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  1. When we have actually “entered the realm of Hitler” shitheads like Acosta will be the first to know.

  2. If requiring ID to vote is entering the realm of Hitler, then most countries are in the realm of Hitler.

    • The comparison probably owes more to Trumps behavior after the election. The way he acted, the way he encouraged his supporters to distrust the results, is really unprecedented in the last 100 years or so.

      • What fucking planet are you living on? Unprecedented? Liberals still complain about the gore/bush ‘stolen’ election and the democrats and the entire msm spent trump’s entire first term spreading a malicious conspiracy theory that Trump wasn’t a legitimate president but rather a Russian puppet who had colluded with them to steal it. Yet spreading distrust about an election is ‘unprecedented’ for you.

        What a sick joke.

  3. Watching so called Progressives now acting as staunch authoritarians should set alarms off in every normal person still subjected to their mainstream media. The cheer for vaccines, staying in Afghanistan, prosecuting (white) protesters, censorship, lockdowns, the Feds, security agencies, and politicians is terrifying. It isn’t only the mainstream as even fringe Breadtube Youtuber fake academics take the same positions just with a more openly perverse perspective focused around under age consent and transgenderism.

    The only thing more frustrating is to watch Republicans and Conservatives referring to these hacks as “Nazis” and “Fascists”.

    • It’s not frustrating that they call these leftwing ers fascist or Nazi. It’s blasphemy.

  4. These “public-private partnerships” are fascism. Why isn’t Jim complaining about them? Because Jim is a Cuban whore that is why.

  5. These juden Lügenpresse sissies are such hyperventilating faggots. If they were actually in the presence of Herr Hitler the smell of urine and shit emanating from their panties would make a goat puke.

  6. Nice attempt at Fineklthink. If only Trump was anything remotely like Hitler.
    This just amps up those on the Left to be even more Anti-White and suckers those on the “Right” to disavow anything pro-White and double down ever harder on muh MLK and embracing Critical Anti-White Race Theory (& Praxis) despite claiming to oppose it.

  7. The Jewish media calling Jew-loving Trump Hitler is part of their strategy to legitimize him in the eyes of White Nationalists. I hope nobody here is stupid enough to take the bait.

  8. People just prefer impractical lies. How else do you explain Greta Thunberg?

    If anything Trump is Boulanger run off and run away followed by political suicide. but the reality is he’s just a Zionist puppet playing a role in the Punch n Judy show.

  9. Just Accosta saying his Catholic prayers for Biden, Pelosi, Durbin, Kaine, Casey, Murkowski etc. etc.

    • OMG, you filthy Christophobic sob. Grow up, and at least blame the real enemy- the JEWS, who helped create the post-Vatican II mess, known as the cult of Eccch-humanism (Ecumenism), since you seem to hate Catholics so irrationally.

  10. It’s kind of humorous watching these shitlibs go apoplectic over the mildest and most innocuous stuff “opposing” their tyranny.

  11. If Trump was Hitler, does anyone really think he would have let the lugenpresse talk to him that way? He would have definitely done something about it.

    • Bill Richards,

      I can without hesitation say that Der Führer would have handled both the southern border and blm and fagtifa 180 degrees differently than the tangerine King of Israel.

  12. It’s been over 75 years and these jokers are still obsessed with Hitler. I guess we can thank the jews for keeping his memory alive.

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