Breaking Points: Did FBI Hatch Plot To Kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer?

The “intelligence community” is keeping us safe, right? They’re not creating these fake honeypot groups like The Base, right?

BuzzFeed News:

“The government employed at least a dozen confidential informants to infiltrate groups of armed extremists who allegedly plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan, according to a new filing in federal court on Monday.

The filing, made by one of the five defendants in the federal case, asked that prosecutors be ordered to share more information about those informants, their relationship with the FBI, and the specific roles they played in building the case. It came among a blizzard of 15 new defense motions in the high-profile case, including requests to move it to a different district, to suppress evidence from a search warrant, and to try at least one defendant separately from the others. …”

Yesterday, we learned that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sees Trump supporters as “Nazis” and “the same people we fought in World War II” only this time they are American citizens who are Joe Biden’s “domestic enemies.” Apparently, this is how the Pentagon and “intelligence community” sees well over a third of the country. Gen. Mark Milley boasted about occupying Washington, DC to keep those people out. Those people who used to be citizens are “beneath representation.”

Note: It makes a lot of sense to continue to shovel hundreds of billions of dollars into these institutions, right? Why again are we “rebuilding the military” which is more likely to be used against us?

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  1. Abolish the police, abolish the military, and abolish the intelligence agencies. 99% of our problems would instantly be solved.

  2. Hunter,
    Did you see Richard Spencer is now calling transexuals ‘she’ in his latest podcast?

    Several hours ago there was a person on that Twitter thread asking why is RIchard calling a man a she, but his posts have disappeared. There’s not even a this post was deleted for hate, or this post is by an account that was terminated. Its like the question was never asked.

    There was someone telling him that Richard would get in trouble with the social media companies, if he doesn’t call men women. Richard was repeating a man is a woman over and over again like it is a meme. A lot of people have called Richard an FBI agent in the past. I used to give him the benefit of the doubt unitl now, because I thought he was a dumb liberal.

    I can only conclude from this that the FBI have become so emboldened by the Biden admin’s war on Whites, they don’t care if they jump shark. Also, the elite seriously believe they can convince straight White males on the right to call transexuals ‘she’, date them, have sex with them, and marry them. They really are *that* insane.

    If you are on the right, and not hell banned from social media at this point, it is because the establishment wants you there. They will also ban their agents from the mainstream social media system, so they gain credibility on the alternate platforms, which they very likely also control.

    This Chinese guy talks about nothing but this form of social control on his channel.

    You Already Have a Social Score!

  3. The FBI, DHS, CIA, and other nefarious and pernicious deep ZOG organizations qualify to be prosecuted under the RICO Act.

  4. @ governor whitener, got played bad, serves her right, the people of Michigan, wished her well, but she has been nothing more than an enforcer for the democratic/marxist party and now she finds herself ,probably the most hated/disliked person in the state, these men who ,who they arrested, would be lucky, if they could successfully, kidnap a newspaper, from their neighbors porch, the citizenry, went into the capitol building in Lansing, mi in protest a while back, some of them were armed, the media and wokesters, have had a field day, ever since, gov.whitmer, could have been much loved, I take no satisfaction saying this, but governor whitener, sold herself, her choice, her fate.

  5. Some fed infiltrates an organization of pissed off and angry white guys and says one day hey guys I got an idea, kidnap the governor. They say well OK I guess. This is your tax dollars at work.

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