I don’t even think he believes he’s in control. The constant “oops, shouldn’t have said that, I’m going to get in trouble” imply he’s somewhat aware he doesn’t make the decisions.

  4. Mr. Wallace, didn’t you run an opinion column by someone named Knickerbocker that said writers and readers of your website should vote democrat? Well, the democrats won. How is that working out? Or is this just part of the “peaceful accelerationism” you claim to support? By the way, I’d argue that if you support things getting worse and worse, you are part of the problem….but that’s another discussion for another day.

    Your buddy Richard Spencer even outright endorsed, supported, and voted for Joe Biden. How is supporting, endorsing, and voting for the blatantly anti-white party and candidate advancing the cause for white people? Then again, Richard Spencer never made it a secret that he detests working-class, white people. In fact Richard conducts himself often like so many of those (((rootless cosmopolitans))) that so many people here criticize….with good reason, by the way. How is any of what Biden has done helped the cause of working class white people, whom you claim to support? I ask you these questions, because you wanted Trump to lose, did you not? I’m not saying you voted for Biden.

    Go ahead and accuse me of “dividing and conquering” or “punching right (with Spencer, it’s punching left)”, but I have stated nothing but facts and my questions are sincere.

    • I’m not Richard Spencer.

      There isn’t a party line here either. There are other contributors and commenters with their own views. This website is like a forum

  5. One good difference this time is that the Republican base has a much more flinty eyed view of even their own party. They are hated almost as much as the democrats.

  6. This man is a godsend. Precisely because he is not ‘one of us’ and his ‘melanin count’ CANNOT be naysayed by the Godless Left Bastards… and yet, he tells TRUTH to POWER.

  7. I take issue with the assertion in the article above that the Biden-Joe Kamel Administration made the decision in January to unleash the Deep State on traditional Americans. Joe Biden ran on Charlottesville, for God’s sake, and gave every indication, explicit and implicit, that this was exactly the course his puppet-masters had charted.

  8. It’s Colin kepernich and Kamala Harris squabbling over control of moribund institutions.

  9. I had a read through the entire NYT article. It appears that Democrats are poised to hand out cash and at the same time pretend they are not the Analdildolech Party afterall. As if the Republicans decided to make Gay Wedding Cakes the center of political life rather that lunatic leftwing activists.

    This makes me think we are on the cusp of old Biden selling a war abroad. It is what he does.

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