South Africa Looting Continues

Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress.

I’m not going to write some big essay on this.

We’ve been saying this was coming for years now. In fact, the League of the South helped raise money for the Suidlanders back in 2017. Lauren Southern made a documentary about the decline and impending collapse of civilization in South Africa when Jacob Zuma was president.

South Africa has been retrograding and following in the footsteps of Haiti, Detroit and other post-colonial sub-Saharan African countries since the moment Nelson Mandela came to power. The steady decline has been obvious to anyone who has paid attention to the country over the past thirty years.

Note: There was never any reason to believe that Zulus had the same capacity for building and sustaining a civilization as the English or Boers. It was always a liberal delusion.

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  1. I think we are seeing a preview of what is about to happen in California. That the media is barely covering this says they know it too.

    • Nope, Mexican behavior is intermediate to WHITE and black, closer to WHITE.
      let the blacks try to loot from Mexican areas, that would be a hoot, you’d burn out 3 popcorn makers.

    • They’ll have to revert to black normal.
      All stores will have a caged counter, where blacks pay and clerks bring the goods to the counter. Typical, from Congo to Compton.

      • A compound of whites with sandbags, razor wire and an armed checkpoint. Add drones, sniffer dogs, cctv and other mod cons. The way it’ll have to be.

  2. Setting up a few Black figureheads, making them rich and apparently, admitting them to the outer-elites is a clever distraction to keep the vast majority of Black from noticing their increasing poverty, and inequality, under Black-figureheaded capitalism. Nevertheless, they still notice it, or can’t help feeling, the ever-increasing inequality, and they are angry. That is the reason for the riots.

    • The reason for the riots is because they are black. Period. That is also the reason for the inequality, because they are black. Period.

      • The looking yes, that’s black but South Africa shouldn’t exist as a state. Natal and Zululand ought to be sovereign. Might give whites a chance to set up Cape as a country. Obviously this was a Zulu rebellion.

    • This is Indians vs. Shlomos. The Guptas bugged out but they supported Zuma & the Zulus. It’s been so long since whites put up any resistance it’s shocking to see. Gandhi kicking the Shlomo’s out of India might have given Hindus some breathing room. All our Western billionaires are creepy pedophiles or jerk off of the “Wailing Wall” regularly.

      • If whites had real leadership we would work with Zuma to break up S Africa and create Oranje and some other tribal or hindu states. Oranje could even be small for starters. German Southwest Africa was actually the first white ruled country to be holocausted. But Germans don’t count as people so it doesn’t matter.

    • They are black. That is why they riot. If you have enough of them in an area they can strip everything and burn everything made by whites. European governments… beware of allowing them to multiply in the metropolitan or suburban areas.

    • The Zulu are a nation. To be fair, maybe Natal should be a country. Like Cape should be.

  3. As if any other outcome could have materialized. Were I an Afrikaner with a wife and children, I would put their lives first and get the hell out of South Africa and resettle in Europe ASAP. Black rule is an unmitigated disaster anywhere. As they used to say at the end of movie trailers….coming to your neighborhood soon!

    • There is money to be made in SA. But yeah, when it turns into white genocide you do not want your children around or the wife. Have them safe in Surrey or Connecticutt. It can’t be far off. The blacks can demonstrably Zerg Rush white enclaves and kill everyone. It’s just a matter of when not if.

    • ” I would put their lives first and get the hell out of South Africa and resettle in Europe ASAP”

      You’re assuming they can afford to, many can’t.
      You’re assuming they will be allowed in, many won’t be.

  4. Could you see some US/Euro Corporate White Cuck talking to a nigger like that? Nah – I couldn’t either.

    • SA was the brainchild of Rhodes and his backers. SA not a real country. Once it has outlived economic usefulness it’s dissolved. It’s at least 3 nations if not 5. Richest man in Africa is Nicky Oppenheimer. What he wants goes.

  5. @ very, very sad for our people, but the Chinese, will do wonders there, in that beautiful land, rich with resources, that’s probably been the plan all along.

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