Poll: 1 in 5 Say Black Lives Matter Movement Good for Oregon

This is an interesting result.

Black Lives Matter is underwater … in Oregon.

Portland Tribune:

“The Black Lives Matter movement has won supporters and detractors in equal measure, according to a new poll, but many on both sides agree — it changed Oregon, and the world.

The Oregon Values and Beliefs Center found that nearly a quintile (19%) of Oregonians believe the social push, often abbreviated as BLM, had a positive impact — while a roughly equivalent portion (22%) say the effect was negative.

A larger share, 29%, said the movement contains both good and bad elements. Another fifth (22%) said it had “no impact” and 9% were unsure.

“There was more equality but at the same time it turned into unwanted riots,” said one survey respondent, identified as a female Democrat living in Clackamas County. …”

Public opinion on policing has done a 180 over the past year.

The Hill:

“More voters want to add to the number of police in their communities than subtract from them, a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.

Forty-four percent of registered voters in the July 8-9 survey said they want more police and policing activity in their community.

By contrast, 7 percent of respondents said they want less police in their area while 50 percent said they want the same amount of police. …”

It makes me wonder where this is going without Donald Trump around as a lightning rod. How are Black Lives Matter and Antifa polling in swing states and districts?

Note: Lots of people are also saying that Portland is over.

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  1. People are sick of it, and are saying so, by tiptoeing around the “black” part of the equation. But let’s be honest. The average BLM protest, unless it’s one of the black panther type marches, has more white bitches in it than blacks.

    Anglin is right: sure Jews have spread their degeneracy around and are ultimately to blame, but their soldier on the ground is the white woman! It’s been the same ever since Adam and Eve. Control the women, or watch the country slide straight into the sewer.

  2. Bars and restaurants in Portland are Antifa occupied territory. I used to go to shows in Portland because all the good bands stop there but I’m pretty confident that is over. I’ll laugh my ass off if Portland police are defunded though. They basically worked for Antifa.

  3. ” Lots of people are also saying that Portland is over.”

    This is sad, but very true, ppl care nothing until they are hit in the wallet.
    It will be money issues that change the social character, not good sense, not racial realism and not care for a fellow WHITES.

  4. I was just in Oregon on vacation. Two days in Portland where the only nice thing was the Japanese Garden. Numerous Pride flags (and fags) even on the Fourth of July. Went to the coast for four days and it was mostly US flags.

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