Washington Post: How Tucker Carlson Became The Voice of White Grievance

MartyrMade had an excellent point in that viral Twitter thread in which he described the attitude and worldview of the “journalists.” They are propagandists of a regime which believes you are “beneath representation.” In fact, cishet White males are responsible for all the world’s problems.

Washington Post:

“Tucker Carlson huddled in a low-ceilinged dungeon that had served as a holding pen for Africans bound for enslavement in the United States. It was a July day in 2003 in Ghana, and Carlson stood alongside some of America’s most prominent civil rights leaders.

The conservative commentator, who at the time co-hosted the CNN show “Crossfire,” walked through the memorial, where a guide told how the shackled Africans who did not perish during the voyage were sold as human chattel in America.

The civil rights leaders prayed, cried and sang “We Shall Overcome.” They peered toward the sea from the Door of No Return. But Carlson seemed strangely detached, according to two of the civil rights leaders who were present.

“When we got to the castle and the dungeon, it had an emotional impact on all of us, as Africans in America,” said the Rev. Albert Sampson, a former associate of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Then there was what he called “the tragedy of Carlson.”

“He did not cry,” Sampson told The Washington Post in his first interview about the encounter. “He did not have any intellectual response. He didn’t give any verbal response. It was a total detachment from the reality of the event.” …”

The whining goes on like this for some length.

I spend a lot of my time watching these people and reading them. I enjoy studying them and sharing my observations. In their simple worldview, you are here to bend the knee to them. You exist to shut up and pay taxes and to self-flagellate yourself and grovel before sacred blacks.

There are only two groups which really count in this country. There is the woke progressive class or the gentry liberal class which is born with a divine right to rule America due to your white privilege and a laundry list of various made up -isms and -phobias which make you an awful person. There are also the sacred blacks who we must all worship and who legitimize their rule. The definition of progress is elevating blacks above all other races and the whole world revolving around blacks. Everyone else who lives here is background noise in this toxic relationship between the professional class and the blacks.

You are an obstacle in the way of progress. You are a constant source of irritation. Chicago is a dump and it is your fault. We are all “complicit” in George Floyd’s death. All of the problems of blacks who are helpless beings are due to systematic racism and “white supremacy.” Fortunately, this state of affairs happens to justify the rule of the woke professional class who are here to solve these problems. The people who object to running the country this way are “far right domestic extremists.”

Tucker Carlson is vexing because he taps into all the resentment that is created by this agenda. It is “White grievance” and therefore illegitimate. The idea that racist and privileged cishet White males should have a say in running the government is hopelessly antiquated in our new progressive era.

Note: There are several commentators who hate Tucker Carlson.

I don’t hate Tucker Carlson because all his writers are really doing is collating material from the web and putting it on national television. It is mostly our own takes on the issues. The MartyrMade thread is a good example of how this material travels from the internet to cable television.

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  1. Tucker Carlson wasn’t crying and didn’t put on a minstrel show for the peanut gallery? Are these people for real?

    Tucker Carlson is today what Pat Buchanan was in the 80s and 90s. Pat’s influence on my intellectual development is very significant. Probably more significant than any other author/ intellectual. Tucker isn’t in the same league as Pat but he’s a good commentator.

  2. Tucker may say as much as he can without getting arrested but he is still a weak sister. He looks to be all in on Civic Nationalism and the all Men are Created Equal bullshit. Tusker doesn’t hesitate to quote that syphilitic old fraud, MLK Jr. from time to time and always gets some black police chief or hack politician to interview after blacks have committed the latest atrocity.

    Tucker cannot or will not touch the Third Rail, racial differences i.e. all Men are NOT created equal. Once that fact is recognized again as it was acknowledged about 100 years ago the philosophical underpinnings of the modern ant-White State collapses.

  3. Remember the Zionists who own Fox didn’t accidentally hire a quasi White Nationalist. Tucker is there to do a job, and that job is to corral potential White Nationalists back into Jewish colorblind conservatism. He is an enemy pretending to be your friend and that is worse than any crazy liberal.

    • Well said Ricky.When Rupert Murdoch’s 90 plus year old mother died she had her rabbi by her side.Yet in Fox bios they only mention Rupert was the grandson of an Australian preacher.Such f’ing Jew liars.Notice Tucker and Victor Davis Hanson always go to the default melting pot/race mixing crap.You are 100 percent correct in your analysis Ricky.

    • @Ricky Butt-Goy I think his job is to keep “White Supremacy” in the public eye, or else all of the bitching and complaining about “White Supremacists” looks stupid if there aren’t any or it’s not “real”.

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