The Guardian: Food Strategy For England Calls For Big Cut In Meat Consumption

In the UK, fake populist Boris Johnson’s government has a new report out which is calling for a 30% reduction in meat consumption in England to fight climate change. Fortunately, you will be relieved to hear that the Johnson government is ruling out a meat tax for now in favor of a less coercive policy of “nudges” to coerce the British taxpayer into eating the fake plant-based meat backed by oligarchs like Nanny Bloomberg, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and promoted by the bug eating numales at Vox.

The Guardian:

“The new food strategy for England, commissioned by the government, lays out in stark detail the damage the current food and farming system wreaks on the environment, as well as our health. It is the biggest destroyer of nature and a major source of climate warming, it says.

The report takes aim at overconsumption of meat. “Our current appetite for meat is unsustainable,” it says. “85% of farmland is used to feed livestock [and] we need some of that land back.”

That 85% of land provides only 32% of the calories we eat, it says: “By contrast, the 15% of farmland that is used to grow plant crops for human consumption provides 68% of our calories.” The report also tackles the myth that grass-fed livestock are greener, saying: “The more intensively you rear some animals, the more carbon-efficient they tend to be.”

It recommends meat consumption is cut by 30% within a decade. If the government accepted this, it would be a world-leading goal. But while it is consistent with the advice from the government’s official advisers, the Climate Change Committee, many scientific studies have concluded much higher cuts in rich, western nations are needed if the climate crisis is to be halted.

One major analysis concluded Europeans and North Americans need to cut meat eating by 80% for their diet to be both climate friendly and healthy. Another said a 90% cut in beef eating was required to beat global heating. Avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet, according to some researchers. …”

The globalist political establishment is mobilizing behind this cause.

As we previously noted, Prince Charles recently condemned cheap food and especially meat that is affordable for the working class for destroying the planet. Prince Harry and Meghan recently accepted an award from an environmental organization for only having two children because a third child would emit more carbon. British Vogue also condemned having children earlier this year as “an act of pure environmental vandalism” because larger families have a higher carbon footprint. It turns out that being a selfish cosmopolitan degenerate is “green” and makes you better than everyone else.

This is something of a volte-face for Boris Johnson who was previously known for using English cuisine to cultivate a populist image as being a man of the people. Back in 2019, Boris wanted to be seen enjoying an English breakfast on his Instagram account in his successful campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. Today, he is hunting down online racists, lobbying Big Tech to censor the internet and trying to raise the price of food in England for his own working class supporters.

What happened?

Note: In the United States, progressive activists are lobbying Joe Biden to declare war on meat to fight climate change, but even establishment conservatives are solidly against this.

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  1. Cow farts are killing us, if that is not the thoughts of a mentally and emotionally disturbed paranoid schizophrenic then what is?

    • Thank heaven Buffalo Bill exterminated the North American Bison. And the Dinosaurs, close one.

  2. Another case of ‘the West must lead the way’.
    China eats everything that flies bar aviation, everything that walks bar people and everything with legs bar tables.
    Until these ‘panels of experts’ set the bar for everyone equally, I’m just not interested in their nonsense.

  3. Domestic rabbits can be an efficient and inexpensive source of meat, that can be produced in a small back yard. Rabbit consumption in Europe is high, in the U.S. almost none. I remember when many poor families relied on backyard rabbits, and gardens (truck patches) were important food sources not hobbies.

  4. “Climate change” has to be the most retarded reason for establishing a Talmudic Slave State. People that buy into this are just poison.

  5. Put a mandatory sterilization of all non-White, under 95 IQ nations, and a ban on children from those nations for 100 years, and I’ll vote for it.

    Until then, We Men of Christendom are God’s Elect, the World is ours because our King is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and Meat- and the fat of it! – is the gift of the Almighty for us and our posterity, Amen.

    God is a carnivore, and even the Resurrected Jesus ate flesh food.
    To be a Christian is to be a carnivore!!!

  6. “That 85% of land provides only 32% of the calories we eat, it says: “By contrast, the 15% of farmland that is used to grow plant crops for human consumption provides 68% of our calories.”

    Only true if you follow the FDA’s bogus food pyramid, which has been debunked time after time. Excessive carbs are unhealthy.

    Meats provide essential nutrients you can’t find in other foods that regulate your dopamine levels and other hormones. We evolved to be carnivores.

    If they keep pushing this, this will wake up boomers like nothing else has.

  7. As I said in another post, it won’t end with meat. After it will be something else the crazies will says contributes to climate change.

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