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  1. The governor of Oregon opened up all state property to homeless. This pretty much just cleared out Washington of homeless.

  2. Wasn’t this Ali Velshi guy the same one who described the rioting, looting and burning in Minneapolis as “mostly peaceful”? About 100 yards behind this damn fool the city was on fire while he tried to lie about it on live TV. I guess the same thing happening in Portland is mostly peaceful, too. There must be something wrong with the TV cameras.

    Who are you going to believe, this Ali Velshi guy who is part of the anti-White reporting team or your lying eyes?

  3. I was just there two weeks ago. Many of the downtown businesses are boarded up. Homeless and mentally ill everywhere. I did not feel safe walking around after dark.Many of the stores that were open displayed Pride flags and signs supporting BLM. The only nice things were the Japanese Gardens and Powells Books.

    I only spent two days in Portland. Spent several days at the Oregon coast which was almost exclusively White and civilized.

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