Progressive Activist Art Collective Hangs “God Bless Abortions” Banner On Jesus Statue In Arkansas

“Indecline” is an excellent name for this group.

Cultural degeneration is exactly what these people represent. They are anti-White, anti-Christian and anti-Southern. They’ve really got all the bases covered.

Arkansas Times:

“Guerilla art collective Indecline said in a press release that it is responsible for a “God Bless Abortions” banner hanging across the 67-foot statue of Jesus located atop Magnetic Mountain.

The group calls the banner a piece of protest art in “direct response to the dramatic attempts being made in Arkansas and throughout the South, to ban abortion services to women in need.”

Indecline says it was smuggled onto the mountain by a small team disguised as a construction crew and strung up before sunrise on Friday.

The active arts collective performed a series of similar stunts across the country, vandalizing an anti-abortion billboard in Mississippi earlier this year. In 2016, Indecline installed nude statues of then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in cities across the United States. …”

More people than ever in the South are now saying that it is time to dissolve the Union. We have nothing in common with these people. It’s about time!

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  1. Only the Jews support and demand the blood of the innocent. They are not like us and they are far far less than human. So how can an animal, a sub-human rule and reign supreme over civilized man? How is that possible? It is not, and God has already saw to it.

    • Yep. Abortions for blacks should be provided for free. I would offer money for sterilizations, too.

  2. Defacing Christian statues is artistic expression, but putting up an “it’s okay to be white” sign next to the George Floyd statue would be consided domestic terrorism.

  3. Now can we call down the judgment of God via imprecatory prayer, or is that just too ‘violent’?

    Dear God, that such satanic scum is allowed to live….

    • Fr. John+,

      I understand the temptation but I think the creator best hears us when we operate like this:
      1. Calmly visualize what we want, what does it look like, the world we want to live in?
      2. Simplify it down to one scene that represents it all (like maybe the moment your wife shares a smile with you as she holds the new baby as the band strikes up Dixie in our safe and secure ethno-state — its very and proudly white and the future very bright.
      Play that scene over and over, that scene that implies all the good things required
      to make it so — how does that feel? Get it down to that feeling.
      3. Then calmly and with confidence that it will be so, nay that it already is so!, send that feeling to God.

      Then let it go, don’t even think about the details of how God will answer, and just get back to the work of making the most the opportunities that God will surely send our way.

      I believe our creator will feel that heartfelt feeling and work in “mysterious” ways to bring that feeling to you.

      Just my opinion (and experience), but I think “negative” or “hateful” prayers are the domain of those peoples and individuals who are a cancer of the body of creation — those who actually hate God and his beautiful creations and pretty much wish to kill what he has created and feast off the corpse.

      For us who love God, who are and aspire to be no less than a healthy part of the body of
      his creation — we just send our love in the feeling from that scene of our family and folk safe
      and secure and a healthy part of the body of creation. Just send how that feels and God
      will hear, understand, and move to help us make it so.

      A strong opinion (and experience), but offered sincerely in love for our folk a creation of God.

      – B. Smith

  4. Such brave nihilist atheists, who are ostensibly against religions. Hmmm, I wonder why they don’t go vandalizing Jewish monuments, buildings and property. Weird.

    • @ Piss on “.decline”, they may shock the normies, they have no effect on me whatsoever, they are the ignorant, on their way too hell, their choice, their fate.

  5. Somebody should put up a sign next theirs with the words, “God Bless Scott Roeder”.

    (Fyi: Scott Roeder was the man who sent George Tiller ‘The Baby Killer’ back to hell where he belongs)

  6. @ Piss on “Indecline”, they may shock the normies, they have no effect on me at all, ignorant, hellbound, fools, their choice, their fate.

    • You can kill niglets at birth in New York and Virginia. You would think some of these “activists” would have a problem with that.

      • @KT-88
        Abortion is exactly what third world parts of America needs…….as well as the third world proper. No argument from me on that.

  7. Perfect segue to a digging up some skeletons of muh based Southern Baptist Conventions of 1971, 1974 (the year after Roe v. Wade decision was issued by SCOTUS) and 1976. At each other these SBC conventions, SBC affirmed the idea that women should have access to abortion for a variety of reasons, and that the governor should play a limited role in the matter. White evangelicals saw abortion at the time as largely a Catholic issue.

    Now lets address the two lawyers that represented Norma McCorvey (“Jane Doe”).

    Mrs. McCorvey was referred to WASP lawyers Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee.

    Weddington and Coffee’s oral argument won over over the supermajority WASP SCOTUS justices in a 7-2 vote.

    Voting in the majority were Harry Blackmun, Chief Justice Warren Burger, Potter Stewart (who also wrote the majority opinion), Lewis F. Powell, William J. Brennan (Catholic), William O. Douglas, and Thurgood Marshall (mullatto). The two dissenting votes were cast by William Rehnquist and Byron White.

    White evangelicals didn’t begin to change their attitudes toward abortion, until the Jimmy Carter administration was looking into looking into removing the tax exempt statuses of private and segregated schools run by evangelical leaders. Many White evangelical leaders needed those tax exemptions to operate their private, all White segregated schools and academies in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and Virginia. Because of a case brought against the Holmes county Mississippi public schools for maintaining segregation had won in court. Basically, SCOTUS sided with the black parents in Holmes County, Mississippi that any organization that engages in racial discrimination or racial segregation are not charitable institutions, and therefore not tax exempt. In 1979, out of panic and cynicism, White evangelical used the abortion issue to rally evangelicals in the republican party.

    It should also be noted how shrewdly Democratic Presidential candidate George Wallace used the abortion issue to corral the Roman Catholic vote in Florida’s presidential primary.

    Wallace was the only democrat that favoring a constitutional amendment making abortion on demand illegal.

    Wallace patterned his currying favor with Florida’s Catholics on the strategy used by Jewish Florida US Senator Richard Stone. One of Senator Stone’s campaign worker by the name of Paul McCormick is suspected of helping Wallace gain Catholic support.

    What’s insanely ironic is that Alabama is overwhelming Protestant that has traditionally been suspicious of Catholics. In addition to being über Protestant, Alabama at the time had one of the most lenient abortion laws in the nation. Abortion on demand had been available for several years without a peep of opposition from the White Protestants of Alabama.

    In 1976 presidential primary in Florida, Catholics of Cuban heritage voted for Wallace on the democratic ticket and Ronald Reagan on the republican side. In is unknown if the abortion positions by these two men convinced Cuban-american Catholics to vote for them, or if (my own hunch) their anti-castro rhetoric earned their votes.

    • November,

      Extremely interesting comment. I always thought southerners were more traditional than that. I wonder if you will get a furious counter attack since this is a southern website. I do see how pro white religious skeptics get your views. Modern christians are worms with lips as a general rule.

      I will not crow over the Protestants however since we are doing badly as well.

      • @Cristina,

        I too thought the same of Dixie as being most culturally conservative region in the USA. As a matter of fact, it was on OD where one of the commenters wrote about how the South wasn’t that opposed to abortion and the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling because “Catholics have too many children.”

        It was down that rabbit hole that I came across what I wrote.

        Also, there are a few regular commenters that complain about the lack of White Protestants on SCOTUS. During what was considered it’s most liberal judicial activist era, the US Supreme Court was composed of a Jew (Felix Frankfurter) and eight WASPs. All of the SCOTUS justices up until JFK were nominated by WASP president.

        As I have revealed before, I was baptized and was a member of an Episcopal church. I have family members both Protestant and Catholic. Friends both Protestant and Catholic. It wasn’t until I came to OD that I witnessed so much vitriol for White gentiles Christians of different denominations. I myself am an agnostic, and cannot see that ever changing.

        I’ve attacked the Roman Catholic church doctrines, hypocrisy, and protection of pedophile clergy on OD (e.g., dogs, cats, horses are without souls), so overall, I feel that I been an equal opportunity ‘noticer. ‘

        • November,

          There is more censorship than before so the comments are tamer than last year much less 2 years ago. I remember seeing a strong racial slur against me last year but when I looked again a few hours later it was gone. So I have been protected by the censorship on this site and I am glad for it.

          Do not despair on the animal aspects. A majority theological Catholic view is that since animals saw Jesus on this earth then it seems likely they would see Him in the next life. Plus animals do not go to hell unlike some humans.

      • @Cristina,

        That was one of the most ornate alters that I’ve ever seen.

        I’m sure most of you and girlfriend’s at school fantasize about your wedding days, but that is probably on of the best days of being marr along with the births and weddings of their own children.

    • November,

      I wonder if the abortion laws being so lenient in Alabama was because a high proportion of blacks were being aborted? In the last couple of years I have learned that the morality of adults is the same as children in that most people’s morality just happens to equal their self interest.

  8. For those few here who don’t know, the Christ of the Ozarks was built by Gerald L.K. Smith. Smith was also single-handedly responsible for the the resurrection of the town of Eureka Springs according to leftist prof Glen Jeansonne. I think it’s mainly an LGBT mecca these days.

  9. Eureka Spings is a Gay haven in Arkanas. Rainbow flags fly from just about every retail outlet and 4 times a year (because once in not enough) the city hosts “Diversity Fest” in which LGBT people from all over the United States flocks here.

  10. PS: The statue is called Christ of the Ozarks and is located in Eureka Springs. E.S. is also where Gerald L. Smith was buried. (Look him up) Also E.S. has a Passion Play modeled on the orginal one in Gemany. Can you imagie Chritians flocking in to see the Passion Play right smack dad in a sea of rainbow flags in Gay haven?

  11. Eureka is a rural, hilly town of about 2,000 people where locals say over 30 percent of residents are LGBTQ and playfully remark their town has “no straight streets.”

    Why do queers hate the innocent, be it Christ or the unborn? Is it because so many of them are Jews? We already know how the queers feel about Muslims. Queers hate Muslims as much as Jews do.

    Why do these people hate the innocent? Is it human to hate the innocent? The other sides loves to call us haters but at least we have a reason. What good reason is there for hating the innocent?

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